Thursday, October 23, 2008

Why Do I Watch This Stuff??? IT'S SO LAME!!!

As I'm at my parents using their Internet tonight I decide to catch up on "my shows."  Which are, The Hills, The Office, and Grey's Anatomy.  What I'm barking about is the lame show known as The Hills.  Why, oh WHY do I subject myself to this show?  If anyone has even watched it they will know what I mean.  It's about four (rich and spoiled) girls who live in Beverly Hills.  Lauren Conrad is the main girl and I have just about had enough of her and her "friends."  Tonight I had my breaking point - this show is LAME, and it's honestly as Charlize Theron say's, "The Hills is a show about nothing!"  At least with Seinfeld (a show about nothing) IT'S FUNNY!  I can't say that I won't be watching it every Monday night, but a break would be much needed with this lame show!  If you are interested in watching this show go to - ENJOY???  Again...LAME, L-A-M-E!!!!  Totally and 100% lame!  What is it you ask, this show is LAME!  One more time, LAMEOOOOO!

Monday, October 20, 2008

I Finished....

...And FRANKLY, that is all that matters!  Shellie and I decided since we are either crazy, or nuts - who knows, we would do another half marathon.  This "Other Half" in Moab seemed beautiful and scenic, so why not?  Basically that is all it was - scenic!  What a rough 13 miles - hills, heat, and no supporters along the way.  I was in hopes that our alarms wouldn't go off in the morning, but sure enough they did!  Shellie and I decided the night before to drive the route to see what we would be up against.  Well, we drove the wrong route and were surprised in the morning when we rode the buses to the starting line.  We popped our "5 Hour Energy" got to the starting line and began our non timed race - lame!  I had told Shellie I was walking the race, and sure enough I did!  Finished in just over 3 hours, but I met some awesome people along the way and enjoyed the view as I visited with my new running/walking partners.  However, I did run the last mile so it looked like I ran the whole thing - you know it!  Even at the finish line when they were handing out metals I was like, "I still get one even after three hours?"  Sure DO!  I would like to thank our cheer squad:  Jessie, Lucas, and Legacy.  Thanks for hanging out at the end to watch us run through the finish line - you are the real troopers here!

Another Road Trip...I Must be CRAZY

Ya all know I'm don't need to tell me!  I decided I missed the road so much that Jessie and I would make another long road trip over to Moab for "The Other Half" this past weekend.  It was great fun!  Couldn't have asked for better weather, one problem, IT WAS HOT!!!  I've been freezing in Alaska and thought it would be cold here too...not so much.  We left Friday morning and went the scenic route to Moab...Through Bryce Canyon, Boulder Mountain, Capitol Reef, and then into Arches.  All in two days!  We ended up camping in Torrey, right outside Capitol Reef, did some hikes along the way and then met up with Lucas, Shellie, and Legacy.  Hung out in cute little Moab and tried to sike ourselves up for this half marathon...

Monday, October 13, 2008

Out of the Blue

As I'm just chilling for the next two weeks until I go on my cruise I got a phone call today.  Guess who?  Noel!  Noel was traveling through Southern Utah and gave me a ring - on the phone, not a ring that you wear!  I was able to meet him and Shawnee one of my other coworkers from the train in Springdale.  It was so good to see them both, and kind of random.  We had lunch/dinner at Zion's Pizza and Noodle.  Tasty, tasty.  It was fun to catch up, and sad as always to say goodbye I have no doubt our paths will cross again, but until then it was a fun moment in my days of waiting until I leave for Hawaii.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Okay, so I SO want to make these cookies that I found on one of my favorite BLOGS EVER! You have to go to this Blog: I love this blog; of course along with The Pioneer Woman Cooks (See my blog list for some great cooking blogs.) Anyhow, I will make these cookies before the pumpkin season is over...or before I go to Hawaii. Did you know I'm going to Hawaii...Oh, ha ha...I AM!!! Any how, back to baking...check out this yummy, cute, flavorful (or so I can imagine...) cookie recipe for the Fall Holiday Season. Happy Haunting!!! Happy Harvest! Happy HALLOWEEN...BOoOoooOhahaha!!!

Recipe: Pumpkin Spice Blossoms - Enjoy!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Lucky 8...I LOVE TAGS!!!!

8 TV Shows That I Love to Watch
1.  One Tree Hill (Thanks to Summer...WHY???)
2.  The Office
3.  The Hills
4.  Grey's Anatomy
5.  Seinfeld
6.  Little People Big World
7.  John and Kate plus 8
8.  L.A. Ink

8 Favorite Restaurants
1.  Honolulu Grill
2.  Jimmy John's
3.  Pasta Factory
4.  Cheesecake Factory
5.  Glacier Brewhouse
6.  Applebees
7.  Red Lobster
8.  Jamba Juice

8 Things That Happened Yesterday
1.  Finished unpacking from Alaska.
2.  Got in a fight with my Mom.
3.  Slept until noon.
4.  Got in a fight with Cash.
5.  Clogged up the bathtub.
6.  Talked to a plumber.
7.  Sat in my car for an hour to charge my phone???
8.  Watched several episodes of season one of "One Tree Hill".

8 Things I'm Looking Forward To
1.  Going to Hawaii!!!
2.  Being out of debt.
3.  Finishing School...when...SOME DAY!
4.  Finding a job - actually just having a flow of money!
5.  Getting my hair cut and colored to look all pretty!
6.  Going to Moab - camping and running!
7.  Twilight the movie!
8.  Finishing "Breaking FREAKING Dawn"!!!

8 Things on My Wish List
1.  Having a steady flow of MONEY!!!
2.  Have health insurance.
3.  Finish School.
4.  Lose some Alaska weight...and probably still mission weight...
5.  Have a home cooked meal!
6.  Find me a real Edward!
7.  Finish "BREAKING DAWN" already!
8.  A new car!  Why not???

Monday, October 6, 2008

The Rest of My Trip

After the beautiful drive down the Oregon Coast we camped and ended up in the Redwoods of California.  Drove through beautiful wine country to stay the night in Windsor.  We met up with Audra's friend Tiffany who became our tour guide of San Francisco.  We spent the whole day in San Fran.  I now have this desire to move there...we'll see about that.  The next day it was up and on to the Oakland Temple.  This temple has a visitor center so we spent some time in there with the Sister Missionaries to have a tour.  I did a sealing session and then it was on the road.  We ended up in Tracy, California to stay the night with the next morning to get my oil changed and car cleaned.  Then it was off to Yosemite with horrible freezing weather.  After getting over the big mountain range we drove on into Death Valley - Valley of Death, I like to call it.  Boy how the weather changed drastically.  I was sweating to death the morning we woke up camping.  Then strangely into Armagosa Valley where my dear friend Holly lives.  We had lunch at the local Podunk casino and then headed for Sunny St. George.  I was ever so happy to be at the end.  Ivins has never looked so beautiful!!!  It was a great trip and I am SO glad for the opportunity, but for two weeks living out of a can get old after a while.  Give me a year and I'll want to do it again!