Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Hello, from the past two months of my life!

Libby loves Chicago.

I am loving life here in the biggest city in the Midwest.

There is so much going on right now that I don't even know where to begin.  I hate that I am behind in my blogging.  It bothers me so much.  I miss this outlet, and I miss reading other peoples blogs.  I just haven't had the time that I thought I would...

Trying to get my priorities straight so that I can actually get back to my blogging ways.  For now, I will just post all the pictures from the last two months and hope that they can tell the story for now.
As I waited to find out where I was going to be based
I spent some time with family over in Moab.
My tour guide, Klinton J. York did a wonderful job of showing
me around his home town.
In complete shock that this would be my
form of transportation.  My first sighting of
it was nerve wracking...now I'm a pro.
Came to Chicago on a quick trip to find an apartment.
The Cubs were playing and we decided - let's
go out to the ball game!
As we were out looking for apartments my two friends
saw "my peeps."  I yelled down the Elders...
we chatted it up, and found out that my now church
was right around the corner.  It was meant to be!
Small in size, but big in stature.  Not your typical Mormon Church.
Had a BBQ with our dear friend Alvin.
Met up with some other friends from class and had dinner
at a Vietnamese restaurant.
Two friends from California came through St. George,
and it just so happened that our schedules matched up.
We went and ate at the fancy Painted Pony.
Had a lovely going away party thrown by my awesome cousin
Anisa.  Had all kinds of good food,
and Chicago style hot dogs.
A water fight almost got started and poor
Anisa got hit right in the face...it was supposed
to be that I got hit.  Poor thing.
My first trip as a Flight Attendant sent me to Eugene, OR.
Beautiful city.  I also got to see a friend, Rashelle who lives there.
Moved to Chicago - started sleeping with a guy...
We all had the day off - so it's time to start exploring
the big city.  Gotta eat some deep dish Chicago
style pizza...so sick of the stuff now.
Enrique and I had the day off and went to spend time in
city.  First thing to happen...bird pooped on him.
I, of course, peed my pants...
The Bean.  Ya gotta see the bean...I've seen the bean
far too many times already.  Still not sick of it!
Hanging out at the Magnificent Mile like I own the place!
The start of hopefully many run ins with friends from afar
at the Chicago O'Hare airport.  Glad I got
to see Erin on her layover home from Italy.

Free concert in the park.  Don't mind if I do.  Best part about
it was the weather, the music, and the new found
love - Goose Island Spicy Ginger Ale.
I got to work with Dena on an overnight trip to Salt Lake City.
We were so excited!!!
Took her on a tour of Temple Square!  She loved it!
Over nighted in Milwaukee, WI.  Beautiful city.
Had some good tasting cheese!
Just another night out on the town with these Hoohas!
Always have to eat sushi when the four of us our together...
That same night the Blackhawks (Chicago Hockey Team)
won the Stanley Cup.  The town turned into a major
riot - a good riot.  Things got CRA CRA!
Took a trip to a free zoo - Lincoln Park Zoo.  Was a long trip
and Enrique fell asleep on the train...
After exploring the zoo we had to eat.  We found
this awesome Peruvian restaurant a few bus stops
away.  My first time eating Peruvian food.

Just before we moved from our hotel there was this
restaurant I had been dying to try almost two miles
walking distance from where we were staying.
The burgers were awesome - dripping in fat!  Can't beat that!
Guess who I happened upon as I sat ready at the airport.
My dear friend Tara.  We spent the whole day just chilling at the
airport.  Wish all my days of just "sitting" could be with her!
Spent the weekend in West Lafayette with family.  I am
so sad they HAVE to move back to Utah.
No airport in West Lafayette, so I had to take a two hour
train ride up to Central Station in downtown Chicago.
 Would take a train any day!
My new found love - fried cheese curds!  Since I fly to WI
all the time - this is a staple found just about everywhere!
Spending the 4th of July in Winnipeg, Canada.  Good thing
I had an awesome crew to spend it with.  Also
met a Minneapolis crew too!
The first officer had me stand by the plane and take pictures.
Was a little bit odd, but I'm glad we took them. 
Got to spend a little time back in Utah for the remainder
of the 4th of July weekend.  Started off with a bang -
falling out of a chair...
Missed my summer days in Cedar eating Tiki Shack sno cones!
Got to see a few friends:  Erin, Lisa, and Auntie Camee.
A rare moment with all the Williams kids.
Got to meet the new addition to the family - precious little Braylee.
Even got to be at the blessing - SCORE!
Also got to see this bugger.
Following the 4th of July my dear Aunt Debbie passed away.
Timing worked in my favor for once, and I was
able to make it home for her funeral.  It was also
a huge blessing that I got to see her the previous weekend.
Just another beautiful day at the O'Hare airport.
Birthday lunch at the White Palace Grill - turning the big 33!
HOLY COW!  Getting old!
Got to play tour guide for Jo Jo's family.
And, we had to take them to The Bean!
I love Filipinos! 
Had another run in at the O'hare airport.  Got to see my dear
friend Tony from Victoria, Canada.  He had a quick layover,
and it just so happened I was picking up my sister.
The sister decided to come stay the weekend with me.
I took her on the Ferris Wheel at Navy Pier.  Rode the
water taxi from the pier to Sears tower, and just walked
all over downtown.
Cousin Libby Sr. showed up and the three of us spent the day
exploring the city.  Had to go to the free zoo.
I've been wanting to eat at restaurants found through the
show "Diners, Drive-inns and Dives."  This is one of them -
Glenn's Diner.  I will so be coming back to this one.
Glenn's Diner has a cereal bar - you can't beat that!
Had to stop by Goose Island Bar for some awesome drinks
during happy hour.  Cream soda, grape, and spicy ginger ale!
Of course we had to see The Bean.
I have been busy, as you can see.  Loving every moment thus far, and I look forward to more adventures here in the big city.  Also looking forward to more family and friends coming to visit.  And, I have major hopes I can get back to my blogging routine.  Wish me luck!