Monday, July 18, 2011

It Ain't Easy Turning 29 Again

It's official, today July 18, 2011 marks the day of my birth 31 years ago.  (Am I doing the math right...maybe it's only been 29 years down...)  My Mother lay up in the hospital in downtown St. George, Utah.  Within minutes, okay maybe a few hours I popped out of her like a jack pops out of a box! Big eyed and bushy tailed I came a screaming into this world, and believe me, I plan on screaming on the way out!

It has been a roller coaster of a life I have lead, 30 years has allowed me to see and do much.  I sure as heck haven't seen and done it all yet, and believe me, I am not ready to go a screaming yet!!!

Tim McGraw sings, 
"I think I'll take a moment, celebrate my age
The ending of an era and the turning of a page
Now it's time to focus in on where I go from here
Lord have mercy on my next thirty years"

My Past 30 Years
1.  Grew up (and still growing) in a wonderful family with a loving Mommy and Daddy - with pretty good siblings too, I have my parents to thank for producing a wild bunch.
2.  Met, have, acquired, and grateful for many, many, many dear sweet friends who SERIOUSLY complete my life!!!
3.  Developed, and STILL developing many, I have learned how to decorate a cake, play the piano and guitar, cook, sew, crochet, picked up knitting (hate it), public speaking, gardening, blogging, etc.
4.  Traveled a lot, for me, but I still have a lot more traveling to do!
5.  Left the United States a couple of times, and still need to leave it a couple more times.
6.  Seen 27 out of the 50 States, and by golly I hope to see them all!!! (I'm a little more than half way there...)
7.  Worked and lived in Alaska - one of the main goals on my list "to do" in this lifetime.
8.  Served a mission for the LDS Church - loved every hard moment of it!
9.  Read a lot of AWESOME books, and watched a lot of AWESOME movies.  (Yes I still love Netflix, it was bound to happen - we made peace and life can roll on!)
10.  Have had a broken heart a couple of times, I guess, but I'm glad I have!  Only one regret, and he's married now, oh well he wasn't for me!
11.  Worked many, many, many jobs - feel very well rounded.  Tour guiding was my favorite!
12.  Graduated from a junior college with my associates degree.  At the time it was just "Dixie College."
13.  PLANNING ON, AND WILL GRADUATE a University with my bachelors degree in FCS Education in May 2012!!!  Bout FREAKING TIME!!!
14.  Am completely self sufficient (as self sufficient as a college student can be) and learned how to budget.  
15.  I know how to bake brownies from scratch!
16.  Went skinny dipping - see here!
17.  Tried, cooked, and have ate many wonderful and yummy things!
18.  Ran a half marathon - maybe one day I'll do a full marathon.  MAYBE!
19.  Sufficiently been humbled - numerous times, and yet, I still get humbled today! 
20.  Had a "booty call," mormon/christian style...won't go into to detail - email me if you would like the details.  It was clean - don't be thinking things - sheesh!
booty call
noun informal
a *Christian "Make-out" invitation or rendezvous.
   • a person regarded for this to him, I was just a booty call.
    ORIGIN 1990s: from booty (slang for ‘buttocks’ ) and call.

*words have been changed.
21.  Visited almost all the National Parks - still have a few more to go.
22.  Made a fool out of myself more times then I can remember.  A couple of examples, see here, and here!
23.  I Have experience many struggles and trials that have only made me stronger.
24.  Developed a "Plan B" - that leads me to where I am now, I guess?
25.  Lived through many funny and disastrous blind dates - you know I'm always up for free meals!  (I actually don't say that anymore...I'm trying to mature - comes with age I suppose!)
26.  Cultivated my own personal style - comfortable, casual, and kind of classy - I own lot's of argyle.
27.  Had my fortune told at age 18 in Balboa Park (San Diego).  She said I would marry later in life and have three kids.  She just might be right, except I want more than three kiddos?
28.  Grew a garden from scratch - it has taught me a lot.
29.  Dyed my hair an outrageous color - well it was outrageous for me - dark reddish brown.  I am definitely a blond, and should always be.
That's me in the was a late night with roomies?
You have no words right?
(This is my real hair - not a wig!)
 AND...............Lastly, but not leastly...
30.  I officially drink soy milk.  Vanilla is quite tasty!

"Hey my next thirty years I'm gonna have some fun
Try to forget about all the crazy things I've done
Maybe now I've conquered all my adolescent fears
And I'll do it better in my next thirty years."

Here's to some great years ahead.  I'm going to shoot for that thing where you find a man and make them your husband.  We'll probably be stay tuned!  

HaPpY BiRtHdAy LiB-dAwG!!!

Friday, July 8, 2011

I Could've Found Love on The River...Possibly 4 Times???

To all my fans:  Sorry for the delay in blogging.  That stupid class I despise so much, CHEMISTRY, is taking all my stinking summer time, so I never get to blog.  And, I never get to watch Netflix.  Oh life stinks!  On a happy note, me and chemistry are doing well and this is going to be the last you will ever hear about my chemistry class because I am passing the class with flying colors!!!  Dearest fans, thank you for being patient.  Now sit back and enjoy the rest of the show.

I just did another totally awesome river trip down Deso Canyon (Desolation Canyon, Green River, in Utah).

I have decided in my search for a man - (which is becoming quite the search) this man I marry needs to be a true blue "river rat."  What is a "river rat?"  Found on this website, I think this dude explains it the best, on his definition of what a "river rat" is:   "What’s a river rat? 'River rat' is a moniker that some river paddlers have given themselves. It is a term of affection and best describes the sometimes grubby, relaxed and always fun nature of paddling on moving water. In most paddling circles, being identified as a river rat is like a badge of honor. The term river rat also describes the anonymous and down to earth nature of the paddling clan. You can be a high powered executive, blue collar worker or a struggling college student, but once on the water, pretenses are left behind and magically we are transformed into fun-loving, happy-go-lucky river rats!"

Why do I need a "river rat" because I have become one.  First order of business in the search for a man - when I find this type of man ("river rat") he can only see me transformed into a "river rat" after he has popped the question, or we are legally and loftily wedded.  Why do I say this...because when I am on the river all my dainty women stuff and acting that I portray (at times) gets thrown down the river.  I then get transformed into a smelly, grungy, hair like Medusa, along with hairy armpits, and just a plain wet mess.  A wet mess in a good way.  I wear the same clothes for days on end (but change the underwear cause that I can't handle), use the bathroom behind a bush and on a groover (army can with a toilet seat stuck on top), or I use the bathroom in my pants in the river - seriously I'm admitting this - it's how you roll on the river yo's!  I also pack down food like it's the last meal I'm eat'n, and lastly, when I happen upon a handsome "river rat" out on the river/campsite I forget about all that stuff I just mentioned and try to get my flirt on.  I mean really, who am I kidding, finding a man for me is truly going to be a lost cause when I'm sporting this "river rat" look!
How can I be looking this hot and be passed up by another River Rat???
This is why I normally wear makeup...
With all that said I had 4 possible opportunities on the river to find true love.  However, I obviously didn't know how to work it.

Possibility one.  Our first night of arriving at our launching point, of Sand Wash, we arrive to an over flooded beach, with stagnate water, and mosquitoes eating us alive.  We unload the equipment and begin setting up the rafts.  Within minutes of unloading, this tall, dark, and handsome ranger (who I guessed was probably 28) arrives to welcome us, and check us in for our departure the following morning.  I find myself glued to this young man.  Wow - he's a catch, I think.  So, after staring for some time I decide to get myself closer and try to talk to him like I am a veteran "river rat."  I do okay in faking it, but I soon get nervous and end the conversation.  I get back to unloading when the young, rugged, yet handsome ranger comes back again.  I later find out that he made several stops back that evening wanting to try to hook it up with me.  Nah - that's just what my Uncle's friend Kevin said later on as we were floating down the river.  Why wasn't he giving me pointers in the moment - seriously I could've got this guy's email at least.  I could've exchanged emails then tell information about the river at the end of our float trip.  I would then email him the status of the river.  That email then could've turned into a online romance, or something of the sort...Next time I'll know better?!?!?!

Possibility two.  As we are floating down the river stopping to see all the sights we happen upon a river group taking teenagers down the river.  On one of the scenic hikes to Native American Petroglyph's I scanned the teens when I found me a handsome young guide working the group.  He smiled and my heart skipped a beat.  Gosh, this guy is a cutie living out on the river.  I even think he might have been what they call LDS.  Just because he had that stupid "Returned Missionary" talk to him.  You know the "talk" that these missionaries bring home with them, where they have all these obnoxious pauses - some of you know what I'm saying.  (Side note:  they do not teach you to pause obnoxiously in the MTC!!!!)  I made sure to get some practice in with this dude and chatted it up with him.  Lucky me I saw him again at another hike/sight.  Basically, all "possibility two" was for me, was practice, but there is nothing wrong with practicing my river talk/flirt!

Possibility three.  Oh, possibility number three was interesting.  On our last night of camping at Nefertiti we happened to camp next to a group of people who knew how to have a good time using that stuff called beer and other hard liquor.  As soon as camp was set up I was helping to prepare dinner like I always do.  When three, VERY rugged men come to our camp to greet us, with beverages (sad for them since we are a “dry” camp).  I watched from our kitchen area as the two shirtless and one shirt man are chatting it up with a few of the folk in our camp.  I am completely jealous – I should be talking to them!  I so want to be over there trying to talk “river” with them.  I finish up what I’m doing and pass my cooking assignment over to someone else and make my way over to the epitome of “river rats” and get my river talk on baby!  These dudes were GNARLY!  All from Colorado (which is where I am currently wanting to move), and they were all veteran river runners.  Oh this is just perfect I think.  After about 45 minutes of talking and watching them I send them on their way.  (I was hungry and dinner was ready, and they had a hike they wanted to do.)  That night I laid awake thinking of my future “river rat” and wondering if one of those river dudes were going to sneak over to my tent.  No such luck.  As timing has a way with me, the next morning I had another opportunity to try to get my groove on with these river guides.  However, my Sis came along and stole my chance.  She literally slipped right under me and took a butt grabbing from me.  How RUDE!
My Sister - the future river guide! Don't you think she
would make a good female river guide?
Take a moment to vote - see side bar!
Possibility 4.  Can I just say my Uncle Ron's friend Kevin is a huge prankster and I will never be able to trust him again!  We leave the shore and head for home, four girls packed into a truck with Kevin (my Uncle's friend).  We are about an hour out of Green River when it's time for a potty break - that's what you get when traveling with four girls (me, Stephanie, Sister - Jessie, and Brother's Girlfriend Kali).  We stop at a rest stop and all get out to stretch and walk around.  Kevin let's us ladies take our time.  We finally get in the car when Kevin hands me a piece of paper with a phone number scratched on it.  I say to him, "What is this?"  He say's, "Some guy just asked if I was your Grandpa."  I immediately break out laughing hysterically cause Kevin is only old enough to be my Dad, not Grandpa.  When I get composure of myself I say, "Why did he ask you that?"  He says, "The guy asked if I was the blonde's Grandpa and if I could give you this piece of paper."  I open the piece of paper to find a phone number.  I don't know what to do.  I later on decided to text the number, and to know avail I never get a text back.  Sad, huh?  Let's move forward two weeks later now.  I am on the phone with a Doctors office in St. George.  I call to make an appointment with a dermatologist because I recently feel I may or may not have skin cancer.  I call my dermatologist and talk with the receptionist to make an appointment.  They ask my name, I say, "Liberty Williams" when the voice on the other end say's, "IS THIS LIBBY!"  "Yes," I say confused.  The other end of the line say's, "Libby, this is Janice Kirkham."  (She is a dear neighbor of my Aunt and Uncle, and she knows Kevin very well.)  She ask how the latest river trip was, and then asks me if I got to meet Mr. Kevin Lee.  I said, "HECK YES!"  One thing leads to another and I tell her of my receiving a phone number.  She starts laughing and say's, "Libby, don't you ever believe a word that comes out of Kevin Lee's mouth!"  What!  I know right, so I guess I didn't really get some guy's number - it was made up?  Turns out that Kevin is quite the prankster, and well, as most of you know, I'm just about as gullible as they come!  
The prankster Kevin Lee - how do I end up with these people who end up
getting me and making me believe their antics???
This trip did not produce a man for me, let a lone a RIVER RAT, but I know I always have next summer to try again on the river of LOVE!  He's out there, we just haven't had the chance to be on the right river at the right time.  Wouldn't it be radical if we meet on a river where we flip the raft and he happens to be right there in time just to sweep me up into his arms.  A girl can dream, a girl can dream.

If you would like to read more and see even more pictures about our trip go to my Sister's blog.  I also want to put in a plug for my cousin's totally awesome river rafting blog, Paddle Oar Die Rafting - go check it out!