Monday, April 28, 2008

North to Alaska

Just wanted to give everyone an idea of how this drive to Alaska is going to go. Now this is subject to change, due to driving conditions, etc.

Wednesday – April 30, 2008
Estimated Time: 6.0 Hours 32 Minutes – Estimated Distance: 462.49 Miles.
· Leave Kanarraville (3:00pm).
· Take Interstate 15.
· Drive all the way to Idaho Falls.
· Drive past Idaho Falls Temple.
1000 Memorial Drive – Take I15 to Hwy 91
· Arrive roughly around 10:00pm.
· Stay the night in Idaho Falls.
Thursday – May 1, 2008
Estimated Time: 7.0 Hours 48 Minutes – Estimated Distance: 489.47 Miles. (Idaho to Glacier)
· Leave Idaho Falls at 8:00am.
· Drive to Butte; arrive around 11:00am (Interstate 90).
· Arrive in Missoula 1:00pm (Hwy 93).
· Drive to Glacier National Park 4:30pm (Hwy 89).
· Enjoy a beautiful drive through National Park – stopping occasionally for a picture!
Leave Glacier National park and drive towards Canada border – have passports ready!
Estimated Time: 1 Hour 54 Minutes – Estimated Distance: 68.23 Miles. (Glacier to Cardston, Canada)
· Leave Glacier National Park (Hwy 89).
· Enter Canada!!!
· Drive through Cardston.
· Stop by Cardston Alberta Temple.
348 3rd Street West
· Drive on to Calgary and stay the night. (Roughly 10:00pm arrival)
Estimated Time: 2.0 Hours 36 Minutes – Estimated Distance: 145.75 Miles.
Friday – May 2, 2008
· Leave Calgary, AB around 8:00am.
· Drive to Banff National Park, 10:00am.
Estimated Time: 1 Hour 28 Minutes – Estimated Distance: 80.80 Miles.
· Drive through Banff National Park on to Jasper National Park.
· Take Hwy 93 from Banff to Jasper National Parks.
Estimated Time: 3.0 Hours 48 Minutes – Estimated Distance: 179.82 Miles.
· Arrive in Jasper around 2:00pm.
· Drive from Jasper to Dawson Creek (start of mile marker “0”, The beginning of the Famous Alaskan/Canada Hwy, “Alcan” – enter into British Columbia)
Estimated Time: 6.0 Hours 27 Minutes – Estimated Distance: 330.17 Miles.
· Arrive in Dawson Creek around 7:00pm.
· Drive on to Fort St. John and stay the night.
Estimated Time: 59 minutes – Estimated Distance: 46.26 Miles.
Saturday – May 3, 2008, Jessica’s 20th Birthday!!!!
· Leave Fort St. John (7:00am) – stock up, last stop for a while…Long day of Driving!!!
· Drive to Whitehorse – ALMOST THERE!!!
Estimated Time: 15.0 Hours 10 Minutes – Estimated Distance: 828.48 Miles.
· Arrive around in Whitehorse around 10:00pm, or earlier.
· Now in the Yukon Territory.
Estimated Time: 2.0 Hours 1 Minute – Estimated Distance: 96.31 Miles.
· Stay the night in Haines Junction.
Sunday – May 4, 2008
· Leave Haines Junction around 7:00am
· Enter back into the U.S. of A!!! Take a picture at the Alaska Welcome Sign!
· Continue the drive to Tok, Alaska.
Estimated Time: 5.0 Hours 36 Minutes – Estimated Distance: 290.93
We’re in a Alaska – FINALLY!!! Sit tight, we are seriously almost there!
· Leave Tok around 12:00pm
If ahead of schedule we will drive directly to Anchorage and arrive around 2:00pm in the afternoon Alaska time, if we are behind we will drive to Fairbanks and down to Denali National Park, Drop Audra off and then Jessie and Libby will head on to Anchorage and arrive early evening.
· Pretending we’re ahead of schedule…
· Drive from Tok to Anchorage.
Estimated Time: 5.0 Hours 27 Minutes – Estimated Distance: 318.38 Miles.

Final mileage: 2385.13

Sunday, April 20, 2008

My First Half Marathon with many more to come!

Shellie and I completed our first half Marathon this past Saturday! It was awesome!!! The big question...would I do it again. HECK YEAH!!! Would I do a full marathon...NO! Shellie - YES! I am so glad I was able to do this, and that I was able to run with Shellie, or I should say hang out with Shellie at the starting line. I totally recommend anyone doing this, and it is quite the accomplishment. I can't wait to do it again and beat my time. I came in at 2:47 which is not what I wanted, but it was under three hours. My goal for next time will be 2:30. Thanks Shellie for motivating me and getting me out there. Thanks Jessie for making such cute signs, Thanks Cash for driving me up and supporting me, and Thanks Aunt Debbie, Uncle Ronnie, Lucas, and Legacy for coming to watch/support us as we ran to the finish line!!! - Thousands participate in Salt Lake City Marathon

The link goes to a short video clip of the marathon...Fun, fun!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

I found Edward!

As some of you know I found Edward Cullen last night.

The story begins after a rough day of classes and labs at school. Come 5:30pm I said enough is enough and headed home for the evening. As I was leaving campus I had remembered that Albertsons was having a heck of a deal on my granola bars, so I thought I better stop now, otherwise I won't get around to it and then the sale will be over. I'm not much of a fan of Albertsons, but if you keep an eye on their adds you can find some good deals.

I walk into the store and am on the phone with Summer, I notice that the place is not busy at all, and see that there is a male cashier. I think nothing of it. I decide not to get a cart because I can carry my ten boxes of granola bars and talk on the phone at the same time??? What a sight, I'm sure??? I go to the first cashier I see that has the least amount of people. It turns out it is the young man that I saw when I came into the store. I get off the phone with Summer because that is just rude to be talking on the phone when you are checking out. As I'm waiting my turn I see the lady in front of me has the Kraft salad in a box and remember that those were on sale as well, and I was going to stock up on them too. I didn't have time to go find them and be back in line to check out. I decided the granola bars were enough.

I had just gotten off the phone and was flustered for some odd reason? As I'm trying to get situated the cashier (handsome young man) asks if I have my Preferred Card, I can't seem to find it, as he waits. Finally, I get my act together and give him my card. THEN, I notice something. I notice that this cashier looks just like Edward Cullen. No JOKE!!! I'm in a trance, Edward, is that you? Is that really you? Next thing I know the cashier says, "Ma'am is that debit or credit?" First off, I am not a "Ma'am"! What is this, just because I am 27 and single does not mean I am a "Ma'am", gosh I still have 10-12 good years before I get called "Ma'am". As I'm telling him this his face goes bright red, and I walk out of the store without paying for my precious granola bars. KIDDING...he did catch me however staring at him with a little drool slowly dribbling from the corner of my mouth. EMBARRASSING, right? It gets better.

As I pay for my bars and head out the door I am slow to leave, this young man is Edward, how can I leave? I get to my car, and text a few of my Edward Fans - you know who you are. As I sit in my car and ponder the recent situation I decide that I am going to go back in the store and buy something else just so I can go through his line again. Lame, I know, but you only live once!!! I head back in the store acting as if I had forgot something...I kind of did, as I head to the pasta isle and pick up some box's of Kraft Salad. I head to the front of the store and go through "Edwards" line, again. As it's my turn I make the dumb statement, "Gosh, I had my hands so full the last time that I had to come back to get these other items???" Courtesy laugh on his part - I know, I've been a cashier myself back in the day. As he quickly rings me up I turn to the young lady who is bagging my groceries and ask her if she has read the book Twilight, she hasn't and I'm floored. What young woman, or mother has not read Twilight? Well, I then proceed to tell her that this young man who she was bagging for looks just like Edward. He then tells me that I am not the first person to tell him that he looks like Edward. Then he smiled and my HEART STOPPED! I felt like Bella the first time Edward smiled at her and showed his gleaming, beautiful smile. Not only did he have the mesmerizing smile, but he had the most sparkling blue eyes I have ever seen!

The first thing Summer asks when I get out of the store was, "Did you see a ring?" NO! The first thing my mom asks was, "What color were his eyes, and how old did he look?" BLUE! Maybe 22???
Then my dad laughed. He knows all about these books and Edward; from my mom, myself, Jessie, and the ladies he works with, and then he said he couldn't wait to share my story with the ladies at work???
As I have always said, I am done with those books, the high is over, but as of yesterday I'm back in the saddle baby!!! Bring on book 4, and until I leave for Alaska I will be shopping at Albertsons - even if it breaks the bank!

Friday, April 11, 2008

I've been meaning to Brag...

About two months ago, Anisa, (LOVE YOU) asked me if I would like her candy machine - HELLO, you didn't need to ask!!! I was overjoyed to receive in my possession the beautiful candy machines. Several years ago Anisa and her love for garage sailing found this three headed candy machine. Ever since she found them, and paid a very low price for them I have been envious of them and told her that if she ever was to get rid of them to call me first. I never thought the day would come where Anisa would get rid of them. Miracles do happen, and prayers are answered because I am now the proud owner of them. SO, I ecstatically brag about them - life is grand! There is however, one small glitch...They are kind of on loan??? See, Anisa was smart and said, "there may come a day that I want them back" - long sigh from me..."Okay, if you must." Until that day I will enjoy them and make the most out of them. Thanks Anisa for making my dreams come true!!!
(Joren, takes the cake on absolutely ADORABLE, standing next to the beloved candy machines...these were once his until his mom - bless her heart gave them to me!!!)

Monday, April 7, 2008

Shellie - you have inspired me!

Shellie, in more ways than one you have inspired me. First off you are getting me to run this half marathon in 13 days - AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Second, you have inspired me to make cinnamon rolls. I think I did it, now let's see if I can do this half marathon??? On Saturday, I began making the dough using active dry yeast. I have never even touched yeast in my life. The next day - Sunday, Jessie helped me finish off the process of rolling out the dough, sprinkling with sugar and cinnamon, and baking. As they were baking I allowed Jessie to make the frosting...I have never seen such a mess. I was like, "Jessie, what did you do - there is powdered sugar in cranny's I never knew existed in the kitchen!" She definitely had fun making the frosting, and really that is all that matters. Jessie - thanks for helping me make my first dozen of cinnamon rolls. Shellie, thank you for inspiring me to making the cinnamon rolls, and THANK YOU for getting me out and running - you are hard core for sure, and someday I hope that I can be that way also. Hey, get ready for another half marathon!!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I am the "Sewing Machine"

WARNING - this is a really long post!

Okay - so what a couple of days...

First I want to begin my story with getting home from a LONG day of school. I finally arrived home this evening around 9:30pm - beat. I just want to sit for a minute and not do a dang thing. I flip through a few of our stolen cable channels to find nothing on. I realize all I want to do is sit and not have to think about what I should be doing. Looks like the only thing on TV at this moment is Friends. Yes, yes I know I made this stupid remark a long time ago at some mission homecoming talk...who say's stuff like that??? Well Folks, I broke down and watched a hecka funny episode of Friends. Okay - so what I'm getting at see my title, "I am the "Sewing Machine"" - well the episode that I watched, Ross - who looks OH MY GOSH HOT is mad at Joey for purposing to Rachel. As Ross and Joey are talking Ross say's something using his fingers as quotation marks - well Joey decides to be "smart" like Ross and use them back when they are talking. As we all know Joey is a "smart one" and uses them at the wrong time. I don't know what it was but I got laughing so hard. Basically it was just what the Dr. ordered for me, a dose of Friends. Besides that episode being funny, I to use quotation marks - in the air when I am talking, and when I blog.

So let me explain why I am the "Sewing Machine". On Tuesday for my sewing class - yes people say what you want about the classes that I am in, but this Family and Consumer Science Program is stressful and hard! Heck, I even have to take TWO ORGANIC CHEMISTRY classes that are pre recs for the Nursing Program - shoot me now! So yes, in my sewing class on Tuesday we had our "shirt" project that was due. Well bless my teachers heart she is giving us until Thursday to get it finished. I was at school until freaking midnight on Tuesday just trying to work on this "three hour" shirt as it say's on the pattern. Needless to say I did not get it finished or even close to finished. BECAUSE, you ask - I messed up so bad and had no extra material that I had to run down the street to Ace to see if they even remotely had any material close to the material I was working with. (Bought my material at Joann's in St. George). As I was close to tears, but never once broke down and cried, I considered jumping in my car and driving to St. George. I looked at my options and decided against it. I bought some purple material that was semi close to what I had been working with. I get back to working with my shirt and the collar, (the place I messed up at) and realize that my shirt looks RiiiiDICuLOUS! The next day and a "new day" I show up to class to work on my shirt. My teacher tells us we have until Thursday so I pull out my little planner and look at my day. Well lo and behold it looks like if I hurry I can make a trip to St. George to pick up 1/4 yard of material. Around six on Tuesday I drove to St. George and picked up some material. No worries, I didn't just drive to St. George just for 1/4 yard material (which I actually got 1/2 yard just in case anything else were to go wrong) I did end up going to the Temple (to calm down!) and even saw some old friends at the temple while I was there. It was a good night.

You still with me? Today, Wednesday I show up at school for another long day of classes to help me become a "Home Ec" teacher. After all my classes I went to the sewing lab for more work on my shirt. When I got there I decided that I needed to clean out my cupboard - for whatever reason, and guess what I found in my cleaning...yes that's right, leftover material from my shirt. GOOD HELL A MIGHTY!!! It's all good - I guess I needed to do my shirt collar three times to have a better understanding of how to make a "shirt collar". Tuesday, I was hating sewing, SO bad, Today - I love sewing once again, and want to tell the world that I will LEARN HOW TO SEW, I WILL LOVE IT, AND I'M ENJOYING IT, for the most part! I am way excited for my next project which is a pair of shorts that I am going to make for my trip to Hawaii in October. I got some super cute material, and am so excited about it. Sewing is sa fun! It sure has been a trial for me, but in the end I have grown so much, and have become quite the "Sewing Machine".(My material for my shorts)(The pattern for my Hawaiian Tourist shorts)(My first project this semester - a dress. This was a hellish project but I made it through and have this fun spring dress to sport!)(Aunt Debbie was so sweet to show me how to make my first flannel frayed baby quilt - what a night. Thanks Aunt Debbie and Jessie for helping me make that. Maybe the next time I make one I can do it myself?)

Wow - give yourself a pat on the back for actually making it through this hecka long blog. Life is grand! Thanks for reading!