Monday, December 31, 2012

A Few of My Favorite {Christmas} Things...

Friends, family, and eating up all kinds of dishes.
Working and wrapping all kinds of wishes.
All of the wonderful joys Christmas brings.
These are a few of my favorite things...

Brothers who make some really weird noise?
Playing games (such as "Balderdash") that everyone enjoys!
Spending the whole day making food better than Beijing's.
These are a few of my favorite things...
Watching sweet young children opening presents.
And even opening a gift that wasn't quite pleasant? 
Hoping my brother gives his girl a ring?
(I know what you are all thinking...well, it didn't happen!)
These are a few of my favorite things...
When the family leaves,
It tugs at the heart strings.
When I am sad that Christmas is over.
I simply remember my favorite things...
And then I don't feel soooooooooooooooooooooooo bad.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Seattle - A Very Quick Trip

I recently went to Seattle for a job interview.  Upon going to this beautiful emerald city, I also have many friends that live there.  My trip was focused and quick, but I still had an enjoyable outcome seeing one of those dear friends.

I have officially decided that I LOVE Seattle, and I so want to move there.  But, that is not in the cards for me yet.  Until that glorious time I can call Seattle home I will enjoy my quick trip of seeing the beautiful emerald city, eating good seafood, and catching up with a dear friend.
The totally hip restaurant that we had a fabulous seafood filled meal.
The one tourist hot spot we had to see, or I should say, I had to see.
  {If you want to see more pictures from another previous Seattle trip go here.}

Friday, December 7, 2012

Student Teaching Ended with a BAD Taste in my Mouth!

Done.  Finished.  Over.  Complete.  Accomplished.  Fulfilled.  Happy.  Sad.

Student teaching came to an end.  I actually am quite sad about it.  (Shocking - I KNOW!)  I was finally getting use to the whole thing of teaching.  My final day ended November 27th, 2012.  I didn't cry, but don't worry I did the day before in my Sewing class, and in front of all my students!  I don't know what came over me!  My last and final day was great, but it did leave a very bad taste in my mouth...

In all my stupidity I had told the students in my Foods II classes that I loved onions SO MUCH that I could literally eat an onion like an apple.  Well - they all wanted to see it be done.  I told them that maybe on the last day of class I would eat an onion like an apple.  I did this to prove a point as well...that point...not sure what it was...  The students always complain about the use of onions in everything we made throughout the semester.  "Miss Williams, WHY is there onions in everything!"  "I hate onions!"  "Do we have to put the onions in this?"  I would tell them yes!  Then I would proceed to tell them how much I love onions, and that I love them so much I could eat it just like an apple.  "Prove it!" they would say.  And so it was proved, on my very last day of student teaching.  As soon as they took their final test with me I left a few minutes open at the end of class to prove to them how much I love onions...Just for your information this onion eating was done two periods in a row.  I ate an onion twice people.  Two class periods in a row.  Oh my, what was I thinking...
First period...this will be I thought...
Second period...see that look on my face...what the H did
I get myself into...
I still really do love onions, but I think I will now keep my mouth shut about loving them so much that I could eat them like an apple!

Student teaching was a grand experience.  I will never regret it, I will never forget it, and I will always treasure it.  I will truly miss the students and the teachers I was privileged to work with for the past three months.  My three teachers I had the chance to work with were wonderful.  I see that now.  (I'm such a brat - seriously someone slap me silly!)  Even on my last day they presented me with a blanket of the school colors with my name, the dates I student taught, and school name embroidered on it.  Student teaching truly was a great experience.

Monday, December 3, 2012

An Eventful Thanksgiving

Hanging with the Williams Family on Thanksgiving usually ends up producing an EVENTFUL Thanksgiving...

Event #1
My brother Cash choked on turkey - I saved his life.  At least that is what everyone kept saying.  The turkey was getting carved and my brother decided to sneak a few pieces.  He snatched some up and ran out the door.  He was out on the back porch sneaking some drinks along with his stolen turkey, and as he was chewing away the turkey got lodged in his throat.  He suddenly came in the house with his hands on his neck.  I stood there looking at him for a minute in disarray wondering what he was doing.  It then donned on me that he was seriously choking.  I ran up to him and put my arms around his stomach and started to do the heimlich on him.  I was in shock myself.  I am currently CPR certified, but nobody every wants to use their CPR certification.  As I was trying to figure out what I was doing and heaving him from behind all of a sudden the turkey became un-lodged, and Cash ended up throwing up pink soda and turkey all over the kitchen floor.  I of course let him have it after he got breathing again - what the H were you thinking?  CHEW YOUR FREAKING FOOD!  And then, of course, I texted his girlfriend to let her know that I just saved his life too.

Event #2
The family does an annual Williams white elephant gift exchange each Thanksgiving.  We have a bunch of perverts in our family - no joke.  Every year there seems to be some inappropriate gift found in the oodles of cheap, lame, sometimes cool gifts that are given.  This year the gift happened to be a "boob stress ball."  It was one of the first gifts picked.  And the poor soul who received this gift just happened to be sweet little Jenny. When she picked the small package, those giving the gift got a little bit uncomfortable...she took the small little bag, reached in and found a grocery bag with a small onion shaped thing in it.  We all of course though it was an onion.  Then we thought - how lame is an onion for a white elephant gift?  As she began to unroll the bag it became apparent it was NOT an onion, but that it was a very round boob.  Jenny's face shot beet red.  Not only that, but the innocent little children all around began to wonder why everyone else was laughing hysterically.  One of the kids thought it was a "belly button ball," so we left it at that.  Jenny sure was a good sport to accept the inappropriate gift this year.  I was the one last year who got the inappropriate gift, so I knew how she felt.  Her gift didn't last long because I snatched it up to give to one of my guy friends for a Christmas present.  It's probably not appropriate, but I don't care it will be funny!
Event #3
The final, most wonderful part of Thanksgiving this year was accomplished by going to the St. George temple.  I know - very extreme from event #2.  Almost two years ago my Dad's family lost our eldest cousin to a brain tumor.  Then a year later we lost our Uncle (his dad) to an unexpected death.  These members of our family were not members of the church, or had asked to have their names removed.  My Aunt was wonderful enough to get the work done on our cousin, and my Dad was able to take our cousins name through the temple for his own endowment.  We wanted to get all those who were able to go through the temple with my Dad when he took his name.  We did just that.  We were able to have one from each family in my Dad's family represented at the temple. (Mom, Dad, Me, Anisa, Ryan, Summer, and Klint.  And Jessie was happy to babysit for those with kids.)  It was a beautiful evening surrounded by family in the temple.  I look forward to the day we get to take our Uncles name through for his temple work.
I took this picture years ago as I was walking by.  One of my favorites!  
As always Thanksgiving was very eventful.  I'm so grateful to be surrounded by my family for all the good (and sometimes bad) times.

Yes this blog post contains a picture of a boob, and a temple.  This ought to make the search engines go crazy.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I Made Pie for Thanksgiving - Imagine that!

Another Thanksgiving holiday come and gone.  Guess what I made for this festive feast?  PIE!  Imagine that...

Since I have been student teaching I have not had time to slave in the kitchen cooking and baking like I like.  The holiday was upon us and I had a very long (much needed) break.  Thus, I decided, why not make a BUTT LOAD OF PIES.  I was assigned to bring just a plain old pecan pie.  Pecan shmecan - blah.  I couldn't just make a pecan pie this year - that gets old after a while, and I needed to branch out this year.  So, that is just what I did.  (Side note - my Mommy tells me that my lot in life is to make pecan pies each Thanksgiving and Christmas and that I just need to get use to it.  Boo!)

I made 6 pies.  6 pies people!
Count that people - 6 pies!
ONE banana cream pie that was out this world, and will now be a staple at any Thanksgiving gathering I attend.  Move over pecan pie! (P.S. this was not a banana cream pie that consisted of Jello banana pudding.  Come on peeps - I do things from scratch!
Isn't she a doll!  She makes my pie look even more yummy!
ONE coconut cream pie (minus the yucky coconut flakes) that I made because of a request from my cousin.  It was okay, for me.  But, if you happen to be a coconut lover then this pie is for you. (Again, this was made from scratch and not the Jello pudding type.)

ONE chocolate cream pie (from Pioneer Woman) that I have made previous years.  But again, my cousin insisted I make this.

ONE gooey, rich, and very sweet pumpkin cheesecake.

TWO pecan pies for my Mommy who whined about only getting one.  I was a wonderful daughter and surprised her with a second pie on this day of thanksgiving.

All crusts were made from scratch.  I made a graham cracker crust for the cheesecake, a chocolate cookie crust for the chocolate cream pie, two awesome (new) shortbread crusts for my coconut and banana cream pie, and then of course my ever faithful cream cheese pie crusts for my pecan pies.

Don't let me forget, these pies were all dolloped off with a spoon full of REAL whipped cream...none of that fake Cool Whip stuff.

Many thanks go out to my dear Sister Jessie for being my assistant in the kitchen the night before thanksgiving.  I could not have accomplished this task without her!

The cousin Summer and I thoroughly enjoyed our pies!
My Daddio also enjoyed some pie...Pecan to be precise.
He sliced him a big o'l piece and ate it like a piece of pizza.  DAAAAAAAAD!
P.S. I also made two more banana cream pies for Young Women's this week for our activity.  Yep - I have a new calling in the Mormon Church - 2nd counselor.  Should be interesting...

Monday, November 12, 2012

Things That Make Me Smile {Part 2}

I am smiling from ear to ear with the fact that I only have...8 school days of student teaching left!  I know, I know?  You probably thought I would never get to this point of my student teaching.  Well, I didn't either!  Especially with the little incident that recently happened with student teaching.  I will not share my thoughts, or go into detail on here about it.  However, it was a very good learning experience for me.  I have learned from it, and moved on.  However, with all that was done I have a student who now hates my guts.  He despises me, and his despise for me pours off of him the moment he walks into class.  I don't care really, because with all that happened he owes me the apology!  I have tried not to let this get to me, but it is always in the back of my mind.  I know there will be people who won't, or don't like me.  I get that.  I really do!  Like everyone else in the world, I just want everyone to like me!  I mean really, who doesn't?  This kid is hardheaded and will not budge in his hatred towards me.  So, in the mean time, I have tried to just focus on all the good things that are going on around me as I student teach.

Here I go again with another post on all the things that are making me smile lately.

1.  I demand a lot of attention when I am in front of my classes teaching.  {Hence my hatred towards cell phones in the classroom.}  When I am up teaching I feel like I am constantly getting after the students to be quiet.  I always remind them that they are taking away from their time whether it be cooking, or work time.  {And if it's cooking...well they quite up quickly.}  It really cracks me up inside when I get stern with them because I imagine this is what parenting feels like....Okay, so I have one student who hates me, but for one student there are several who really do like me.  And even though I get after them and make them listen and do what they are supposed to be doing they still like me at the end of the school day.  One group in particular is this little posse of seniors who are constantly commenting on my clothes and are telling me that I am so "stylish."  Wow???  Really???  I am always in major shock because I always thought I was kind of a frumpy dresser.  {It's probably good I don't wear argyle anymore.}  I am always flattered for their remarks.  I also love the fact that these same "super seniors" have this tone they use when they call me for help.  "Miss WILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLiams!"  It is truly music to my ears when they call my name.  They are not doing it to be rude, they are truly sincere about it, and others have caught on to it.  This little group of seniors always put a huge smile on my face when I see them in class or in the hallway.

One more student teaching smiling moment.  Recently I went to the school play a couple of weekends ago.  The school production was, "Thoroughly Modern Millie."  I had a few of my students in the play.  One of these students in particular, who did a FANTASTIC job, found me after the play and was so happy that I would come watch.  She was so happy that she even gave me a hug!  I of course probably made it awkward since I am not really a hugger, but it touched my heart.  I know these may be silly little things for some, but to me they are huge, and they literally put a smile on my face.
Found this written on the board one day after class.  Cute!
2.  The bathroom.  Oh how I love the faculty bathroom where I am student teaching.  The first time I used it I was a little nervous.  Upon entering the stall I saw a short note pinned to the front of the stall stating something to the affect that a sense of humor was needed to use this stall...  I walked in, sat down, and beheld the most magical looking stall door I have ever seen.  The stall door is covered in MEN.  Good looking, Ryan Reynolds type men.  I forgot for a moment I was taking care of business...Suddenly I heard movement and someone walked into the bathroom.  I then got majorly embarrassed that I was using "the stall," and rushed out.  Not without washing my hands first!  Sheesh!  What kind of person do you think I am?  So, I take the longer walk to the faculty bathroom.  I sit back and stare at the men I will never get, but it takes me away from the classroom, and I am able to regroup.  I love this faculty bathroom with a stall full of attractive men.  Puts a gigantic smile on my face.
3.  There are a few things in my home that truly make me smile.  It's nice to know that I have this tiny little haven to come home to after a long day of being in the classroom.  One of these "few things" in my home is my awesome lamp.  I love this lamp.  I saw it at DI sitting for several days.  After seeing it for several days I knew it was meant to come home with me.  I paid $3.00 for this beauty, and have not regretted it.  It's my absolute favorite.  It puts a smile on my face each night when I come home after a long day.  Switching it on to light my tiny abode graces me with a peaceful smile.
4.  "Words with Friends" is a popular new game with Facebook and smart phones.  I have been playing this game for several months now.  I haven't had the time for it like I would like to have, but because of this obsession I have found that I really appreciate the old "Words with Friends" game, "Scramble."  I got my yard sale'n cousin Anisa to search out a Scrabble game for me because I wanted it for a little craft project I wanted to do.  She found me one for a dollar and I soon went to work.  I took all the little letters and glued magnets to the back of each letter and placed them one by one on my fridge.  I am in love even more with my fridge.  Each time I walk into my very small kitchen my face forms a smile because I have this fridge that is totally awesome now with the letters to the old school game Scrabble.  So, next time you are over hanging out at my place take a minute to spell some words out for me.  You know it will put a smile on my face.

5.  Babies.  Oh how I love chubby, God given, precious bundles of joy, known as babies. Babies!  Babies!  Babies!  I just want to eat them up, but kiss them all over before hand!  They're so chubby and cute!  Recently my cousin and his wife just had their first little baby.  I finally got to go meet him, and I wish I could've stayed longer just to hold him all day long!  He is the chubbiest, cutest little baby boy I have beheld in a very long time!  {And, boy oh boy, does he wear argyle well - melts my cold heart!}  As soon as I am done student teaching I will see if his Mama will let me come hold him all day long!  Best part of holding him - he bunched up on my shoulder/chest area and I was completely smitten!  Smile put upon my face!  Check!
Had to throw this picture into the mix because it's just so darn cute!  

6.  My visiting teachers, visiting teaching companion, and the sweet sisters we visiting teach!  If I ever left that Mormon church this would be something that I would still hold strong to - visiting teaching.  {And paying my tithing.}  Mainly because I just love to meet new people, and I LOVE TO TALK!  I may not be the best primary teacher, scripture reader, sacrament goer, temple attending gal, but I make sure that I get my visiting teaching done each month!  Erin (my sweet as can be companion) and I have a dear sister we teach who has quickly became my new best friend!  We'll call her Sarah - mainly because that is her name!  She is a absolutely fabulous!  We visited her up last month in October and after having a long, very enjoyable, don't want to leave visit, it was time to say good night.  It was way late, and for me, a school night.  Just as Erin and I were walking out the door she said she had a Halloween treat for us.  I was like, "WHAT?  If someone should be giving a treat it's us!  Hello!  We are the visiting teachers!!!"  {Side note:  I do not believe in giving treats of any sort to ladies we visiting teach.  Number one, I don't have time.  Number two, our message (if we get to it with how my mouth runs) and presence is much more important than a plate of cookies!  And number three, if you bring a treat they will expect one every time!} So, as we were walking out the door sweet Sarah presented us with two homemade Carmel apples.  Now I am not a fan of Carmel apples....but after the yummy one my new found friend gave me...well, I am suddenly a huge fan!  It was drenched in yummy - granny apple dipped in Carmel, dipped in white chocolate, and lastly dipped in cinnamon suga!  YUUUUUUUUUUMMY!  Smile was put upon my face for two things.  That my girl I visiting teach gave ME a treat, and that it was the perfect sweetness for my long week of student teaching.  Huge smile went across my face!
7.  Art work.  I love art work, especially art work that comes straight from the artist!  Back in the year 1998 I was completing my final year of high school.  Never to set foot into a high school ever again.  Say what!?!?!  During my high school days I had many dear friends.  Many, even to this day that I am still in close contact with.  One friend in particular was/is a beautiful artist.  She made the sterling scholar our senior year for art.  She then went on to attended BYU and graduated in a degree with fine arts.  I have two of her pieces, and I have always cherished her works of art.  I am proud to own two of them.  As of recently I found a huge old frame at the local DI.  I saw the potential this frame had, and cleaned it up, painted it, and found that it was the perfect fit for one of my art pieces Leah had painted many years ago.  I finally was going to get one of her paintings matted and framed!  Happy day!  I then went to a frame shop and had a custom mat put with the frame and picture - for a very small fee which was awesome!  To get the final phone call saying the mat/frame was ready to pick up was music to my ears.  I quickly picked the picture up after work and was ecstatic to see my painting finally mated and framed, and ready to be hung on the wall.  Now to get the picture on the wall?  Who cares, just having it framed and matted puts a major smile on my face!
Well, I think that is quite a bit of smiling for one day, week, or month since I haven't been the best blogger.  I blame my lack of blogging on student teaching.  Only eight more days, and I am a free woman.  Free from writing lesson plans every stinking night when I would rather be blogging, reading some silly romance novel, getting caught up on my shows - which I haven't seen "Glee" in like FOREVER.  What is this world coming to???  I can't wait to get back to eating - I seriously haven't been eating during my whole student teaching stint.  I just don't have time!  I also haven't cooked in months, and I miss standing over the stove making a beautiful edible creation.  Most of all I miss my social life.  Oh how I miss hanging out with people my own age.  Please come back to me social life.  I miss you dearly!  Although I wish for these things, my face is already cracking with a smile, because in eight more school days it will all come back.  Eight! More! Days!  With a smile on my face I can and will do this.  It will soon all be over, and will be but a distant memory.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Death By Cell Phone

I have finally made it to my half way mark of student teaching.  Couldn't be more happy.  However, I still have about 29 more days left and if anything is going to kill me quickly it will be these DAMN cell phones in the classroom.  I know, I just said a bad word.  But, my gads, these cell phones in the High School is down right ridiculous!  What 9th through 12th grader actually needs a cell phone - okay they may have one, but why do they need them during school?  And since I am on this little rant, why the HECK do they need a smart phone?

About a week ago I got into an argument with a student about texting.  The student was right in front of me as I was teaching - plain as day!  Hey student, why you are on your phone texting why don't you look up an app called RESPECT!  Sheesh?  I stop what I was doing and ask the student out right, "Really?"  Then I said, "Give me your phone."  Within a few seconds later the student right next to my previous student texting pulls out their phone to check the time (or so they tell me)?!?!  Because you know, schools apparently don't have clocks in the classroom anymore???  I stop and ask, "really?"  I continued teaching, and am not happy.  Then after class the student comes to me to get their phone back.  I was not about to give it back.  Disappointingly I gave the phone back and was not happy about it one i-o-ta!  Beforehand, as I was arguing with with the student I say it is rude and disrespectful to be texting as I am teaching, and I mention that they aren't even suppose to have their cell phones in class.  (School handbook states that cell phones are not permitted in the class unless otherwise specified.  And, I'm pretty sure that as I am teaching sewing a cell phone is NOT needed.)  As we are continuing to argue until we are both blue in the face the teacher aid of the class steps in to back a sister up.  Bless her!  Needless to say, both I and the teacher aid lose the battle and the phone goes back to the student.  BOO!  Not happy.

Two days go by.  I lose sleep.  I get myself all worked up about these cell phones being in school that I want to do something, but I don't know what to do!  I decided the only thing I can do is before I start teaching class I will have to say something.  I talk to one of my mentor teachers, and she tells me she can say something, or I can say something.  We both agree it would be better for me to say something since this is (for the time being) my class.  The night before my class I am in such a tizzy about the cell phones that I figure the only way to vent my frustration is to pull out some good old fashion paper and write down my feelings.  Oh I was fuming mad, and it showed in my writing, but boy did I release some anger.  The next day I walk into my second period sewing class and I pull out the speech (not the one I wrote down because that was very anger filled).  I know what you are thinking?  I let them have it!  I did, but I was still the end.  I got stern with them and told them all that I was sick and tired of having to take cell phones away everyday.  It was rude and disrespectful of them to even have their cell phone out as I, or anyone else is teaching.  I also said that if I have to take any more cell phones I will take them to the office and they can decide at the office what to do.  All you have to say is "take it to the office" and they know I mean business.  Then at the very end of my little speech I apologized to the students in my class who do not bring their cell phone to class or do, but don't take it out during my teaching.  Then with a bat of an eye I was on to my demonstration and the speech time was over, and sadly, forgotten.  Because guess what I took from a student the very next time we met?  A cell phone.  I think the poor student almost cried.  Because number one, they felt bad, and number two, I was very stern and told the student I did not expect this from them.
Seriously - if a student is going to text get it right!
I know, I know.  This all sounds so mean, but seriously, you try teaching and have the distraction of cell phone use going on.  Not cool!  Especially when I have spent a lot of time preparing to teach just to be interrupted by ones cell phone.  Why can't the state of Utah jump on the cool bus like the state of New York and ban cell phones from the schools???  Hmmm???

Good morning. I'm Steve Inskeep. Think of this like valet parking for your car. Students in New York City have valet parking for their phones. Cell phones are banned in New York schools, but students cannot bear to be without them on the subway ride to school and back. So entrepreneurs have been parking trucks near the schools. And there you can leave your phone for a dollar a day - or about $180 per year. The minute school is out students can go back to texting or being baffled by those new Apple maps. It's MORNING EDITION.
Copyright © 2012 National Public Radio. 
I will continue to take students cell phones, and just hope that if anything comes from me taking their phones it will be that they learn a little bit of respect.  However, before I finish this little rant I want to talk to the parents of these cell phone using students.  Why the heck are you texting your students in school?  That is the number one thing I hear from students the minute I take their cell phone - "My Mom was texting me!"  I say, "Your Mom can text?  Cool, but why the heck is she texting you?  Doesn't she know you are in school?  Come on???"

It's almost over in the student teaching world, (PRAISE THE GOOD LORD ABOVE) and I think I can manage to deal with cell phones for 29 more days...but if I can't...well you will know it was a "death by cell phone."  Put that one on my headstone!

Oh P.S.
Guess who joined the cool kids and got herself an iPhone/Smartphone.  Yours truly...the girl who pretends to suck spaghetti.  So appropriate for a blog post on how much I hate cell phones in the school.  Ha! ;)

Saturday, September 22, 2012

A Few Things That Have Made Me Smile

I've been a very "Negative Nancy" lately.  Clearly you would understand/know if you have been hanging with me in the last, oh say, couple of weeks, maybe a month or two...

But, remember how that is all changing up!  Well it has been changing because I have found a few things the last little while that have made me smile.

1.  Subzero Ice Cream.  Say what?  What the heck is Subzero Ice Cream.  It's this chain that just came to town, and for a while there I was eating their ice cream LIKE once a week.  LIKE seriously!  ONCE.  A.  WEEK.  It needed to stop because clearly I am not that rich, and number two I don't need any more weight to put on!  But it is SO good.  I can't even explain how good it is.  Yeah, yeah we get how good it is, but what is SO GOOD in comparison to other ice cream places?  Okay, so they like take this liquid cream and then they like mix in whatever your heart desires (butterscotch and Twix bars for me), then they like put it under this chemical called liquid nitrogen.  And then, within a few minutes it is like totally frozen!  Then you eat it, and the texture is like you are rubbing your tongue over silk.  Although that doesn't quite describe it - try rubbing your hand over silk.  It has a silk like texture, like do you get it now?  Anyway it's LIKE SOOO INCREDIBLY GOOD!  I finally got my mom to try it, and she was with a friend of mine and my friend was getting kind of werided out because of the noises my mom started to make when she was eating it.  This is just what my mom told me happened when her and my friend went and got their first Subzero Ice Cream.  Then I was like - MOM!  Are you for real?  Keep those noises to yourself, or at least the bedroom!  Come on now!  Gross!
Am I dribbling ice cream?  Sho nuff suga!
Can't get enough of this orgasmic silky cream!
2.  The song "Call Me Maybe."  I know right, this song is SO overplayed!  Yes, yes it is.  But, this song reminds me of my summer working on Grounds Dept., and the two lovely YOUNG girls I got to work with. (I just love how hearing certain songs can take you back to such good memories.)  As I spend way to much time perusing the internet I stumbled upon this YouTube video doing a rendition of this song.  Now I love this song even more, and have only listened to this new rendition like 10 times already - obsessed, yes!!!  And maybe you will be too!  How can you not?  If you don't like it then here's my me maybe...Uh lame I know, but I couldn't resist!

3.  Pinterest!  I know, I know.  But seriously - I can't get enough of this website.  This website was made for me!  The people creating it were like sitting there one day just thinking of me.  And thought, I really think Libby would utilize and share testimonies of this website, so let's create it.  Do you seriously believe that?  Sho Nuff Suga!  Pinterest puts a smile on my face each day that I get on there and scroll through all my followers.  I also love how HELPFUL it has been in student teaching.  I have used so many things from all my boards and I'm not even a bonafide teacher yet!  By the way are you following me on there?  You should because I pin some of the coolest stuff EVER!  Eva, eva!
Follow Me on Pinterest
4.  A purple large pie plate!  I finally broke down and bought me a nice pie plate.  Yes I own several pie plates, but they are ugly.  Butt ugly!  I love making pies and it's about that time of year where I start popping out pecan pies like I'm some sort of pecan pie factory worker.  I really have to gear up for this season people!  So, I was hanging out with some of my married friends (Alisha and MinDee) last Friday night.  (Which was a blast like always, and much needed because of my attitude!)  We seem to always gravitate towards TJ Max when out on the town.  The minute I made it back to the home goods section a light cast down from the ceiling above and this purple large pie plate shined in my direction.  I figured it would probably be out of my price range, since I can't bring myself to even pay around $14.00 for a Paula Deen pie plate.  But, I picked up the purple large pie plate and saw the small price of $9.99, and would you believe it but my heart skipped a beat.  $9.99 ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND!  I bought it, and am so proud of it!  Now I can't wait to start making pecan pies!
Won't pecan pie look beautiful in this?
5.  The Killers just came out (Sept. 18th) with a new CD.  Hello this totally makes me smile!  I know my cuz, Libby Sr. would TOTALLY agree with me on this.  Not only did The Killers release a CD, but another band, Imagine Dragons released a CD too!  I was introduced to them at the beginning of the year by a co-worker of mine who actually served his mission with the drummer.  (And his brother knows another guys dad from the band - the guy in the bands dad is his stake president.  Did that all make sense?  Oh well if it doesn't.)  How cool is that!  This kind of new group Imagine Dragons are so totally cool in my book, and have became very popular in the last couple of months.  I guess you could say that just music in general does such wonders for me and really puts me in a good mood, or puts a smile on my face.  (Oh and one last tid bit about music making me smile.  I try to be kind of spiritual on Sunday's and only listen to churchy musak.  I have this great love for Pandora, and they have this great station called "LDS Hymns of Worship."  They play hymns that are not sung by your typical MoTab - there is nothing wrong with that I just like more modern twists to the old hymns.)

I know these are the most random things that make me smile, but it makes me smile and that is what should matter.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sho Nuff Suga! Nobody Likes a Whiner!

I'm a whiner...I'm a really bad whiner.

This needs to change.  And fast!

I wear on peoples nerves when I whine - who doesn't?  At this time I am seriously wearing on several I dare say "this time" because it's been for a while now?  (Sorry all who have had to put up with me!)

Student teaching is making me whine...don't blame student teaching Libby!  YOU whined before that even started.

Once again...things are going to change around here, and they are going to change fast!





Sho Nuff Suga - Starting now I will have a "no whining" outlook on life, and I'm not going to wait for people to tell me to put my big girl pants on and to SHUT-IT-UP!

Sho Nuff Suga - Libby is going to find all the great things she DOES love about student teaching (and life) and will focus on those "great things."

Sho Nuff Suga - She (Me) will carry an attitude of gratitude and be grateful that she is where she is today, and not look back on the past.  Learn from the past and MOVE ON!

Sho Nuff Suga - I will accept the changes that have been given to me.  Change is for the better, and with my experience it is always a better choice in the end.

Sho Nuff Suga things in life like attitude, outlook, and WHINING are going to change.  Because nobody likes a whiner, and I don't want to be a whiner anymore!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Two Weeks Down

Student teaching is going just about normal.

Until....the school I am student teaching at gets placed on a lock down for a possible bomb!  SAY WHAT?

Here I am in my clothing class.  My mentor teacher and I are helping the students sew a pillowcase.  The intercom comes on saying that the school is on lock down.  My mentor teacher thinks it's a drill and tells us to keep working, and that if this were real we would all go to the back of the room and crouch together in the corner.  This did not worry me seeing as my first day we had a fire drill.  About 15 minutes later the principal comes on again saying that this lock down is real and teachers need to keep the students in the classroom safe.  Yes, I slightly panicked - who wouldn't?  Some of the girls in the class got a little shaken up too.  What if there really was a person in the halls with a gun.  Gosh our world today has gotten scary!  We probably didn't do the right thing, but we let the students get out their phones and make phone calls - and they probably went to Facebook and Twitter too.  Finally after about an hour of not knowing what was going on they released the students.  I then found my phone and saw the text messages from friends about the high school having a bomb - via Facebook.  Oh gads!

School continued on, and I still knew nothing to what had happened during the lock down.  The next day the papers all read the same short article.  If you would like a good laugh about what really happened at the high school during my student teaching experience read this.  My boss at work the next day practically fell on the floor with laughter because of the object that detained us during our lock down.  What was the object since you didn't want to read the article?  It was a long circular cardboard box (like an oatmeal container) duct taped with pinto beans.  Can you imagine the disappointment when the bomb squad who were using a robot to open the package found a handful of pinto beans.  You made a big to do about that?   What about the poor kid who must have just dropped his homemade project in the school parking lot and now it is ripped to shreds by a robot, causing the school to go on lock down, and making my boss cry tears of laughter from the big to do "bomb threat? " I guess it's better to be safe than sorry.

What can I take away from this grand experience during student teaching?  Well, I was glad I was in my clothing class (even though this class scares me more than a bomb threat) because it made it possible for the students to work on their sewing project, and even finish their project when otherwise they wouldn't have.

Just the joys of student teaching.  I've got two weeks down and ten more to go.  I can and will do this!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I Not Late

I always seem to be running late!  I am most likely going to be late for my own funeral.  I hope that as I am floating around on the other side I can some how pop the tire of the Hurst driving my casket to the funeral.  Why would I want to do this?  Because I WANT to be late to my own funeral.  As everyone is (sadly - I hope) mourning my loss I will suddenly bust up laughing (just in spirit - my body will be lying there dead and will not be able to laugh). Let me remind you why this is so funny...because, lo and behold, I will have made it possible to be late to my own funeral!!!  Check that off my "to do list!"

Enough of my childish behavior...  Let me begin by sharing a few stories of my tardiness with you, the reader, so that you can have a better understanding to my calm, cool, and collected attitude I have towards being on time to things.

Example 1
Several years ago I was on a Hawaiian cruise.  Each day of the tropical cruise, the ship would stop at the different islands of Hawaii.  One day we were at Oahu, one day at The Big Island, one day at Maui, and one day at Kauai.  Each day we would depart from the boat with a time given that we would need to be back on the boat by.  On this particular day we were docked at the beautiful island of Kauai.  As soon as we departed the boat we took a taxi to the nearest car rental, and rented a car so that we could see as much of the island as time allowed.  We saw a lot on this particular day.  We went to the "Grand Canyon" of Hawaii (also known as Waimea Canyon), saw a very rare blow hole (Halona Blowhole), and then with the time remaining we went swimming in the warm turquoise waters of Hawaii.  After some time swimming we decided it was about time to head back to our ship.  But, before heading back we had to have an authentic Hawaiian snow cone.  With the popularity of snow cones in Hawaii it seemed very fitting to end our day with an ice cream on the bottom-shaved ice-tropical flavors-sweet and condensed milk-whipped cream snow cone.  As we were enjoying our cone, we were kicked back relaxing "Hawaiian style."  That means we took our sweet time because nobody ever hurries in Hawaii.  Suddenly we noticed that it was almost time to return to our cruise ship.  None of us seemed to be in much of a hurry, so again we took our sweet time.  We of course, were thinking we had more then enough time.  Finishing our snow cones we finally made our way back to the car rental, got a taxi back to the ship, and continued slowly to the cruise ship.  Just in the nick of time we happen to arrive just as they were pulling the planks from the platform.  HOLY COW!  WE ALMOST MISSED THE SHIP!!!  If you can imagine myself and three other girls, in flip flops, sarongs, and heavy bags we took off running like a scary clown with a bloody knife was right on our heels.  With moments to spare we jumped the plank and hopped on to the cruise ship.  In the end, we were greeted with many laughing passengers up above on their balconies clapping and yelling for our safe arrival.  Needless to say, I was grateful we made it on time.  Even a few months after this incident of almost missing our cruise ship I was surprisingly on time.

However, being on time did not last long....

Example 2
Many spring breaks ago my sister, my friend Holly, and I decided to go to the most magical place in the world, Disney World.  Upon arriving it was very touch and go.  As we were leaving St. George on a late night to catch our red eye flight to Florida I received a phone call from Delta letting us know our flight had been delayed.  Well a delay to me means, we have time to party it up before arriving at the airport.  I suggested we eat at the Cheesecake Factory.  Everyone happened to agree, so we went and ate some good food before boarding the plane.  (Some people get drunk in Vegas - not I; I go there to eat! And to eat well!)  After our very late dinner we decided we would head on over to the airport.  As our late night carried on we had lost track of time, and realized we should've been at the airport sooner.  With a very small window of time we parked our car (which happened to be in the most EXPENSIVE parking area - don't even ask how much we ended up paying at the end of our trip) and took off running for the ticket counter.  As we checked in we knew we were pushing our luck in making the flight.  We checked our bags, and I suddenly had a very strange feeling that I probably would not see our luggage anytime soon.  (Sure enough our luggage did not make the trip until our 3rd day in Florida.)  As soon as the luggage was checked we took off running through the McCarran Airport in hopes we could make our flight.  Since Vegas happens to be a city filled with luck we just happened to be lucky enough that night to make our red eye flight to Florida with only a few minutes to spare.  I don't remember much of that experience, but for some reason I can still remember the few lonely late night fliers wandering the corridors of the airport giving me, my sister, and my friend Holly some of the most biazzar looks.  If the tables were turned I probably would be giving the same looks.

Word to the wise.... always be a few hours early to the airport.

Example 3
A few weeks ago my friend Kyle called me up one evening inviting me to the Broadway play, Wicked.  He was going up to Salt Lake City to see it and had asked, myself, and my two other friends, Erin and Lisa.  Out of our little group of friends Kyle and I were the only two who had not seen this play.  Erin and Lisa had seen it previously, but were still delighted to go see it a second time.  The plan was to leave Saturday morning and arrive early enough in the afternoon to go shopping, eat, freshen up for the play, and then spend the evening getting cultured at the theater.  Lisa had a previous engagement Saturday morning, but as soon as it was over she would head up to SLC and meet up with us.  Our ringleader, Kyle, had given Erin and I the very specific instructions to meet at his house at 10:41am.  (Random time, I know?  However, studies have shown that when you schedule odd times people are more likely to BE on time.  Don't I just sound so smart?  That's what Kyle told me, so if you don't believe me you can take it up with him.)  Well there it was, 10:41am and guess who was right on time...ME!  Shocking!!!  (Another side note - Kyle threatened/scared me about being late...)  So, we loaded up his car and were on the road by about 10:50am.  Not bad, not bad at all considering the play starts at 8:00pm.  Or does it?  As the three of us are driving north on the I15 corridor we pass through the small town of Fillmore, Utah.  Time given at this town was a little after 12:00pm.  As we are passing through this town we get a phone call from Lisa letting us know she is leaving, and on her way.  She would be only about two hours behind us.  After the phone call we start talking about the play, when one of us asked what time the play really starts.  Kyle pulls the tickets from a compartment in his car (where they had been sitting the last couple of months) and we take a gander at the tickets.  Soon Erin notices that the tickets read 2:00pm.  No!  This can't be so!  Kyle is shocked - he was told the play was at 8:00pm!  (I guess it pays to look at the tickets rather than take someones word...)

Long story (kind of) short!  Kyle calls Lisa and tells her the play is at 2:00pm - NO JOKE!  Lisa knows there is no chance of making the play, so she turns around and heads home.  Kyle and I try calling the ticket office to see if there is anyway we are mistaken.  No luck getting through.  Kyle calls a few friends in SLC, and finds one who is willing to come to the play with an hours notice and will meet us at the theater.  Me, Libby, needs to use the bathroom around Nephi, Utah but knows there is NO CHANCE!  This girl really had to hold it! As we are just past the point of the mountain (a term used on I15 to indicate leaving Provo/Orem area and entering the SLC valley) the gas light on the car flips on.  Panic kicks in a little strong for Erin and Kyle.  Then there is me, well if you haven't noticed running late does not phase me one bit.  I just kept reassuring everyone that we were going to make it, and being a few minutes late was just fine.  To add to the tension building car drive I look down to see my comfortable traveling attire - a pair of Chaco sandals, Capri jeans, and a T-shirt that reads, "I not late - I run on Hawaiian time."  (I was planning on changing into a very dressy outfit, but that obviously was not going to happen today.)  At this point of gaslight turning on, having to hold my blatter, and the play already starting, I say to my sweet friends, "We are going to make the play, yeah we're late, but just think of what a funny story this will make.  And by the way, did either one of you notice the shirt I just happened to be wearing today?"
We arrive at Capitol Theater; Kyle drops the two of us off as we run into the theater.  I hit the bathroom (which happened to be closed for cleaning, of course); Kyle parks the car, and we all meet up to be let in the door just after the first number had finished.  Wicked was amazing!  I think I might have already mentioned that in a previous post.  And, I cried three times! Not only because we made it to the play, but also the story just tugged at my heartstrings!
Lesson learned, always check your ticket time a few days before.

Monday, August 27, 2012

First Day of School - For Real This Time!

My TOTALLY AWESOME Cuz, Anisa, does this each year at the start of the new school year.  I thought I would copy her cool idea and do it too.  (Pardon my picture it was 7:00am in the morning, and I was not happy about having to student teach!)

Yep, it's official - I started student teaching today.  Oh how I hope the Lord helps me through these next 60 days.  I have meant to do this for so long, now the day has FINALLY come, and I don't want to do it anymore.  59 more days....and counting.  Yes, I am seriously counting down the days.  60 days seems so far away...

However, my mentor teacher told me that by the end of student teaching I will be loving it so much I won't want to leave.  HA!  We'll see about that!

Just in case anyone cares to know what I am teaching, I will be teaching a lot of different subjects.  Well what are those subjects???  On what is called "A" day I will have two advanced cooking classes, lunch period, prep period, and then will observe a pro-start cooking class.  On the opposite day, "B" day, I will have an adult roles class, sewing (which I am completely nervous about), lunch, prep period, and then a fashion strategies class.  I don't know how I feel about all this, it's only been one day.  I'm sure time will tell, and so will my attitude. ;)

Please Read!

I am single, and I have a lot of single friends.  I have a particular single friend named Carrie.  She just wrote an AMAZING (in my humble opinion) blog post about being single.  I think a lot of people who read my blog need to go to her blog and read her post on, "What Not to Say to Single People."

Please go here.

Some of you probably won't read it, and some of you may.  To those who take the time, I say, thank you.  

Saturday, August 18, 2012

West Yellowstone and a Cowboy Hat

I love my parents.  I love my Daddy, and I love my Mommy.

These parental folk of mine are what is known as "tight wads."  There is nothing wrong with that.  Absolutely nothing wrong with that at all.  They are hardworking middle class folk who know how to budget, and are true savers.  Everyone should take a lesson from them.

I recently took a week long trip with my family and extended family to Yellowstone//Jackson Hole//Tetons.  It was a very enjoyable trip.  We had a lot of fun, and I would go again in a heartbeat.  However, the timing was not so great for me with work and money.  (Sheesh - is it ever for anyone?)  I usually don't buy much when I travel, except for the necessities, and FOOD.  I don't see the need to buy anything, therefore I take lots, and lots of pictures and count those as my souvenirs.  I feel I have become like this because my parents are very much this way.  As a child I don't remember ever having the chance to buy anything on a trip.  It's cool now, I am older and can see that most little souvenirs are basically junk, collect dust, and later get given to good will.  (I'm hoping my sister will soon see this - she is big on buying souvenirs when each their own I suppose.)

I imagine we don't always want to turn out like are parents, but in the way of spending//budgeting I hope I can truly turn out like mine.  A classic example of their tight wadness is what I would like to share today.

As our family trip was coming close to an end we spent one of our last days in Yellowstone National Park.  After leaving the massive park we had to drive through the small touristy town of West Yellowstone.  The few streets were lined with many shops offering loads of souvenirs, clothing, and one store in particular - cowboy hats.  My Mommy dearest was pooped from the park and found a bench to read as my Daddy, Sis, and I perused the shops.  Each shop looked the same, and they were all starting to blend.  I was quickly done with perusing through each shop as they all ended up having the same thing in each one.  We were beat and tired by this point, and we still had about a two hour drive back to our cabin.  As we were getting ready to leave the small town my Daddy wanted to go back to a particular store to buy him a cowboy hat.  The rest of us just wanted to get on the road.  I happened to be driving at this time and kept asking my Dad what he wanted to do.  We are driving the few streets as the talk back forth went a little like this,

Libby:  "Dad!  Do you want me to go back to the store?"
Heff (aka Daddy):  "I don't know, Ellen (that would be my Mommy) can I get the hat?"
Ellen:  "Do whatever you want I just want to go back to the cabin and we still have two hours to drive!"
Libby:  "Dad - SERIOUSLY what do you want to do?"
Heff:  "Okay, go back to the store.  Oh wait what is this store? They have belts and cowboy hats.  Let me run in there real quick."
Libby//Ellen:  BIG SIGH! (As the car is stopped at now a different store.)
Heff:  "Well that store was too expensive.  Let's just drive to the store I originally found the hat in."
Ellen:  "So, how are you going to pay for this?"
Heff:  "I guess I will use my piggy bank money."  (Dad pulls out a huge Ziploc bag with lots of quarters.)
Libby:  She sees//hears the Ziploc bag and starts laughing so hard that she wets herself...just a tiny bit...she does have a little bit of self control.
Ellen:  Starts to laugh because Libby is laughing so hard she is wetting herself and gasping for air like a walrus.
Heff:  Suddenly becomes very embarrassed about his Ziploc bag of quarters, and says, "Never mind, I don't want the hat.  This is going to look funny with me counting out quarters."
Ellen:  "Oh stop it.  You want the hat, so you should get it."
Heff:  "But, I don't want to count out the quarters in front of people!"
Libby:  Still laughing uncontrollably!
Ellen:  "Fine!  I will go in with you and help count out the quarters.  Besides you will never see these people again, so why should it matter that you are counting out quarters?"  (Good on you Mommy - of course these people will never see us again, but I'm sure they will have a grand time making fun of the man who counted out a bunch of quarters just to pay for a cowboy hat.  If they make fun, so be it.)
Heff and Ellen leave the car, find the store, find the hat (he just had to have), and take their sweet time counting out quarters to buy his precious cowboy hat.  Meanwhile Libby just sits in the car laughing.
Photo taken by my Mother Dearest on her cell phone. (Never thought I would see the day my Mom took a picture on her cell phone...but then again I never thought I would see the day my dad paid for something with quarters.)
My Daddy couldn't be more proud of his cowboy hat that was bought in West Yellowstone, MT.  Montana - that is the real reason he wanted the cowboy hat...according to him all (or a lot of) cowboys come from Montana.  Who knew?

Monday, August 13, 2012

And So I Live to Blog Again...

Where in the world of small town USA have I been?  I have been asking myself that same question for months!

For months I have fallen behind in my blogging.  Something just ain't right when I stop blogging?  So, I begin again.  The question is, where do I begin?

Summertime is almost over and I review the many wonderful things that have happened in just a few short months.  Let me begin by rewinding as far back as April.  We all know that summer in this part of the country starts fairly early.

About 14 years ago a certain movie came out, called Titanic.  My girlfriends and I happened to be "big shot seniors" in high school.  We were young and in love (maybe just me) with the actor Leonardo Dicaprio.  To see a movie about the historic Titanic intertwined with a tragic love story made us girls delight in joy.  We would brave the crowds and go see this movie.  We went, we saw, we cried (a lot), and we talked about it for days (and possibly longer).  So it was, 14 years later they re-released this classic tale in what they call 3D.  My girls and I reunited for the re-release, and were just slightly disappointed to see that the ending was still the same - Jack let go, and died again!  Buggers.
Did you know the world just witnessed a rare solar eclipse in a very small town known as Kanarraville?  The small town of Kanarraville happened to be the one and only spot in all the world that the ring of fire could be witnessed in all it's glory - people were referring to the town of Kanarraville as the "Sweet Spot."  Fortunately this town is where my family roots lie.  I was able to witness this exciting phenomena because my brother owns a home there.  A massive party was thrown in his back yard, and friends and family came from all over.  I have never seen this small town so crowded with people, and the traffic to leave town was out of control!  My favorite part of the evening was the moment the sun and moon aligned to allow for the perfect ring of fire.  The cheering in the town sent chills up my body.
The 4th of July is always a wonderful time of year in my family.  This grand holiday is almost more celebrated then Christmas in the Williams household.  My family loves to come together and celebrate our freedom in small little Kanarraville.  The town has some wonderful traditions that have continued to live on for years and years.  My favorite part of the day is when we do our "cook out" (that's what my family calls a BBQ).  Back in the day we would gather at my Papa and Granny's house - now that they are gone and my brother lives in Kanarraville we congregated there.  This year the food was spectacular.  Always is.  However, I tried my hand at a new cake recipe and think I hit success!  The chocolate cake was so rich and sweet that my cousins wife who is pregnant and is on the brink of gestational diabetes saved up her sugar intake just so she could eat my dessert!
It's inevitable.  Each year I have a birthday, and I just keep getting older!  This year I turned 32.  32!  Can you believe I'm in my early 30's.  Some people would say I act a lot younger, and then there are some who would say I am close to death.  Whatever age I may be I just can't seem to win.  At any rate, my birthday was another success.  More than just "another day."  I ended up having to work for my first time ever in all my birthday having years.  After work a few of my close friends kidnapped me (not really) and took me to Mesquite (against my own will - kind of) and paid to have me gamble.  I played BINGO for the first time ever and even got lucky enough to win 18 dollars.  Score!
To top off my summer I just recently returned from a trip to Yellowstone for my first time ever!  I know right, it took me long enough to get there.  The week long trip was with family and extended family.  We rented a big o'l cabin in Driggs, ID, and felt like kings and queens living it up.  The week was filled with lot's of driving (it had to happen), eating so much/well that I probably just gained 10lbs in one week, visiting National Parks, seeing an array of wild life, and having some great reunions with family and friends I haven't seen in ages.  Vacations are always much needed, and this vacation hit the spot on my summer.
Lastly, a great time was had by all when I got to attend my first ever performance of the much loved play, Wicked.  Now I have a little bit of still is going to take eons to catch up to my sister, but I'm working on it.  The play Wicked was absolutely amazingly awesome!  I cried like three times, yes three times.  I have to say it was the best weekend ever!  (Stay tuned for that blog's quite a funny story.)
The summer months are coming to an end.  School is about to begin and this will be my final semester of being a college student.  I thought I would never get to this point.  And believe me, it has taken FOREVER to get to this point.  I begin my student teaching August 27th and have sadly already counted down the days until I finish.  (If you were in my shoes you probably would too!)  Along with student teaching I am down to just one job - working on Grounds Crew just until student teaching starts, and then it is back to the Testing Center for one last semester.  What is going to happen at the end of the semester....nobody knows, I don't even know!  Let's just focus on the time at hand cause it's scaring me to death to think of my future!  Until then, thanks for reading about my wonderful summer time fun!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

I Really Do Love My Job!

I really do love my job.  Which job?  My job as a summer time grounds keeper for Southern Utah University.  Recently I was asked to do the monthly safety meeting.  Me and two of my co-worker/friends decided to talk about staying hydrated and wearing sunscreen working on the job.  I might have a lot of time on my hands....actually not really, since I work 50 hours a week.  But, I thought it would be a nice touch to our safety meeting to add a video of all the grounds keepers staying hydrated.  I went around work for about a week taking pictures of my co-workers drinking water (not beer) out of a red Solo cup.  Then I took a couple of hours to put together this video.  I am almost positive everyone at worked LOVED it.  I also think quite a few people ended up peeing their pants.  I thoroughly enjoyed watching everyone watch the video.
{Side note:  There is a picture towards the end of the video of Cam Levins who recently just graduated SUU and will be running in the 2012 London Olympics - he even beat out the person from BYU.  I even got an autographed picture of him, might possibly be worth some money???}

The Flower to the Power FLOWER GIRLS!
Me, my boss Ross, and Flower Gals.
Top:  Vonae, Charlotte, Ross, Marlene, Brakel, and Me
Bottom:  Julianne, Kaylee, and Staci

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

To The Landing of Angels

It only took me A LOT OF YEARS to finally hike the most sought after "bucket list" hike here in Southern Utah, known as Angels Landing.  Nestled in the beautiful and very popular National Park known as Zion.

Several days ago (on May 12th) one of my sweet co-workers, Vonae, asked me to hang out with her on the weekend since her hubby would be out of town.  She came barreling into work Wednesday morning telling me she wanted to do something fun - a hike per-say.  I said, "why not?"  As we began discussing our weekend plans I told her my park pass would soon be expiring this month, so why don't we go to Zion.  Perfect!  I then tell her it's been years since I have really done a hike in the canyon, besides your typical cement trail jaunts that just about anyone can do, and has done.  I begin to mention that I had never done Angels Landing, and that once upon a time I actually wanted to make the "ascent," but have since grown weary of heights.  So, I swept that goal of hiking Angels Landing under the rug to never be swept out again.  However, she was sold on my "once dream" to conquer the landing, and made a quick declaration that this Saturday (May 12, 2012) we would hike all the way to the top.  She assured me she wouldn't let me fall and we wouldn't stop till we made it to the top.  Vonae was very bound and determined to get me to the top of this Landing.  After a day of pondering and much thought I told her that, "I was only kind of young once, so I'll do this."  Then I let the prayers pour out.  "Please don't let me fall....please let people be nice, and please let me hold the chain the entire time.....etc., etc., etc.,"  I also told several people my goodbyes in case I was one of the yearly fatalities up on Angels Landing.  Believe it or not I left my parental's uninformed of this hike, they have me on life insurance, and one word that I was hiking this hike my Daddio would've been a nervous wreck!  (Just a random side note....the small little sidewalk hike known as Emerald Pools has more fatalities then Angels Landing....)
This is not for the faint of heart...
Well worth the hike just to see this majestic view.
Saddie, Myself, and Vonae
What goes up.....must come down.....
Saturday morning came fairly early.  We packed some lunches, picked up Vonae's friend Saddie, ran into a heard of sheep, and before 10:00am we finally found ourselves amongst the crowds of people in Zion National Park.  Apparently everyone, including TWO YEAR OLDS, (which frankly, is FREAKING child abuse that parents would take two year olds on this hike!  My fear of heights was sustained until I saw a two year old running around on the very top unsupervised!!!!) were out hiking this very popular trail.  After riding the shuttle to the wrong hike and realizing .5 miles into the Emerald Pools hike we turned around to catch a shuttle and get off at the correct hike.  So, our warm-up consisted of a fast run with a backpack full of water and food.  We made it to the shuttle just in time to make it to the trail head and began our little journey up to where angels land....or fall - at least that's how I was looking at.....

The hike was up hill consisting of switch backs and beautiful scenery.  Which I stopped at frequently to enjoy the beauty - and catch my breath!!!  And, I just love to talk to people on the trail and find out where they are from.  This nice little trick (of looking at views and talking to tourists) allows me to catch my breath, and keep me from reaching the blasted chains I would soon have to hold on to for dear life!  We finally made it to the "landing."  (Which I wouldn't mind hiking to again and again.)  But, there, in the distance, I could see the chains and sheer cliffs just steps away.  (Okay, some of you have done this hike and might think I am being a bit dramatic - but when you are becoming more afraid of heights the older you are getting - well it was sheer cliffs on BOTH SIDES!)  My two cheerleaders Vonae and Saddie said they would go between me and not let me fall.  This didn't quite comfort me, but somehow I got up the chains.  I never once looked away from my feet and just kept my eyes on the ground, or chain.  Thus allowing me to make it to the top.  I met some very nice people along the way, one old couple who had met us along the trail cheered when I arrived on the very top saying, "YEAH Libby!  You made it!!!!"  I never did catch their names, but they were so kind and sweet - some of the "angels" you meet when hiking this particular trail.  Once on top we enjoyed the view and ate our lunches with the 100 other people who were chilling on top too.

However, what goes up....MUST COME DOWN!  I was not looking forward to the holding-on-of-chains-passing-people-all-the-way-down to the landing, but that was looking like my best (and only) bet...unless by chance there happened to be a helicopter that would fly up and get me...not a chance!  Going down Vonea and Saddie talked the whole time keeping my mind off of the sheer cliffs hanging on both sides of me.  Of course, meeting the handsome Holland hunk half way down the chains is always a huge plus.  He was rugged, blue eyed, accent lathered, and single.  That was about the best ten minutes of standing on an edge of a cliff I have ever had.  Coming down ended up going very quickly, and before I knew it I was back to the landing, and happy to survive my one and only trip to the Landing of Angels.

I guess I can kick this popular Southern Utah hike off my list of goals.  If you aren't afraid of heights I would totally recommend this hike to you!  If you are afraid of heights go with people ("Angels") who will "lift" you to the top with lot's of cheering.  I did meet several nice "Angels" on this hike, and forever will remember them in helping me to reach the top.