Monday, August 11, 2008

Learn from these People

Working on the train has made me a little bitter - what can I say? If you had to deal with these idiots all day long in a cramped closed quarter you would start to agree with me!

Passengers I have come to HATE:

Anyone who mentions that it's to cold - Folks you came to Alaska!

Couples who dress in the same shirt!

People who wear Alaska attire in Alaska...I'll be sure to wear Hawaiian attire in Hawaii in a little over a month!

Passengers with mega camera equipment, or with a disposable camera - sorry mom!

This is the worse - people who sleep through their train journey. COME ON!!! This is Alaska, and you are sleeping...oh I'm sorry you just got off the ship, Isn't that what you do on the ship???

Passengers who watch videos on their computer the entire time - I think this will be your only trip to Alaska - I'm sure you can watch that lame action packed movie when you get home!!!

People who complain that the train ride is to you really want to know how long I'm going to be on the train???

The question. Why is the train going so slow? Well, since we have had major rain this summer it has caused mudslides, the train is going slow so that we can safely make it to our destination and avoid any mudslides - I'm sorry I can't do anything about mother nature. Does that answer your annoying question?

Sleeping passengers who sleep with their mouths open - aka - fly trap, or Archibald, are nickname for these people.

Passengers who are so kind and friendly, yet they get off the train and their tip to me is, "Sweetie, you were such a pleasure, so great, thanks for making the trip awesome!" Okay - that's nice but where is the cash??? Don't trip off the stairs - cause I won't catch you! (By the way, I have found that Mormons are some of the worse tippers!!! Although, my Mormon Parents proved that wrong...the rest of you keep your ten percent for tithing!!! Or just learn how to tip!)

People with children! Need I say more??? Parents need to learn how to be parents to their children!!! I am really starting to hate kids, but it's not their fault, it's the PARENTS FAULT!

Parents with children named Sinclair - what, was he conceived at the local Sinclair gas station???

Old men who come up to me with some lame joke that I can't even courtesy laugh at!

Anyone who says, "You're from Utah, can't you have more than one husband?" That's when I say - GO TO HELL!!! We don't practice polygamy!!! Okay, I have really been saying, "That's in Texas!" "Oh you're from there...that's what I thought!" That usually shuts them up!

This is the worse question, as I am on the caboose of the train, "Which way is the train going?" Are you serious, are you really seriously asking me this???

The fights that break out on the train as to which way they will be sitting. "I have to sit facing forward or I will throw up everywhere!" Really - that a proven fact???

The list could go on...but I'll stop here! Alaska is wonderful, the money is great, I couldn't be happier! Venting is always a great release...


Lucashell said...

This better be your last summer in Alaska? I don't want you getting anymore bitter.

Lucas wants to know where you find a list of people you are suppose to tip?

Jessie said...

I really want to work as a tour guide now! I'm sure you still enjoy it, even though people can be really obnoxious. I agree it is nice to vent once in a while.

Shellee Draper said...

Libby, I just got your comment on my blog! I'm so jealous that you are even in alaska. . . geesh you DID get bitter this summer! Chill the heck out sista! Do you hate me? Ya, I thought so. FIRST we never went to lunch before you left and SECOND, you have no pictures. Do I suck or what? I left you a cell message when Jayley said you were here for your grandma's funeral, but I never heard back from you. Is that because of your extreme hate for me? I thought yes. K well will you call me when you have time? I want to mail you pictures. I need an address though. I feel like the biggest dirt bag ever. And ps, we are going to lunch when you get back. There is a fun new little place here that Jayley and I love! Kay write me back so I have a self exteem.
take care and kiss the land of the midnight sun for me. If I could be in alaska right now, I'd never complain of the cold because I'd be in ALASKA! lucky.

Klein said...

On your parent/children complaint...Maybe Children should be Children to their Parents!

Anisa said...

Ummmmm... I guess we had better not ride on your train!

Logan and Sydney said...

Lets see, I will confess my sins...I have worn a Nauvoo shirt in Nauvoo, slept on a tour bus, complained about the humidity at Niagra Falls, wore the same shirt as Logan (that was an accident), taken a disposable camera on vacation, oh, I am a chronic mouth-open sleeper in the car, seems to me the only thing I haven't done is tip badly. I am a sympathetic push-over when it comes to tips.