Friday, February 26, 2010

Doing Homework Among Others

Friday night. Here I sit in the computer lab doing homework...oh the life I live??? Wouldn't have it any other way. Just getting my homework all done so I can go watch the latest, recently sent to my mail, Project Runway Season 6 (I love Netflix). So, as I sit doing homework in one of the many computer labs on campus I try to choose my specific computer spot wisely. However, tonight I have been numerously interrupted by the young man sitting across the isle from me. Do I have some kind of sign on my forehead that say's, "Hey, I don't mind being interrupted!" The computer lab has a total of 10 (I seriously just counted us all) people in here, because we are all losers and like to do homework on a Friday night. Out of the 10 people here there are probably 50 free computers available. So, the guy sits across the isle from me. My lucky night is what you are thinking, but this guy is not my type...Yeah, I probably don't even have a type, and have actually given up on the whole "trying to find a man to call my eternal companion" thingamajig. Now, when I come to the computer lab I usually sit in the same spot so I can look up and see the clock. Yes, I know there is a clock on the computer, but I just like the feeling that the clock is just a glance up. I'm weird, you know that! Gosh this is utter rambling... Back to the real topic at hand here. This guy next to me cannot stop making all kinds of weird noises. He has his headphones on, and SO DO I! You would think that since I have my headphones on this guy couldn't irritate me. Oh contrair. I want to have hearing when I'm 80ish, so I'm listening to the wonderful Pandora Radio at a nice temperature, but even over my semi loud music I can still hear him making all these weird noises. He is singing to his music for CRYING OUT LOUD - he's got to realize that there are people in here besides him, I know we all think we sound good when we have our headphones on and sing along...I know I do! But, I know when it's appropriate to sing aloud and when it's not ;). His yawns are SO odd, and loud. The tapping of feet and drumming of fingers are getting old! There are many more odd noises coming from his direction and I know I'm not the only one in the computer lab who has glanced over with oddness. With all those annoyances said, it reminds me of a recent email my sister sent me.

"I was in Starbucks yesterday when I suddenly realized I desperately needed to pass gas. The music was really, really loud, so I timed my gas with the beat of the music. After a couple of songs, I started to feel better. I finished my coffee, and noticed that everybody was staring at me....Then I suddenly remembered that I was listening to my iPod."

Time to get back to the real issue at hand here - HOMEWORK!!! It's nice to take a break sometimes...

Saturday, February 13, 2010

From FAB!

About a month ago I got to do some interior decorating. (LOVE TO DECORATE!!!) It's been a year in the making, but one three day weekend my brother and I got busy and went to work. Now know this, all I did was put in my input and a little pushing, but my brother went for my ideas and the result was FABULOUS! It doesn't even look like the same bathroom.

The dreaded before... (Yes, my pictures are not the best on the "before," or "after." Yikes - sorry all.)
And, the FABULOUS after pictures. Wait for it, wait for it, wait for it...
The idea was taken from the shower curtain that my brother purchased a year ago. I always like to take magazines from the post office garbage that are decorating/furniture magazines. I found this shower curtain and told my brother it would look awesome in his bathroom if he ever redid it. So, he bought the shower curtain and we went from there. His house has neutral colors through most of the rooms, so we went with the flow and picked green. I did want a more neutral green, but is it my house? NO. I then suggested that we paint the cupboard above the toilet a black and change all the ugly hardware. He got a new mirror, light fixture, hooks for the towels, and POOF, the bathroom was done, for now at least. He still needs to get a new shower wall, faucet fixtures, a fan, (so it sucks the moisture out) and new flooring. One thing at a time. However, it is a huge improvement thus far.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Book Review & Movie Review

I want to say that this may offend some, if you choose to be offended. This is my opinion, so take all that is written with a grain of salt. It's going to be Salty BABY!!!

Book Review: To begin, I finally finished that gosh awful book in the Twilight Series known as Breaking Dawn (one of my only New Years Resolutions - lame, I know, but I finished). Yes, it took me a year and a half to read. Only because I stopped soon after Jacob imprinted on Bella and Edwards daughter. What the heck - that is the most far fetched thing I have ever heard of in these books - "imprinting," and on a baby? Oh yes, Jacob finally found his soul mate...blah, blah, blah! (I know what you are thinking...these books are fictional and total fantasy. I know this, but really, imprinting on a baby...that's just weird, I don't care who you are - weird!) After taking FOREVER to finish/read I realized that the book contained about 300 pages of NOTHING! I could have finished that book a long time ago if she, Stephenie Bless Her Heart Meyers didn't go into all of that nothing to build up some fight that NEVER EVEN HAPPENED!!! Good gravy was I disappointed. I had loved the first three books (the third being my most favorite) and then to read the fourth book...well, such a sad disappointment. I guess I can say I finally read it. However, I will go see it, and I will probably own the DVD - I have to own it since I own the other DVDs.
Movie Review: Avatar = DUMB AS DUMB CAN BE!!! Oh I know it's the movie of "right now" and it's "so awesome," but it's a waste of time and money - take my word! I had made up my mind not to see, or even contribute to this movie. About two weeks ago at work, Monday morning as my boss and I were talking about our weekends she had told me she had seen the "best movie ever" known as Avatar. I immediately told her that I was not at all interested, but as she acted like a kid in a candy store, she proceeded to share her thoughts on the movie with me. After about 30 minutes - or what seemed like 30 minutes because she probably only talked to me about it for 5 minutes I had told her I probably will go see it, at least before it leaves the theater because I would have no desire to rent it. So, with my trusty friend Audra, who had already seen it and already thought it was weird, but wanted to know my reaction of this LAME movie, she had agreed to go see it with me. BLESS HER HEART - she has earned a spot in heaven just for sitting through that 3 hour movie a SECOND TIME!!!

All right - with all that said, that movie, Avatar, was nothing special, it was 3 hours of my life I WILL NEVER EVER GET BACK! (You liking my dramatic affects here...) Speaking of affects, the affects weren't worth 10 years of work, and so help me if this movie takes home a ton of awards at the Academy Awards I will never think the same of Hollywood - not that I think much of them now, but I think you get my drift. I don't really remember much from the movie, but after the first hour when I was ready to leave Audra wouldn't let me because we had paid money (good thing it was a matinee). So, to keep me occupied during the last 2 hours I started to people watch rather than movie watch, and started thinking of things that I could've been doing - only to stress me out. I should've just left and went and caught the last bit of When in Rome. Then at the very end of the stupid movie when the cartoon like character takes the human and holds him in her arms and weeps I started to laugh out loud...only to offend people who were seriously enthralled in this lame movie! I have never been so happy to leave a movie theater in my life, in fact, I even started clapping at the end just because it was FINALLY over! What I'm getting at here is that the movie Avatar was SUPER DUMB, and I was dumb for going to it, and adding to its billions of dollars. My Mother Dearest even told me it was my own fault for going and being disappointed since I don't like science fiction movies anyways. One nice little thing (very little thing) about the movie was, I quite enjoyed the music and could see myself falling asleep at night to the music. And, since I'm kind of a tree hugg'n soul, it's very tree hugg'n friendly. Save the trees! Save the trees! Save the trees! Better yet, let me save you from wasting your money on seeing this stupid, dumb, lame movie!