Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Bringing Back BIB's Baby!

What are "Bib's" you ask? Overalls! Don't you remember overalls back in the late ninety's...you would wear them with one strap over your shoulder - so cool, dude! Well, since I am working on the flower crew this summer I decided to invest my first paycheck into a pair of men's denim bibs! Can you believe it they don't sale women's...

No more showing off my religious covered butt-crack to the many cars and students that pass me by as I'm planting flowers and pulling weeds.

Don't worry your little self, unlike this redneck I will be fully covered!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire

Wow this movie was an eye opener to the world of India - do people really live like that? This was a great drama, action packed, love story, that was full of intensity. The way the movie was filmed was different from any other movie I have seen, but I really enjoyed it. I also loved the music - it went well with the movie and scenes.

My favorite scene is when the little boy is pooping in their "outhouse" or bathrooms, and his brother locks him in. The only way out is to jump into the poop...I'm not going to say anymore about the scene, but it was SO FUNNY! And, the little boy is SUPER CUTE!!!

On a serious note, I hope I don't ruin the movie by saying this, but the way the game worked out (India's version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire) and completely went with his life growing up was so crazy and cool. I know this is a fictional movie, but it really makes you wonder about the trials and hard things you go through in life, and how you think it's hard at the moment, but then later in life it all makes sense. Great movie - I would watch it again!

One last note on the rating - it really wasn't bad for a rated "R" movie. I think I heard the "F" word maybe twice, and the violence is about as bad as a PG-13 movie. (Not trying to justify...)

I will say the only thing I did not like about this movies was the subtitles - SO HARD TO READ!!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

I Deserve an "A+" and by DAMN I'm getting an "A-"

This past week I have been on the phone frantically trying to get a hold of my professor who taught my dreadful "Child Guidance" class! I hated this class, but it was needed for my degree. I had to take a full year of this class. The first class was bearable, this second class was unbearable, but I was getting it done and out of the way. The class consisted of two one hour long class periods a week, and then a three hour block at the SUU Preschool. However, the grade I received was a FREAKING "B" and I surely did not deserve that. In fact, one day in class my teacher told me that I was the only one in the class who had never missed a day, and yet, I didn't like the class. She thought that was odd, since she had several girls who were going into this field who would rarely show up.

Calling my teacher - which took a whole week; I was able to talk to her and ask her as to why I would receive a "B" in this class. When I never missed a class, was never late, I turned in all my work promptly and always very well put together, and I put more then was needed into my STUPID final project. After she made some phone calls she called me back with the news that I did indeed deserve an "A-," YA THINK, which I still think I should get an "A+," but I'm not going to complain because it's better than a "B." What happened is that Emily, the "Director" of the preschool said I only deserved a "B" because I missed two of the preschool labs - FOR THE RECORD, I DID NOT, even though I wanted too. Emily also said that my lesson plans were turned in late, and she said that I didn't interact well with the children! Who does she think she is! What did I ever do to her to make her want to give me a "B!" Granted I didn't care for the kids, but it never showed until after they left the preschool, and I always had something to say about those rug rats. AND AGAIN, for the RECORD I was never late, nor missed a day of that dreaded preschool! As for my assignments - one was a day late, but we still had a week until we taught.

Long story SHORT - you know it never will be with me....It definitely doesn't hurt to ask!!!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Loving My Physically Demanding Job!!!

Hmmm....a train bound for nowhere, or a physically demanding job in the heat of Southern Utah???? Yup, I survived my first week of work, and I think I'm going to like being on the flower crew. However, one thing I will have to deal with this summer is some back pain. I feel like I am using muscles that haven't been used in a while, and that is why my lower back is in a little bit of pain; but as soon as I hit that pillow at 9:00pm I am whisked away to dreams, and little to no pain at all. 5:00am comes early, and the minute I start up working it all comes rushing back.We work in teams, and I am with Crystal who just got off a mission - gag for recently returned missionaries, but she has worked on the grounds previous to going on her mission. Her and I have the area of "circumference of campus." We get to have our own little truck to haul our equipment, and most day's we are pulling weeds, or planting flowers. Can I just say SUU has such a beautiful campus, but for Jessie's sake USU has a REALLY beautiful campus too! Work starts at 6:00am and goes until 9:00am where we get a thirty minute paid break, then it's off to work until 12:00pm where we get another paid thirty minute break. Back to work and then at 2:30pm we are done for the day.

I'm totally excited to be doing this for the summer, yes, I already got sunburned on my forearms, but have a nice tan, and it's only going to keep getting better! Don't be jealous! Well all, look forward to some crazy stories, they will probably only be about the gross earth worms that scare me each time I encounter one. Although, I heard today some of the other girls had a run in with a snake...I'm going to start praying I don't!!!!