Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!!

Living in Utah Halloween came early. It was celebrated on Saturday,the 30th of October instead of today, like the rest of the world. It has been years since I have actually dressed up and participated in the Halloween Festivities. I got invited to a Halloween Party on Saturday, and kind of had decided to make a costume that I had seen on a craft blog somewhere. When it came down to making it I really didn't want to actually make something, BUT I'm glad I did. I went as a Rubix Cube. Totally Awesome Yo! It took about two hours of my Saturday morning to construct the thing, and sadly, it only got worn for about 10 minutes. It was a great 10 minutes. The party was a lot of fun, and it was great to actually get out and do something on this scary night. Some of my favorite costumes were, Lisa's (Box of Tissue), one came as grapes (had purple balloons stuck to her), and two girls were Lego's. Gosh, I thought I was clever - nope.
Before the party began we had several goblins show up for candy. The two cutest goblins were Trace and Peyton York. Trace was a Pirate, RRRRRRRRR, and Peyton a little Kitty, Meow. So CUTE!!!
HaPpY HaLLoWeEn!!!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

A HaUnTiNG iN CeDaR CiTy - CHiLLiNg!!!

I heard this story recently, and wanted to know if it was true. My friend Lisa and I spent an afternoon wandering around the Cedar City Cemetery looking for this haunted headstone. We spent an hour looking at headstones when much to our surprise the cemetery had an information station (why didn't we go there first?). We found the name of the headstone and began searching once again. With great disappointment we couldn't find the headstone. However, I came back a few days later and went right to the headstone. (Don't think I'll be wandering around the cemetery on Halloween Night, because I'll be partying it up as a Rubix Cube.)
In 1855, two years after our family moved to the old Cedar City fort Jehiel McConnel had the following experience.

"My girlfriend, Mary Jane McCune and I gathered wild food together and planned what we would do after we grew up. Then Mary Jane got married. One night she was staying over with me while her new husband, James W. Farrer, made a freighting trip to Salt Lake. She couldn't stay alone because of Indians. Mary Jane and I heard a commotion in the adobe chicken coop, and when we opened the door we could see a coyote crouching in one corner, its eyes gleaming in the semidarkness. Mary Jane flung her hand out to frighten the animal away, but instead of retreating, it darted at her, sinking its fangs into her throat. I ran screaming to the house for Papa.

Taking in the desperate situation at a glance, Papa saw he could not pull the animal off without tearing Mary Jane's throat to pieces. He sank the fingers of one hand around the coyote's throat, slowly strangling it, at the same time prying its jaws open with the other hand to release the girl's throat as the animal relaxed in death. And then the full horror of the situation came on us, for the coyote, frothing at the mouth, had rabies. In its madness, it had burrowed under the adobe wall of the coop to get at the chickens.

For a few days all of Cedar City watched the situation, and we all breathed a little easier as Mary Jane's throat healed remarkably fast. Almost a month went by, then one day she began to develop unmistakable signs of rabies. She steadily became so vicious and violent that several strong men could not hold her, and it became necessary to bind her and peg her to the floor to keep her from attacking others. She would beg piteously for people to come near her so she could kiss them, but when anyone approached, she would snap at them like a mad dog. As the disease progressed to its horrible end, the stricken girl's suffering became so unbearable that her family finally smothered her to death between two feather beds to shorten her agony.

Papa, fearing that he might have been infected while prying loose the coyote's jaws, insisted that he be chained to the wall for two weeks to forestall any possible violence on his part. He was not contaminated by the encounter, and remained well. Mary Jane's husband of only several months returned to find his young wife and unborn baby tragically dead and buried.

Jehiel McConnell (the friend of Mary Jane McCune) was affected deeply by this experience. The frothing coyote came after her at night for a long time. She couldn't sleep, or would wake screaming."

It is said that on Halloween Night in the Cedar City Cemetery that a frothing coyote can be seen circling the headstone of Mary Jane McCune....

HaPpY HaLLoWeEn!!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

What's Going on With Me?

What's going on with me? Nothing much. Nothing much AT ALL! Gee's, my life is so exciting that it comes to me trying to blog about it. Number one concern I have at this moment is my hair. I cut my hair at the beginning of the summer and then went a little shorter by mid summer. However, now that my funds are cut (get it, "cut" like I have to get my hair cut, and my budget is cut.................oh my...) due to being in school I'm having issues with my hair as it's a short/cute/fun cut, which means I need to stay up on it. But, as I always find a way to have money for food (going out with friends) I always seem to find money to get my hair cut. However, I will have to sacrifice the color. Such a sad life I lead...

You want to know what else is not going on in my life? School. I'm back in school. Yes, really! I know, I know, I should've been graduated a long time ago. And yes, my sister and everyone else on this planet will probably graduate before I do. I have heard all the jokes...I should have a PhD by now. Nope, just trying to get a stinking Bachelors Degree and having a HELL of a time trying to get the DANG thing. Well Libby, what's holding you from graduating? Well, since you ask, it's called Chemistry, and apparently I am lacking the chemical balance (no pun intended) in my brain to understand chemistry. I don't know if I am really lacking some chemical thing in my brain, I'm just saying. Can't really afford a trip to the doctor at this moment, and surely not going to ask him to check my brain for "why I can't pass chemistry." This is my fifth time in the first half of the full year of chemistry that I need to take to graduate. I thought for sure I had it last semester when I was taking my chemistry class for the fourth time. I was so close. My Professor told me all I needed to get on the final was a 33 to pass with a C, and guess what I got. 29. 29, really? Really. So, here I am another semester into the chemistry, and actually feel pretty good about it. I've been meeting with my very condescending, PhD carrying, no social skills Professor, who at least gives me a very tiny inkling of hope with the statement, "You're keeping your head above water this time around, so that's good." "Oh go to Hell!" is what I want to tell him. He could care less if I pass this class, at least that's I how I feel when I go in and meet with him. I'll tell you what, when the end of the semester comes and I pass this gosh awful class (BECAUSE I'M GOING TO PASS THIS TIME!) I will not run to him thanking him for his help! I will definitely be leaving an "end of the semester" evaluation on him - stupid professor. I just love how he thinks he is so great and marvelous because he has a PhD in chemistry, and me, his little peon student has nothing. (Side note - I'm not ragging on anyone who does have a PhD because I think that is SO AWESOME, and if I wasn't struggling so much to get my bachelors I would love to go on and get a PhD...SOMEDAY. Please don't misunderstand - people with PhD's are totally awesome in my book!) If he keeps treating all of his students like this he may not have any students to treat. Well, we are at 10 weeks with only 6 more to go. I am studying and spending all my free time in the tutoring center, so what else can I do? Pray - been there, done that. All I can say is that it's in the Lord's hands, and if he wants me to pass so that I CAN FINALLY MOVE ON IN MY LIFE, then he'll let me pass. IF (big IF) he wants me to stay here another round, then so be it. I'm not going to stop until I pass this class. Believe me, I am ready to pass this class and move on.

Speaking of moving on...let's move on to the next subject shall we? As you can tell I get really fired up about my chemistry, and that I'm still here in Cedar... New subject. Want to hear what happened recently? Well, the church did some changing of their whole "Singles Ward" stuff, and since I'm up there in age my Singles Ward got dissolved, so now I have been put into a "Family Ward." Really, you're going to throw that at me now...I can't seem to pass chemistry, so let's hit your romantic chemistry (that I struggle with, obviously, CAUSE I'M SINGLE) and put you into a family ward where you won't meet anyone single. Okay, so I was a little bummed about it at first, but now I think I'm starting to like it. I've been going to the family ward for two months now, and I just officially got me some new callings. I thought for sure a family ward would not have much need with me, but they have put me to work. I met with the Bishop last week and first thing he said, "I have two callings for you. The one is inspired, the other...well, not so inspired. You can refuse the not inspired one if you feel you don't want it, or have the time." Well shoot, just tell me already what these callings are? The inspired calling is that I am now (because they just sustained me) the Gospel Essential teacher. Crazy I know! SO CRAZY! Don't misunderstand me, I'm fine with teaching and being in front of people, but I'm scared poopless about teaching the gospel topics. This class is for all the new members, and all the members who are just coming back into activity after being less active or disfellowshipped. The Bishop then scares me by saying, "Are you going to be able to handle off topic questions, and lessons getting off subject." I confidently told him yes. I said that I will hope that the spirit is very much with me so that I can answer their questions, and KEEP US ON SUBJECT. I also said that I would tell the students that if I don't know an answer I'll try to find out and get back to them with the answer the following week. He was glad that I accepted the calling and has all confidence that I can do my job without fail. Well thanks Bish, I hope I can have the confidence you have??? Calling number two - uninspired. I'm also the Ward 30-45 Single Representative. GAG!!! Apparently a few weeks back when I attended the Relief Society Broadcast Dinner and Show I met this lady who is the Stake Single Leader. We chatted it up through dinner and she got my information so that she could inform me about up coming single events. Little did I know she apparently went after my Bishop, long story short I got roped into this calling. It won't be so bad. There is only about 4, maybe 5, single folk in my ward, including myself, who I have to try to round up twice a month for a monthly fireside, and family home evening. Shouldn't be that bad. I'm more worried about the Gospel Essential teaching. Yeah, I have taught primary and was Relief Society President (in a Singles Ward - which doesn't really count), but to teach the basic gospel principles - it's going to stretch me. Bring it on is what I say!!!

Lastly, I'm still working at the lovely little Testing Center on campus, and I am stunned daily at how stupid these college students are. My patience is tried each day, and I even threaten my boss that I'm going to quit, but she won't let me. (Besides, I can't quit - I need the money.) I do like the perks of giving ACT Tests on random weekends. Dang that money is good for just sitting on my butt for four hours watching teenage kids sweat through their test.

All and all I guess you can say my life is REALLY not that bad. There are more sad and unfortunate things going on with others that my piddlie little problems don't even make a drop in a bucket! I just have to keep telling myself I only have 3 more semesters, or a year and half then I will be graduated and on to the next destination. Hopefully my teaching jobs will take me far away on to a new adventure, struggles, wards, callings, boys, marriage, and whatever. The sky is the limit, and I have never enjoyed being single more than now. Seriously, I really mean that!!!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Earth Shattering!

About two weeks ago we had some crazy weather come through town. During this bad weather I had a dish drain full of drying dishes. Among these drying dishes was my beloved salad spinner. I love my salad spinner. I received my salad spinner a few years ago for Christmas and have truly loved having it, and using it. My salads just won't be the same without it, and I just don't know if I can wait until Christmas to ask for another. As you can tell something happened to my salad spinner...

It was a cold, wet Saturday night. The rain had been coming down all day, and all week for that matter. I had done my Saturday chores earlier in the day, which included washing the dishes - by hand. After I was done washing the dishes I stacked them as high as I could in the dish drain. I continued on my Saturday cleaning and then got ready for the evening out with my girlfriends. That evening my Daddio and "the Sister" were staying the night with my Landlord (brother). As they were enjoying an evening of Seinfeld in the living room, with rain drizzling outside. The surrounding of the house was struck with an enormous BOOM from the thunder and lightning! The house shook, upon shaking a second sound came from the kitchen. An Earth Shattering noise!!! The three hooligans in the living room immediately got up and went to the kitchen to see what the matt'a. As they came into the kitchen there on the floor, in shattered pieces, was my precious salad spinner. I can only imagine that if I had of been present when this happened there would've been a deafening scream come out of me - NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

When upon arriving home that evening my Daddio, "the Sister," and Landlord braced me for what I would be witnessing in the kitchen. Almost in unison the three of them said, "You're going to be upset, something happened in the kitchen." As the tears began to mount I slowly approached the kitchen, I come around the corner to see my broken salad spinner. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I tried to remain calm and decided that it could be fixed with a lot of patience and super glue. So, that next day I gathered the broken pieces and glue, and got to work. As I began this tedious process I realized that there were a few pieces missing. I searched the floor over and over hoping that these two small little pieces would show up. However, they never that moment. Out of much frustration I took my salad spinner, the sad remains, and threw it away. Only to find, days later, the missing pieces. What the HELLLLLLLLL-O, that always seems to be the case with everything.
Now, I no longer have a salad spinner. I tried to move on this past week, and got to work making me a salad, but was livid with irritation that I had to use a spaghetti strainer to try to clean my salad. Oh, how I miss my salad spinner. I love you salad spinner, I will miss you, but I know that in time (and money) I will find/get a new salad spinner. Until then, life just won't be the same when it comes to making my salads.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Like a Good Neighbor - Johansens Are There!

"We make our friends; we make our enemies; but God makes our next door neighbors."
~ Gilbert K. Chesterton
(Back row: Lori, Carrie, Ronda, Millie, Natalie, Ellen, Jessica J. Bottom row: Me, Hailey, and Jessica W. And sadly, missing Mindy.)

Growing up in the bustling little town of Ivins brings back such good memories. Mostly because we lived in a pretty good neighborhood, but mostly because we had such good neighbors. The wonderful family (neighbors) living across the street from us known as the Johansens! The Johansens are the epitome of perfect neighbors (and perfect family - in my book). But, as life has continued on the children in both my family, and the Johansen family have grown up and moved on. However, that doesn't stop us from staying in touch. My Mother, and Johansens Mother both planned a time for us to all get together and "catch up." What a great time I had seeing almost all the Johansen girls, and of course eating.

There is just something about having great neighbors that makes for great experiences in my many moves in life. Every time I have moved, or lived some where different I have tried to be a good neighbor, and hoped for that good neighbor. I start by introducing myself, my Mother taught me to take food. Food always opens the doors to getting to know your neighbors, or anyone else for that matter. I remember numerous times the Johansen Family has taken care of my family, borrowed us many cups of sugar, eggs, etc., took care of our pets/plants when out of town, lent a many listening ears to our woes of life, know how to have a great time, and just set the perfect example of how to be righteous, happy, wonderful, and loving neighbors. I hope they never move away from "across the street" from my parents. It is always comforting coming home to visit and to know that we still have great neighbors across the street.