Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Mid-Singles Mormon Dance, and Other Nonsense Dilemmas

Please don't laugh at me, but LAUGH WITH ME!

Before reading consider your life, and situation.
1. If you are married, have kids, etc. I know there are days you want to throw in the towel...if you feel like doing that think of me, and being 30 and single. Soon your sorrows will soon disappear.
2. I put myself into this situation ONLY because I was called to be a Singles Representative for my ward. Lord help me, and those in my situation!!!!!!!!!! (I would never wish this calling upon anyone...not even my worst enemy - okay, so maybe my worst enemy...)

A Mid-Singles Mormon Dance

"How do I get myself into these situations," I thought as I walked into the darkened cultural hall of the LDS chapel Friday night. I mean, I came and helped set up the place to make it look like a "Winter Wonderland," so do I really need to be back here, and try to attempt to dance - like a freak!

Bless the Church of Jesus Christ's Heart, but seriously, they have nothing for people like me in their mid (for my sake, "early") 30's to 40's. It's like, hum ho, you're 30 and not married? Well that stinks for you. However, we offer stake wide single activities and they are a knee slapper of a good time, so go - have fun and enjoy.

For the past two weeks I have been putting myself out there to people my age to invite them to this "Winter Wonderland" Mid-Singles Mormon dance. Every one's response has been, "Heck no, are you kidding me!" Or, "I'm busy that night, sorry can't make it." Busy my BUTT! I usually tell them back, "Like I want to go or do this either, but it's my calling and I need to stick it out, and try to fulfill it to the best I am capable of doing." To no avail none of my early 30 year old friends in Cedar City want to support me with coming to the dance. I'm not mad, because if the tables were turned I would probably not go. I will give them some credit, at least they have been supporting me at the Family Home Evenings and Firesides. So, thank you!

Friday afternoon in one of my classes I leaned over to my friend Jaime (who is 34, single mom of a nine year old, and has been married and divorced twice) and whispered to her asking what she is doing this Friday night. She tells me she is taking her daughter half way to Salt Lake so her ex husband can come pick up their daughter. I asked "how long will that take you?" She tells me she would be back to Cedar City around 8:00 pm. I said to her, "that would be perfect!" She is a little confused and I continue to ask her if she would like to attend this Mid-Single (and SAD) Mormon dance. She laughed and said she would be willing to go with me. Oh Jaime, BLESS YOU'RE HEART! (Jaime is a recent convert of a few years, not very active, and never HAD THE CHANCE to do the single scene in the me what you want, but I thought this would be a great opportunity for her.)

9:00 pm rolls around and I look at the clock. Soon 9:00 pm turns into 9:30 pm. The dance has started, and has been going. Do I attend, or do I wait until midnight and show up just to help clean up? My phone rings, Jaime is texting to know if we are still going to this dance. I text her back and apologize for my lateness, and wishy washy attitude. Not really being a good example, I think. I finally decide to leave and the clock is now about a quarter after ten. I arrive at Jaime's house and once again, ask her if she is really up to going to this. We get in the car and I explain to her one more time what she is getting herself into. She tells me she is really okay with attending the dance, and she is coming mainly to support me.

We show up to the church, and enter to the sound of Justin Bieber's "Somebody to Love." We turn the corner towards the darkened culture hall. We enter, and see that almost everyone in attendance is on the dance floor trying to get their groove on. I turn to Jaime and mouth the word, "SORRY!" Still Jaime keeps a good attitude and we make our rounds to the 3 people I know. Because I can't dance and would rather not put everyone in attendance into convulsions, we make our way to the food table. The food definitely made up for everything else. The table was covered with vegetable trays loaded to the brim, chips and salsa, several seven layer bean dips, cookies and candies, and even those fancy little beenie weenies.

Jaime and I made our way to a table with a few people sitting down and asked if we could sit with them. I may not have been comfortable shaking my booty, but it's not hard for me to sit down and start a conversation. So, that is what we did. The table had two women and two men. We asked their names, and they asked ours. We each did the introductions, and small talk. That lasted about five minutes and then it turned awkward. Finally Jaime asked one of the guys at the table what he did for a living. He responds to her, with one of the worst pick up lines I think I have ever heard! "I've been in a few magazines, GQ is one you have probably heard of, and I've been in jail." Was I hearing all of this right? Jaime is one who can joke, and started to throw stuff back at him. Next thing I know he gets up and comes and sits down next to her and throws his arm up on the back of her chair and sits like he is a Bad A**! Then I notice he is drenched in cologne, but at least it was good smelling cologne, and his shirt is half way unbuttoned showing off a part of his chest. I have enough of his "cool dude, I'm the hottest guy here" attitude and see a guy that I know and I begin to chat it up with him.

As I am carried away into a conversation with my acquittance I see Jaime and Mister Cool Dude get up and head towards the dance floor. Jaime makes a gun out of her hand and points it to her head and gives me this look, of "what the hello did you bring me to - I hope you're happy?" The song is over and I am still talking away with my acquittance when I get asked to dance on the next song. I did not want to dance, and definitely not to a slow song. I tried many times to refuse his asking because we had just recently talked about his girlfriend - this can't look good! I finally agree and we go dance. The whole time as we are awkwardly turning in a circle (and I keep eyeing the girlfriend) I tried to act as if we were just in a deep conversation and made sure my hands were moving with me as we talked. Finally the dance was over and I thank him. We finish our conversation and I run back to Jaime to hear all about this guy get'n his groove on with her. I had missed their dancing and she goes on to tell me that he is a real winner - yes, we are all God's children, but still there are some odd ones out there. She clearly was not interested. However, I tell her that come Monday when she is back to work at least she will have an entertaining story to tell. Likewise. My story may be entertaining, or sad, take it however you would like. But, attending a Mid-Singles dance is not something I would want for anyone to have to go through. And yet, I still attended. The dance was coming to a close and I had never been so excited to help clean up after a church function like I had this Friday night. Within 20 minutes the culture hall was put back into it's proper order and Jaime and I were on our way out with not so much of a good bye, or see you later.

Jaime, along with myself had survived our first Mid-Singles Mormon Dance. I asked Jaime if she would ever do this again, and she told me that she would come to the next one just to support me. What could have brought me to tears made me laugh, out loud. Who in their right mind would want to attend another Mid-Singles Mormon Dance. Oh, that would be Jaime and I? Call us crazy, desperate, or sad, but if anything I hope you, the reader, are happy you are married, or if not married, still in that single age where the church has more to offer you.

I will continue to fulfill my calling, but I will be ever so grateful for the day they release me. It's either going to take marriage or moving to get me released. At this point I don't see marriage, and as for moving, I still have another year and half here! I know the Lord has a sense of humor - so I hope he's getting a kick out of watching me!!!

Dilemma 1 - YoU wAnT tO sEt Me uP WiTh a MaRriEd mAn?!?!?!

I have been attending SUU for far to long. However, in my many years at this University I have made some truly great friends. One in particular is an older gentleman named Steve. Steve is a returning/non traditional, Agriculture Student, married, and pushing 50! We met last year in the tutoring center where I spend WAY to much time for chemistry. Right off the bat Steve and I formed a friendship. He loved to tease me, and I gave him the reaction he wanted. We had not seen each other since the end of last semester due to the Christmas holiday. The second week back to school he came into the testing center to take a test. After he was done he sat in my office and chatted with me for over an hour. During our little catch up/chat he asked how my dating life was going. Well, there isn't one. He then goes on to say that one of the guys from last semester (that would frequent the tutoring center) was now a tutor this semester. Okay, where is this going, I think. He then proceeds to tell me that he wants to play match maker and try to set us up. I was really hesitant because part of me thought that he was married. I was torn between my thoughts because I had never seen a ring on his finger. Still, I know that a lot of married men don't wear rings (and it kills me - if you are married then put/keep the blasted ring on your finger for crying out loud!!!!). Steve is adamant about trying to play match maker, so as I like to say, I told Steve that he could try to set us up because "I'M ALWAYS UP FOR A FREE MEAL!!!" A week went by, I had frequented the tutoring center and one night ended up being there with Steve, and the "new tutor," we'll call him "Tutor Guy," who may or may not be married. As the tutoring center was closing up Steve and I walked to our cars together. I decided I better ask Steve the status on his little match making. He then tells me, "So...sorry, but Tutor Guy...yeah, he's married." "WHAT!" I exclaim. Now, I said this dramatically because I know how Steve is, and I know that he probably said more than he needed to when trying to set us up. I wasn't upset or bummed to the fact that he was married (with two kids) because I had already felt that he probably was married to begin with. (Most people going to school that are guys and my age are married - it's a given, why bother!) The "WHAT" that I exclaimed was because I wanted every detail of how Steve approached and asked Tutor Guy out. Steve could see my worry and hear my dramatics and said, "Now just calm yourself down, I didn't say anything." I said, "You better not have said anything to embarrass me because I have to use this tutoring center and I don't want it to be awkward every time I come here and he is working!!!!!!!!!" Steve say's, "All I said was, are you dating anyone cause I think you and Libby should go out." Tutor Guy then say's, "Well, actually I'm married and have two kids, but thanks!" "Good Hell A MIGHTY - that's embarrassing." I say. Steve then says, "It's not embarrassing, if anything it's flattering to Tutor Guy." Really, whatever! Don't worry I'm still using the tutoring center...I just found out when Tutor Guy works, and will avoid those hours at all cost!!!

Dilemma 2 - WhY cAn'T i Be a MoRmOn oN tHe InTeRneT?

I'm trying to be a good Mormon girl. Partially because I really don't have much else going for me... The church has become more and more digital in all it's doings. I have noticed a few people (family and friends) making these "Mormon Profiles." (I totally encourage you to make one if you haven't already - great missionary tool!) One day when I should have been doing chemistry I decided to make one of these "profiles." Wow - did I ever get distracted. It was so much fun looking up people and reading their testimonies. I'm going to admit this too, I also saw it as a way to find a love interest. Gag - who does stuff like that? ME! Seriously, play around with it awhile and you'll know what I'm talking about. SO, anyway, to get back on track with my long winded, sometimes no point story, I decided to make a profile. (You can see mine by clicking here, or if you look to the left on your computer screen you will see a circle with the words "I'm a Mormon." Click on that.) I make my profile and finish it up. However, the church, or whoever does this website needs to read over what you wrote and make sure it's legit and church approved. Mine was pending for over a week! Believe me I was starting to question! After a few days they told me I needed to change some things. SERIOUSLY! What you can do on this profile is add your Blog, Facebook, and Twitter accounts. I don't Tweet, so I figured I would add my Facebook and Blog accounts. Apparently they had read my blog and liked it, thought it was cute, fun, etc. However, they did not like my use of slang and "appearance of evil type" pictures. One in particular, my "drinking cream soda in Alaska" picture. They even had taken a quote from my blog to show me that either I change it or I don't add my blog. So, because I'm trying to be a good little Mormon girl immediately went to my blog and changed the wording under the picture of me drinking cream soda. Finally a week later the church published my profile and I am proud to say, once again, "I'm a Mormon!" And Proud of it YO's! So eat that! ;)

Dilemma 3 - (Not really a dilemma) RaNdOm StUfF aBoUt a BoOk AnD mOvIe....

I just finished reading "He's Just Not That Into You." I also just watched the movie, "Scott Pilgrim vs. The World." Although the movie, "Scott Pilgrim vs. The World" took me two times to watch because I feel asleep during the first viewing. I rated it 4 stars on Netflix. Now how come I can't find a dude like Scott Pilgrim - total nerd who opposite the book, "He's Just Not That Into You" is really into you! Scott Pilgrim - fought for his woman, was "into" his woman, and really wanted his woman! Putting in a plug for this movie - I didn't think I was going to like this film, but I had so many people tell me that I would. Just so all you people out there know. I did like it. There was enough romance, hilarious one liners, good music, and pretty nifty special effects. I tried watching it with my Bro and the whole time he tried watching it he keep using the phrase, "what the hell are we watching?" That made me laugh quite a bit, like said, along with the hilarious one liners.

* "You once were a ve-gone, but now you will begone."
* "He punched the highlights out of her hair!"
And lastly,
* "If I peed my pants would you pretend that I just got wet from the rain?"

As for the book "He's Just Not That Into You" who would've ever thought that such a small, simple, kind of nutty book could teach me, a single gal, so much! Every chapter had a guy that I have dated. It's true, if he is married he's just not that into you! If he disappears on you, he's just not that into you! If he is a selfish jerk, a bully, or really big freak...well, he's just not that into you. And of course the basic, if he isn't asking you out, calling you, or dating you well DUH - HE'S REALLY NOT INTO YOU!!! To all my single peeps out there this book is a must read.

And so, my life is full and abundant, I still truly love being single. I really don't have it that bad off. With one last thought, I hope you, the reader, enjoyed my antics about dancing, dating, Mormon's, movies, and books.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Who Visits Alaska This Time of Year?

Who in their right mind goes to Alaska this time of year? Well, according to my experience of waiting in the Seattle Airport apparently a lot of people go to Alaska this time of year. What was my motivation to go to that dark, dreary, cold far away land? My dearest friend from childhood finally tied the knot! That meant I had to go to Alaska and attend her wedding. It just wouldn't have been the same without me!
Bev got married! She married Michael Peters on January 8, 2011 in the Anchorage Alaska Temple for all ETERNITY YO! It was a small little gathering, but overpowered with love and her family - my dear friends! I wish that I would've taken more pictures, but I was asked to be the (amateur) photographer and had Bev's big o'l camera that I was busy using; so I hardly got any photo's on mine. Yikes!!!
The Happy Couple: Michael and Beverli Peters
Bev, Tara, and Me!
Beverli - the Beautiful Bride, and Me - a deer caught in the headlights.

During my quick little jaunt to Alaska I had one request - COULD WE PLEASE GO EAT AT Glacier Brewhouse? Bev made reservations, and sure enough my wish was granted. Friday night, the night before the wedding, me, Bev, her fiance Michael, and our friend Tara went and devoured one tasty dinner. I went all out - started out with a fresh brewed cream soda, dinner was fresh scallops and shrimp on rice, and of course finished off the meal with the one and only PEANUT BUTTER PIE! Oh my gosh, their peanut butter pie is H-E-A-V-E-N-L-Y! You should know how much I love their peanut butter pie cause I found the recipe and have made my own since first encountering theirs. But, there is just something about sitting at Glacier Brewhouse and taking my time devouring and enjoying each creamy, chocolaty, party in my mouth, peanut buttery bite! Gosh, that pie is divine. FREAKING DIVINE I TELL YOU!
Drinking lot's! Of...Freshly Brewed Cream Soda - best I've had West of the Mississippi!
Beginning my hour long session of devouring peanut butter pie!
All done! Waiter, Can I get one to go...I should have gotten one to go, why wasn't I thinking???
My second request was to see my sweet little friend Rekann! Rekann and I met on my second summer working in Alaska for Princess (both our first summer with Princess). Although far apart in age and other ideas we clicked immediately and have become great friends. She was kind enough to come get me one of the days there and we went to another favorite Alaskan restaurant of mine, Snow City Cafe. Such a cute little cafe with very fresh, organic food. I of course had the snow crab, avocado, and onion omelet with a tall glass of hot chocolate. Once again I stepped into heaven! It was so fun to see Rekann and catch up over a yummy meal!
My trip to Alaska, however very cold, dark, and way to quick was the best trip I have been on this whole year. Granted it's only a few weeks into the new year, but I am SOOOOOOOOO glad I got to make the trip and attend Michael and Bev's wedding.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Fly Standby - Just Know It's Not For Everyone!

I recently just flew standby to A-L-A-S-K-A for my dearest friend Bev's wedding. I'll tell you it was quite the experience, and one that I thoroughly enjoyed! Let me just put this out to one and all - FLYING STANDBY IS NOT FOR EVERYONE!

Monday January 3rd I called my other dear friend Stephanie (who hooked me up with tickets) about flying standby for Tuesday January 4th. As we talked about the flight she got online to check the status. What was brought to our attention was the completely sold out, booked flights to Alaska for the week of January 3-7, 2011. We were both in shock, we couldn't believe that people were actually wanting to go to Alaska this time of year. The only reason I was going to Alaska this time of year was for my friend's wedding. When she saw the flights and where my tickets were taking me (Vegas to Portland, Portland to Anchorage) she said there was no way I was going to be making it out of Portland. I of course managed to stay somewhat calm. "What can you do for me?" She made some phone calls and and got the times changed for me so that I would have a better chance of getting out of Portland. I thanked her forever, as she continued to say, "Don't thank me yet, you're not there yet."

Tuesday, January 4th, my sister and her friend packed me up and shot me down to the Vegas airport to try to catch a plane. I arrived at my new times as I checked in at the counter the "Older" man checked me in. And, as we chatted it up I told him I was standby to Anchorage and he also said, "Well good luck on getting there!" I told him that I was going for a wedding and it wasn't until Saturday, the 8th. He then said, "You should make it by then." What was I in for? He then was so sweet and made some more changes. Instead of flying to Portland he changed me to Seattle seeing that Seattle had flights leaving every hour until midnight. Whereas Portland only had three flights the whole day. I thanked him for his help, and in return he gave me his number and told me to call him because he frequently ski's in Brian Head. Um....okay? Not sure that I will be calling him, but totally flattered!

I check my bags and patiently wait for my flight out of Vegas. I was actually hoping that I wouldn't make the first flight so that my Sis would come back and get me so I could go shopping. With much luck I got on the first flight, and had no problem whatsoever. I arrived in Seattle around 3ish their time. I immediately found the next connecting flight and found that mounds of people were also wanting the same flight. Trips from Seattle to Anchorage were booked solid, and even overbooked. My odds for getting a flight were looking very slim. After missing the 4:00pm flight I picked up my bags and walked all the way to other side of the airport to try another flight. This flight was around 5:00pm and it was KIND OF looking like I might actually have a chance. However, that chance was shot to HECK. So, I asked where the next flight was and once again started my long walk to the next gate. (Note: these gates where never right next to each usually meant taking a train to the other side of the airport and walking some more!) I found the next gate and popped a squat as I once again waited to see if I even had a chance.

Around 8:00pm I was still in the Seattle airport and people were starting to look the same, meaning that all of us "standby" people were sticking together and not getting on a plane. As we all stood waiting with anticipation I decided I should start making some phone calls and see if my few friends in Seattle would let me come crash on their couch because the odds for me getting a flight weren't going to happen. It just so happens I have a mission companion that lives in Seattle who was so willing to let me crash on her couch. It didn't happen, but just the thought of her taking me in on such little notice was so sweet! And, as I waited for more bad news about not getting a flight it was nice to talk to her on the phone and catch up. After talking on the phone with an old friend a woman came up to me and asked if I was "standby." I told her I was and we exchanged stories of how long we had been waiting and where we were going. We immediately became fast friends and stuck together the rest of the night walking from gate to gate. As the night went by and flights were getting ready to end we had discussed our options and the best bet for both of us was to stay the night in the airport and hope (and pray) that the first flights of the morning (6:00am and 8:00am) would have people sleep in and miss their flight. I know, I know, that is not something you should pray for, praying that people would get stuck in traffic, oversleep, etc. Well, that is what I did and that is what I had my family and friends do for me.
(Image found through google images...this is not me, but I'm pretty sure this is what I looked like - embarrassing!)

Wednesday January 5th I found a little corner of the C Concord and nestled down for a restless night of sleep. I stuffed my bags under my seat and then held on tight to them. I am pretty sure I only got about two hours of sleep and was totally jealous when I woke up and saw across from me on the benches a man sprawled out and snoring away. I set my alarm on my phone and woke by 5:00am to have enough time to try to freshen up and get me something to eat. I immediately made my way to the gate with the 6:00am flight. There were all my standby friends. We shared our nights sleep stories and hoped that we would all get on this early flight. One sweet lady had been stuck in the Seattle airport for 4 days and I was just hoping this would be her chance. As the plane started to board the ticket agent was positive we all would have a chance. There were over 20 of us standing around waiting to get this flight. As the plane filled up many seats were left open. The ticket agent started to call names. After several names were called my new found friend (who had been stuck for 4 days) got her name called. I yelled out to the group - "You got a seat! You got a seat! I think I might cry!!!" Yes, that is what really happened. Lack of sleep makes me crazy... The next name called was my other friend who I had met the night before. She had got her seat! I had kept telling her the night before that she was going to get this 6:00am flight. I was so happy for her, but it also meant that my name moved up! As the people were dwindling down so were the seats on the plane. He finally called the last name. It was not me. The doors shut and the ticket agent gathered the rest of us around and pointed us to the next gate. We then began our long walk to gate D.

My standby friend was gone so I found some new people to chummy up to. We grouped together and shared our stories. The next in line was a young man who had been stuck for 2 days. (Side note: at this point I was still as positive as can be because the wedding was still a few days away, and I was just overly grateful that I didn't have to pay full price for a ticket so if it meant waiting and walking from gate to gate - well, so be it!) We continued to wait and wait. The clock had never moved so slow. My stomach was churning with luck as I felt like this was going to be my ticket to Anchorage - no pun intended. As 7:30am arrived they finally started to board the plane. People were not checking in, and again our chances for getting a flight were looking good. As the time inched away the flight was still not getting full. Finally, the ticket agent started to get ready to call standby folk. The first name called was the young man who had been stuck for two days. They called his name and nobody approached the desk. I looked around and saw him fast asleep. Nobody was making any movement to him. I finally couldn't take it and ran over to him and slapped his knee. NOTHING. I then began to shake his took a few more shakes and he suddenly woke up. I said, "I'm not sure but I think they just called your name you need to wake up!!!!!! Hurry!!!!" Yes, I was completely dramatic and freaked out a little. But seriously he had been stuck for 2 days and I wasn't about to let him get stuck for 2 more days. He made his flight, and that meant that I was two seats away. Next my other new friend got a seat. That meant I was NEXT IN LINE! Holy cow, I was about to get a seat!!!!

Music to my ears, my name "Williams" was called. I didn't cry, I know you were thinking I probably did, but instead I ran to the desk and heaved a huge sigh of relief. I found my way to my seat, got situated, and was excited to see that most of my other "standby" friends also got a seat on this early flight to Anchorage.

That was the coolest ride I have ever been on - flying standby! I seriously loved every moment of it. Even sleeping on a bench and freezing. Totally worth it. However, this "standby flying" is not for everyone.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Favorite Things/Stuff of 2010

Libby's list of Favorite Things. So long 2010, and here is to the exciting year of 2011 to come. I can't wait!!!

Favorite Things of 2010:

iMovie for Mac's - love this program! So easy to use, and makes fun movies. (I just learned about & how to use it this year.) Move over scrapbooking I'm going to be doing video scrapping. Is that even a word or thing, video scrapping?

Escada Taja Sunset - perfume. Oh my gosh this stuff smells so good.

Activia - works wonders!!!

Mormon Messages. Weekly ritual to get on YouTube and see the latest video the church has put out.

Canning - canned my first jelly this year, and can't wait to do more this year!

The wedding dance - it inspired the wedding dance for Jim and Pam on The Office. (I want to do this at my wedding!)

Movies: (In no particular order...)

(500) Days of Summer
Everybody's Fine
Taking Chance
Up In The Air
Leap Year
Remember Me
Paper Heart
Date Night
Just Wright
These are all new releases of 2010 that I rated 4-5 stars on Netflix and I would totally recommend to anyone.

Bruno Mars
Kings of Convenience (not new, but was introduced to them this year, and love this band.)
Some Katy Perry songs
Lady Antebellum
Justin Bieber - just one song...and yes I'm admitting that I like one of his songs!
Almost all the songs of Glee (particularly their rendition of Teenage Dream by Katy Perry.)

GLEE - heck yeah! I am such a Gleek, and proud of it!!!
How I Met Your Mother
Sarah Palin's Alaska
Keeping Up With The Kardashians
Big Bang Theory
(Yes I realize some of these shows have been around for sometime, but this year I was introduced to all of them, and LOVE them!)

The Help
The Life and Death of Charlie St. Cloud
Eat Pray Love
(Did not like the movies of Charlie St. Cloud/Eat Pray Love, but I loved the books! Also, I did read more books than just three, but those are the only three that really made an impression on me.)

Sweet Basil restaurant in little o'l Cedar City Utah. If you like Thai food then this is the place. Their pork pad Thai is AMAZING!
Trisha Yearwoods stuffed peppers. Did you know she cooks, well her recipes are amazing, and her stuffed peppers are now a new favorite.
Rachel Rays lettuce wraps...making my mouth water just typing about it. HEAVENLY!
New Years Eve party - the dip was so tasty and I could've ate the whole crock pot!

Cream Cheese Rotel Dip Recipe
1 pack cream cheese (8 oz)
1 can Rotel tomatoes
½ pound meat – sausage or hamburger (optional)
Directions: Fry the meat, drain. Combine meat, cream cheese, and Rotel tomatoes. Let cook in crock pot until warm and melted. This makes a very rich and yummy dip. It’s not as pretty as the Velveeta dip which is orange colored. With cream cheese, the dip has kind of a gray color. Just close your eyes and dip away. Rotel Cream Cheese Dip is fabulous.

So those are just a few of my favorite things of the past year. I can't wait to see what becomes my favorite things of 2011. It's so exciting!!!!
Happy New Year!