Saturday, November 7, 2009

Bringing Up The Back End!

This weekend I had another fun filled, yet much needed girls weekend. Although, this weekend was a little bit of work. I ran my fourth half marathon...and if you saw my Facebook status I am wondering if four half marathons equal two full marathons...Probably not! Doesn't hurt to ask??? Friday night after a day of crying (literally cried in front of the tutor at the tutoring center...) about Organic "created by the DEVIL HIMSELF" Chemistry I met up with two of my dear married friends MinDee and Alisha for a huge helping of PASTA from the Pasta Factory, a total change of attitude, and a much needed attitude uplift - thanks girls!

I say huge helping of pasta because this Saturday morning the three of us ran the fairly new Snow Canyon Half Marathon. It was my girls first ever half marathon, and boy did they rock it! Totally pleased with them, and impressed that MinDee left Alisha and I in the dust (No worries MinDawg, Lish and I had a good time chatting away). I think my lack of drinking water lately caught up to me on the race and my muscles cramp up horribly bad. As a testimony builder I will not go without drinking water! Besides, I KNOW BETTER! To sum it all up the run was beautiful, and the St. George weather was amazing for this time of year!
After the race, and a little bit of rest, the three of us girls rewarded ourselves with a much needed pedicure! How come the pedicure went by so fast...I wanted it to last a whole lot longer! Well girls, let's do it again!!! (Shellie - my friends are trying to get me to sign up for the St. George FULL Marathon...but I just don't know if I have it in me...and they want to run it with having only ran one half marathon...)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My Baby!

The last two weeks have been dedicated to putting this video together for my Education Technology class. I have spent every possible moment working on this production. One of the Lab Assistants finally said, "It's not going to be an Oscar Winner!" I think he just got tired of me spending a lot of time in the lab, and needing lot's of help??? Well, it's not Oscar material, but I'm pleased with the outcome. A special thanks to my friend Holly, my sister Jessica, and my dear Aunt Debbie. (Yes, I spelt November wrong on the very end credits...GADS!!!!)

Sunday, November 1, 2009


(This is as dressed up as I get...I pulled this old purple wig out of hiding and put it on...the trick or treaters enjoyed it???)

SO, sadly enough I spent Halloween preparing for my next upcoming adventure - rafting the Colorado river, and DOING HOMEWORK??? As I worked on my homework I did hand out candy to all the little goblin's that showed up at the door. My favorite little goblins that showed up were Trace and Peyton York.