Saturday, April 12, 2008

I found Edward!

As some of you know I found Edward Cullen last night.

The story begins after a rough day of classes and labs at school. Come 5:30pm I said enough is enough and headed home for the evening. As I was leaving campus I had remembered that Albertsons was having a heck of a deal on my granola bars, so I thought I better stop now, otherwise I won't get around to it and then the sale will be over. I'm not much of a fan of Albertsons, but if you keep an eye on their adds you can find some good deals.

I walk into the store and am on the phone with Summer, I notice that the place is not busy at all, and see that there is a male cashier. I think nothing of it. I decide not to get a cart because I can carry my ten boxes of granola bars and talk on the phone at the same time??? What a sight, I'm sure??? I go to the first cashier I see that has the least amount of people. It turns out it is the young man that I saw when I came into the store. I get off the phone with Summer because that is just rude to be talking on the phone when you are checking out. As I'm waiting my turn I see the lady in front of me has the Kraft salad in a box and remember that those were on sale as well, and I was going to stock up on them too. I didn't have time to go find them and be back in line to check out. I decided the granola bars were enough.

I had just gotten off the phone and was flustered for some odd reason? As I'm trying to get situated the cashier (handsome young man) asks if I have my Preferred Card, I can't seem to find it, as he waits. Finally, I get my act together and give him my card. THEN, I notice something. I notice that this cashier looks just like Edward Cullen. No JOKE!!! I'm in a trance, Edward, is that you? Is that really you? Next thing I know the cashier says, "Ma'am is that debit or credit?" First off, I am not a "Ma'am"! What is this, just because I am 27 and single does not mean I am a "Ma'am", gosh I still have 10-12 good years before I get called "Ma'am". As I'm telling him this his face goes bright red, and I walk out of the store without paying for my precious granola bars. KIDDING...he did catch me however staring at him with a little drool slowly dribbling from the corner of my mouth. EMBARRASSING, right? It gets better.

As I pay for my bars and head out the door I am slow to leave, this young man is Edward, how can I leave? I get to my car, and text a few of my Edward Fans - you know who you are. As I sit in my car and ponder the recent situation I decide that I am going to go back in the store and buy something else just so I can go through his line again. Lame, I know, but you only live once!!! I head back in the store acting as if I had forgot something...I kind of did, as I head to the pasta isle and pick up some box's of Kraft Salad. I head to the front of the store and go through "Edwards" line, again. As it's my turn I make the dumb statement, "Gosh, I had my hands so full the last time that I had to come back to get these other items???" Courtesy laugh on his part - I know, I've been a cashier myself back in the day. As he quickly rings me up I turn to the young lady who is bagging my groceries and ask her if she has read the book Twilight, she hasn't and I'm floored. What young woman, or mother has not read Twilight? Well, I then proceed to tell her that this young man who she was bagging for looks just like Edward. He then tells me that I am not the first person to tell him that he looks like Edward. Then he smiled and my HEART STOPPED! I felt like Bella the first time Edward smiled at her and showed his gleaming, beautiful smile. Not only did he have the mesmerizing smile, but he had the most sparkling blue eyes I have ever seen!

The first thing Summer asks when I get out of the store was, "Did you see a ring?" NO! The first thing my mom asks was, "What color were his eyes, and how old did he look?" BLUE! Maybe 22???
Then my dad laughed. He knows all about these books and Edward; from my mom, myself, Jessie, and the ladies he works with, and then he said he couldn't wait to share my story with the ladies at work???
As I have always said, I am done with those books, the high is over, but as of yesterday I'm back in the saddle baby!!! Bring on book 4, and until I leave for Alaska I will be shopping at Albertsons - even if it breaks the bank!


Ron & Debbie said...

Libby, thanks for the smile of the day!! Didn't Edward's eyes go from black to gold depending on the mood and let's not foget that Emma was older than Joseph and don't forget Lowell who is 9 yrs younger than Sharon...etc....
BTW, your dad told me about you calling and he wondered where he got such an interesting daughter from!

Sydney & Logan said...

I will have to stop in at Albertson's and check this out.

Anisa said...

I had to read to the end of this whole long story to have you answer my question... I'm sure he's way too young for you.

You only have 5 years to be a maam(I'm a maam all the time)

And that pasta in a box is GROSS!

Lucashell said...

Can you take a camera phone photo?
Then send it I would like to see what he looks like.

Jessie said...

We should stop at Albertson's before we head to Salt Lake and hopefully he'll be in there. What do you say. Libby you are too funny!

Jessie said...

Yeah, if you do that for Shellie, send it to me as well.

Mom's Sewing Vault said...

this is Serena.
OMG, it happened to me to! i was in school (logan high) going to my 3rd houre and while i was walking in the hallway someone came out of a storeg room to my left, and there he was a life size cardbord figer of Edward. i was so shocked that i kept walking before i realized what i saw, and then it took me another seconed to relize that it wasnt realy him. i finly tuned around and asked the guy that had just come out of the room what the heck was our school doing with a life size Edward but he was just as clueless as i was, so i just went to my next class.

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