Friday, July 23, 2010

So Far, I'm Surviving 30!

Turning 30 isn't so bad.

My friend Jeremy and I ran away for the weekend - kind of? We took a small town Utah road trip, ended up all over the place with no plan, but a good time was had.

We started out Saturday morning from K-town and headed north on back highways. On our way to Minersville we saw The Parowan Gap. Checked out the Gap, and then headed north to the small town of Minersville, took a left and headed towards Beaver where we ate at a yummy little burger joint. On to the cheese factory, then north bound for Manti. On our way to Manti we decided to see Cove Fort (it's been a long time). We had a cute little senior couple sister missionary take us through the tour. Bless her heart, she had a farting problem, so it was hard to keep a straight face. However, the spirit was there, and that's all that really matters.
When the tour was over it was on to Manti to do a live session for our first time. It was pretty cool, and at times put a smile on my face. Wow those temple workers are amazing. When we were all finished they showed us the amazing stair case (only three in the United States and Manti Temple has two of them).
After the temple we went to Ephraim, found a yummy pizza joint, and then saw that not very far from Ephraim in the town Fountain Green they were having a festival for sheep. Just so happened that they were doing a firework show that night. So, we drove to the small town watched the fireworks then back to Ephraim.
(Rained in Ephraim and caught a beautiful rainbow.)

The next morning we drove through lots of small towns, over the Manti/La Sal Mountains, and into the armpit town of Price. I know! Neither one of us had ever been to Price and I don't think either one of us will ever go back to Price. But, now we can say we've been to Price. We did eat at a really good Cafe in town called Ty's Cafe which was amazing, and super cheap. After our filling lunch it was time to head south for home. We drove through more small towns, took the scenic Highway 89, up over Panguitch Lake, and down Cedar Mountain.
(Some lake going over Manti/La Sal Mountains...)
(Not sure what I'm doing here...this was in Helper Utah.)

Amongst the drive down Highway 89 I got a little heavy on the gas and got pulled over. ON MY BIRTHDAY!!!! Luckily, the Highway Patrol Man was nice enough to just give me a warning. Woosh. That would've been very, very, very bad if I would've gotten a ticket.
On Monday my friends (in Cedar) took me to my new favorite restaurant in Cedar City called Sweet Basil (Thai food). After eating some tasty food we went out shooting - totally random, but lots of fun. Let's just say I will never shoot a gun again. I hate guns, guns scare me, guns are bad, and I hate guns. I did do a little bit of shooting but was so shaky that it wasn't very enjoyable for me. Although, I did enjoy watching everyone else shoot the guns, and there was the most beautiful sunset.
(Kyle and Camaree trying to show me how to shoot.)
Dang - what a mouth full of Birthday fun. Thanks everyone for making my 30th so memorable and enjoyable. I really appreciate all the texts, phone calls, emails, and Facebook comments. And, Sydney thanks so much for the "30 Sucks" gift. I took it to work and everyone got a kick out of it, and enjoyed all the suckers.
30 does not suck, and so far, it's been a great week of being 30!!!!! Here's to 30 more wonderful years!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Little Freaked Out

I'M TURNING 30, AND I'M FREAKING OUT!!! I have my good days and I have my bad days. I'm really trying not to think about it, but each day it gets closer and closer. (I mean really...I live with my brother, I can't pass chemistry, I'm still working on my FREAKING bachelors, (and yes, I have heard the joke many times about how I've been in school so long I should have my P - H - D!!!!!!) I'm not married and live in Utah which makes me an Old Maid, I work in the dirt - soon back to part time in the fall, my car is all broken, and I just feel like I can never catch a break! AND, yesterday I made a huge batch of salsa that turned out like baby poop! That was a mouth full of depression! Wink, Wink! As you can tell today is a "bad day.")

A few weeks ago, on one of my "good days," I had this idea to jump out of plane the day before I turned the big 3 OH! Really ring in this momentous age turning day. However, last week, because of few recent events, a few things have changed. As I was getting ready to make the date to jump out of a plane I had to get my car estimated, due to the DEER INCIDENT, after getting my estimate and realizing that my car was a tiny bit more important I still was staying strong on jumping. About an hour after I got my car estimated I broke a tooth on ONE little freaking Hot Tamale. "Seriously, that's IT, I've had it with life..." then I spit out the tooth fragments? I'm being a little overdramatic...just a tad. That tooth was the final straw! I looked to the sky and said, "FINE, I guess I won't be jumping - my tooth and car are a lot more important!!!" I looked to the sky because I felt that it was God telling me not to jump because my parachute possibly wasn't going to open...YOU NEVER KNOW!
So, since I'm not jumping I have decided to drive to the Manti Temple, do a live endowment, reflect on my last 29 years, and TRY to figure out the next 30 years. The Lord knows I have some major figuring out to do! Yes, I realize that Plan B could cause a car accident on my drive to and from, but since I'm going to the temple I hope that I will have a little bit of protection. Again, YOU NEVER KNOW. Maybe I was only suppose to be here on earth for 29 years...let me say it one more time cause it's not annoying...YOU NEVER KNOW!

As for the "defying gravity" I have decided that I will just go buy a really good expensive bra!!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Fun on the 4th

I'm going to try to make this brief. We'll see how well that goes...
I spent my 4th of July in Orderville, Utah. I KNOW - Seriously, Yes seriously! My friend Lisa is from there, and I have been wanting to go over there and hang out. I know - seriously, yes! We (me, Lisa, and her roommate Erin) left Friday night and drove over the moun'an. That night Lisa's sweet sister made us dinner, then we helped decorate their float, and finally took a stroll through the dark streets of Oderville. The next morning it was off to celebrate the 4th (on Saturday - Mormon Style). The morning started with a HUGE free breakfast - I swear they served each person there a pound of bacon. I'm was only a half pound per person. After breakfast it was time for the parade. Lisa participated so I took a picture. When the parade was done we decided to head into the bustling metropolis of Orderville and check out the sites.
One of the many "Rock Shops" in town - this one was the COOLEST!

Checking the sites went pretty quick for us so we went to Moqui Cave - it's north of Kanab. It was okay - not worth $5.00, but we met this nice gal who is getting ready to go on a mission, so I gave her plenty of advice on what not to do as a sister missionary, or how to act. She was an awesome tour guide and will make a good church site sister...if she follows my rules! ;)
Me, Lisa, and Erin (in front of Moqui Cave)
Dinosaur poop - it was in the Moqui Cave...about the only thing worth photographing.

After touring, it was back to Orderville for their "Soup Contest"and lunch. (The reason for the soup contest is that it's a tradition of Oderville going back to their "United Order" days.) All the residents in attendance get to sample the soups and vote. I WAS IN HEAVEN! I don't know why I even bought lunch when I could've just sampled all the good tasting soup I wanted. None of the soups I tried even won, but my oh my they were heavenly! After soup tasting it was more touring of the town, eating fruit pizza at Lisa's sisters house, then on our way home.
On our way home we took a little side trip to a quaint town known as Alta (I think, or maybe it's Alton???). It was such a pretty little town with some interesting "STOP" signs. They're so "small town" that their signs say "WHOA" rather than "STOP."
We didn't end the night watching fireworks, but figured we saw the best Cedar City had to offer during the Summer Games Opening Ceremonies. The 4th of July was grand in the small town of Orderville - who would've ever thought!

Come to think of it...we didn't need fireworks because we finished off the weekend watching Eclipse, and it caused me some major fireworks! LOVED IT!!!! Well, I loved it...Lisa...not so much!!!
So much for making this post brief...