Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

The best part about this Thanksgiving was having an ice cold beer!  Hahaha - an ice cold Ale-8.  I love drinking from a bottle!  It was great to have what family is here together for the holiday.  Flint was missed, but we know that where he is at is a good place right now.  We got to talk to him on the phone and it sounds like he is doing really well, and improving.  We'll just keep praying and hope for the best with him.  I made my famous pecan pie and it didn't even last more than two days!  I tried a new pie this year - a chocolate pie, and oh my goodness was it divine!!!  Very rich, but it came in second with desserts.
Going, going, going, and gone!!!  It's just that good!!!

Well, I loved having Thanksgiving at my place because that means I get all the leftovers!  Yeah Buddy!!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I LOVED IT, I LOVED IT, I LOVED IT!  I want to own it, own it, own it.  I think I will stop, stop, stop with all this three words at a time thing - just totally excited here...Okay, I went and saw Twilight, and I absolutely loved it.  However, Jessie, if they make sequels which they totally will, I am not going to watch all the "making of" on YouTube like you made me watch with Twilight.  
I ended up going with two of my favorite gals, Holly and Pam in Provo.  We went to a matinee and it was so nice because the theater wasn't very crowded, until we came out and there was a line for the next showing.  The sad thing was that Holly and I went crazy when Edward came on screen and the rest of the audience didn't get as excited as we did - there was gasping, screaming, and clapping coming from us!!!  Oh Edward is divine!

What I LOVED:  I loved all the characters in the movie - they portrayed everyone perfectly, in my opinion.  Edward was beautiful!!!!  Hollywood sure can beautify and create!  Also, Jacob is really cute - I'm kind of turning "Team Jacob"...  I loved the baseball game - so awesome with the affects and music.  My most favorite scene was the fight scene and Bella's character was really believable in this scene.  My final favorite scene was the kiss - OH MY GOSH THAT IS THE BEST KISS since the movie Some Kind of Wonderful!!!  
What I did not love:  I didn't like the meadow scene, that is not how it went down in my head!  I had to laugh at that scene  because of Edward and his diamond like body...not so diamond like.  The other thing I didn't love was how short the movie was compared to the book, but that was a given, you can't put everything in the book into a two hour movie.

All and all it was so perfect in my eyes, and met most of my expectations.  I can't wait to see it again.  In fact, Jessie, my mom, and I are going Friday, so if anyone wants to join us give me a call.  I LOVE TWILIGHT EVEN MORE!   

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Why I Love Netflix, and my Weirdie Movies

I'm a Netflix member, and have recently rented some awesome movies!!!  I wanted to put them out there for you all, and maybe you'll like them as much as I did.  First, and foremost I LOVE NETFLIX.  Whoever invented this program/company is a smart person, and rolling in the money as we speak.  I am on the $9.99 a month program and get unlimited movies through the month.  I probably average about 6-8 movies a month.  Some are new releases, but most are TV series.  As I've been gone a lot traveling my brother Cash has taken advantage and has rented some movies why I've been gone.  He had nothing but good to say about it.  He said the movies came quick, and it was fun to get the mail for a change!  It is exciting to get the mail when you have Netflix.  Basically, if you are not a member take my word and join.  You won't be disappointed!  

Okay!  My movie recommendations in the last couple of months are:
Lars, and the Real GirlThe Waitress, Mad Money, and Henry Poole was Here.  All are touching movies, and all are movies that you can walk away with that "feel good" feeling - possibly the spirit, maybe I'm going to far...However, rent these flicks.  Also, if anyone is wondering what DVDs to get me for Christmas here's your answer!!!  (I also would like Little Miss Sunshine, and What's Eating Gilbert Grape - you should rent those oldies on Netflix also, great movies!)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Lessons Learned in Hawaii

Lessons learned in Hawaii translates into what not to do when you're in Hawaii - learn from my mistakes and you'll be just fine when you flit off to this tropical state:  PARADISE!

Know that you don't always get "leied" when visiting the state.  I never got "leied" when I was there!!!  Not once I tell you!

Yes, the tropical fish that you snorkel with do swim in SALT water, not fresh water???  

When ordering Halibut (one who has spent many summers in Alaska...) do know that it is a WHITE fish and that you should not be surprised when it comes to the table and you wonder why on earth this SALMON you ordered is so WHITE???  You ordered Halibut BLONDIE - not SALMON!!!  Salmon wasn't even on the menu!!!

When being chased by a sea turtle (a huge one, mind you) do not scream SHARK!!!  Especially when there are LOT'S of people around...I didn't yell shark, but I screamed long and loud enough that people thought there was something more than a friendly sea turtle.  

When the boat has a designated time that it is leaving, say 5:00pm sharp that does not mean you can be back at a quarter to five.  That means the boat is sailing away at 5:00pm and you better pray you can jump from the dock onto the stairs that are being pulled away.  Basically we damn near missed the boat in Kauai - I almost became a resident of the island.

Lastly, when applying sunscreen make sure you get it EVERYWHERE...There is nothing like a sunburn that looks like you are wearing white panties...the sad thing is you can even see my new "pantie line" through my g's - who's looking!?!?  

Now if you follow my rules you should be able to have a safe, and enjoyable time in Hawaii.  But who say's this doesn't at least make for a good laugh?  Enjoy, and Aloha!!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Big Slide, Real Big Slide!

Hanging out with the Klein's in Cali is so FUN!  Audra's sister and brother in law are always so kind to let us kick it at their place when we go to Cali.  We hung out with them before and after our trip to Hawaii.  As we were hanging out they took us to a near by park.  I fell in love with this park - it was amazing.  The best part about the park is that it has a real big slide!  I mean really big!  Bigger than any slide at a park that I have ever seen with my very own two eyes.  Okay, okay, you get the picture!  Thanks for letting us stay with you Dan, Lisa, Reed, Ashley, Emily, and cute little one, Heidi!

Cruise Ship Cabin Fever

This is what happens after being on a cruise ship for FOURTEEN DAYS...F-O-U-R-T-E-E-N DAYS.  Cabin fever...ever see that Steven King movie The Shining...

All is good, but fourteen days is really, really, really long for a cruise.  I must be crazy cause I'm taking another one in two weeks to the Panama Canal with some friends from Alaska.  I'm crazy, just crazy I tell you!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Okay so I went to the Dole Pineapple farm - which some friends of mine said it was "dull", and it was, sort of.  However, they had this pineapple ice cream that makes my mouth water just typing about it!
The snow cones, or "shaved ice" as they call it there is AMAZING!!!  Underneath that shaved ice is a scoop of vanilla ice cream!!!  That is probably the biggest reason as to why I want to move to Hawaii.
Waimea Canyon was like the Grand Canyon of Hawaii - amazing, but a long drive to get there.The Hawaii Temple - beautiful, as are all temples.Pearl Harbor - it made me cry.  The North Shore of Oahu was amazing, and it was fun to play in the waves and watch the sunset in Hawaii.  I drank coconut milk right from a real live coconut...I know, I'm a Co - co - NUT!!!  By the way that juice went right through me!  Not that you all care to know that...There is a lot of juice in that co - co - nut...I kept sucking and it just kept coming!  We went to the Volcano National Park, and saw a volcano erupting, and blowing smoke.  Hot air...if you know what I mean?  I felt right at home with this sign...I should have a sign like that to put in my bathroom.Us gals hanging out at the one and only famous Waikiki Beach.  One of the many waterfalls that we saw on the Islands...notice my hair - totally humid there, it became pointless to wear makeup and even do my hair!  In fact the day we were on Maui I got hit on by this guy (who wasn't bad looking...) working in the surf shop!  Believe me, I was not looking my best, and he was all about hooking up with me?  I was burnt red, my hair was salt water wet, and to top it off I had no makeup on!  Not a pretty sight, but he was ready to get on the cruise ship with me and come back to Utah - no thank you!!!I LOVE HAWAII - FIRST MILLION I MAKE I WILL BE MOVING TO MAUI - WOWIE (or would you spell it Waui???)!!!  Actually my favorite island was Oahu (Honolulu).  There sure wasn't enough time to play on each island, but what time was had was used wisely, and was totally 100% FUN, FUN, FUN!!!