Saturday, November 15, 2008

Big Slide, Real Big Slide!

Hanging out with the Klein's in Cali is so FUN!  Audra's sister and brother in law are always so kind to let us kick it at their place when we go to Cali.  We hung out with them before and after our trip to Hawaii.  As we were hanging out they took us to a near by park.  I fell in love with this park - it was amazing.  The best part about the park is that it has a real big slide!  I mean really big!  Bigger than any slide at a park that I have ever seen with my very own two eyes.  Okay, okay, you get the picture!  Thanks for letting us stay with you Dan, Lisa, Reed, Ashley, Emily, and cute little one, Heidi!

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Libby Sproat said...

That is definitely a really long slide for a park. Looks like lots of fun! Slides have gotten so much better since I was a kid.