Sunday, August 24, 2014

Well Hello There

Well hello there my fellow blogging peeps!  There has been so much to tell as of lately.  I'm a busy gal, and when I actually have some down time all I want to do is sleep, just a little.  (No, I am not depressed!  I am actually tired!  I like to go, go, go!  Sometimes I have to stop.  Sometimes I need to take some time and sleep.)

I keep having this conversation about blogging.  I keep saying I want to get back into blogging, and by golly I am going to make it a priority.  If anything this is my way to express (however I WANT) my feelings, share my travels (and sharing them to share - NOT TO RUB IT IN ANYONES FACES), keep my Mother Dear happy, and just because I really do love blogging and truly have missed it.

As of recent I have been sick.  Imagine that?  It's what happens when you go, and go, and go.  Your body finally says, "Hey!  You need to stop and rest, so I am giving you this virus to take some time and recuperate."  During my recuperating I decided to create a blog, and an Instagram page to my little addiction...gummy bears.  Haribo brand gummy bears to be precise.  I travel a lot, or try to - ha!  My awesome career has me traveling, and I like to travel on my own time.  I haven't seen much, but I sure have seen a lot.  (Does that even make sense?) Basically I have a lot to see still.  It's hard to find people to travel with, so I figured since I always have a bag of Haribo gummy bears (or other Haribo candies) with me why don't I turn them into my imaginary travel partners.  Granted this all sounds a little absurd.  I'm a grown adult (who is currently on three different medicines to get me back in ship shape order), and should travel with real human beings.  Like I said, two sentences back, it's hard to find people to travel with.  SO, without further adieu, I welcome you to the blog I created for my little imaginary friend Harriet.  Harriet the Haribo.


Yes, I do realize I am in my 30's.