Monday, August 27, 2012

Please Read!

I am single, and I have a lot of single friends.  I have a particular single friend named Carrie.  She just wrote an AMAZING (in my humble opinion) blog post about being single.  I think a lot of people who read my blog need to go to her blog and read her post on, "What Not to Say to Single People."

Please go here.

Some of you probably won't read it, and some of you may.  To those who take the time, I say, thank you.  


Cardine said...

Oh, ha! You really linked to it! Thanks. And seriously, people need to learn from the post.

Miss Jessie said...

Thank you! I know I'm still young and all, but I've had a couple of those happen to me. It's always nice when people find out I'm still single and ask me what is wrong with me. That's a great self-esteem boost :-P