Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Another Half Marathon

I'm just now getting around to it, I know, I know. Two weekends ago Shellie and I ran our third 1/2 Marathon. I feel like it might be my last, but my thoughts are always changing. It was so fun to go to Salt Lake and hang with the extended family, eat out, and even get set up on a blind date...wouldn't you like to know more about the blind date... Friday we arrived and picked up our packets at the SLC Convention Center. Shellie and I got dropped off and were going to make our "pick up" quick; Cash was hungry, and impatient. On our way out of the Convention Center I saw two really tall men in black shirts. One of them turned sideways and all of a sudden I went, "HEEEEEY?" The two men turned around and were wearing black "Biggest Loser" shirts. It was like, my first celebrity sighting EVER! We visited with them for a moment, and then walked out to find our ride. As we walked outside I wished that I had my camera, (that is BROKEN) Shellie then said she had one, so we ran back in and snapped a photo with them. Turns out they were running the 1/2 Marathon, and Shellie was lucky enough to run, pass, and leave the one "Biggest Loser" in the dust. Me, yeah, I saw them at the finish line.
Here's a little bit of fun tidbit - those two, super nice, "Biggest Losers" are MORMON! Here's a link to the article about them running in the 1/2 Marathon:

Well, another 1/2 Marathon to put under my belt. I'm sure I'll be doing it again next year!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Who Needs Princess Tours!

Who needs to tour guide in Alaska - I just got a new seasonal job. I got hired on to work as part of the Flower Crew at SUU. How cool is that. I start May 4, 2009 at 6:00am. I will be planting flowers, running power equipment, cleaning sidewalks, pulling weeds, and of course watering. Or as my sister likes to say - "Get'n Dirty!" The job is 40 hours a week, working 6:00am to 2:30pm. I'm so excited, and so glad that I was able to find a job to earn some money over the summer.

So, who needs Princess? By the way, if any of you were interested in knowing about the whole Princess ordeal, it's done. Well Folks, I'm trying to let it go. I'm not going to write a letter because it won't do me any good, in any way. I've come to realize that part of the reason we were sent to earth was to hurt people and be hurt, and that is why we get to learn the great principle of repentance and forgiveness. Yeah, getting kind of spiritual right now? Also, not forgiving always leads to the most unfavorable character known as, PRIDE. We don't want pride, pride is bad. As President Ezra Taft Benson once said, and has so famously been a huge topic of discussion in the Mormon Religion, "Beware of Pride." Did you know that pride is a form of not forgiving another who has wronged you. You probably did, because you all seem one step ahead of me! With that said - I'M TRYING PEOPLE, I'M TRYING...I'm going to let this go, and I promise - you will not be hearing anymore about Princess, at least in a negative way!

Did I tell you I GOT A NEW JOB FOR THE SUMMER, I GOT A NEW JOB FOR THE SUMMER...Planting flowers - Yeah Buddy!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

He Made a Move...

Okay, Okay, Okay! I just am floating...Life is grand - right now, today! You know how my mood changes...but today is FANTABULOUS! First thing this morning I had an interview for a job (summer job - working the flower crew on SUU campus) that went fantastic! After the job interview I went to my social dance class. My friend (Camile) in the class and I ended up being alone today. We were okay with that because we just love to chat. However, my teacher saw us two wallflowers and made us come dance with him. Camile knows that I have a little crush on him and let me have the opportunity. OH MY GOSH it was so intimidating - he is a FABULOUS dancer, and I wouldn't mind being his dance partner for eternity - if you get my drift! The whole time we danced the waltz all I did was look at our feet, the entire time. The one time I get to be embraced in his arms, and I LOOK AT HIS FEET!!! What the... Anyhow, he was great to dance with, and towards the very end of our dance together I finally was able to form words, that formed sentences, that formed some sort of conversation. Do you want to know what we talked about? Yes, of course, you are dying to know...I asked, "So, how long have you been dancing?" He said, "Just a year." I said, "What? You can't be serious." Then with a flirty smile, did you read that, F-L-I-R-I-T-Y SMILE, he said, "No, it's been ten years." That was all, that is what I have to hold on to until class on Monday. Okay, Okay, Okay, so next Wednesday for our final we have to attend a dance at the University - he will be there, and I will get myself all dolled up for him - I mean the dance! I can only hope that he will take pity on me and ask me to dance. Keep your fingers crossed! Ooh the things that make my day???

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Peanut Butter Pie - OH MY!

While living in Alaska I fell in love with a pie, known as Peanut Butter Pie, from Glacier Brewhouse. With the thoughts of not going back I made sure that before I left Alaska this past year I would come home with a recipe of the pie. Sure enough with friends help and a lot of searching we found a recipe that is almost identical to this desirable pie. Last weekend my sister came and stayed with me, and for a fun activity we decided to make the pie. It was a little bit time consuming, but WELL WORTH IT IN THE END! I'm so excited to have a piece of Alaska right here in small little Kanarraville! MMMM - it was tasty, my mom especially loved it. Uh oh, that means I'm going to have to start making this pie for family functions...
I even got Cash to eat a slice, and he loved it, however he only had one slice because he said it was EXTREMELY RICH! is, but that is why it's so DANG GOOD!

Peanut Butter Pie
1 1/2 Cup crushed chocolate cookies
1 Cup peanut butter
1/4 Pound cream cheese
3/4 Cup powdered sugar
2 T. Milk
2 T. Chopped peanuts (optional - I didn't use them)
2 2/3 Cups heavy cream, divided
6 Ounces semi-sweet chocolate, chopped

Heat oven to 350F. In a mixing bowl, combine the cookie crumbs with 1/4 cup of the peanut butter. Combine the mixture thoroughly and press into a 9" spring-form pan (since I lost mine in a move some where I just used a regular pie dish - worked wonderful!). Bake the crust 8-10 minutes.

In an electric mixer with a whip attachment, whip the cream cheese and sugar until smooth. Add the remaining peanut butter, milk, and nuts. Whip for 1 minute. Turn the peanut butter mixture into a mixing bowl. Whip 2 cups of the heavy cram and fold into the peanut butter mixture.

Pour the filling into the prepared crust and refrigerate for 2 hours or until the pie is set.

In a saucepan, over medium heat, melt the chocolate with the remaining cream, stirring constantly, until the chocolate is completely melted. Remove from the heat, and cool for 2 minutes, stirring constantly. Remove the pie from the spring-form pan and place on a wire rack over a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Pour the chocolate topping over the pie, covering the top and sides completely. Refrigerate the pie for 2 hours or until the chocolate coating is set.

Best if you can let it set up overnight. My own preference.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Goodreads Website

I have been a member of Goodreads now for a year, my cousin Sally introduced me last year. Well, a year later, I finally went online and really delved into it. I think I'm going to LOVE this website, and will probably spend a lot of time on there. Those of you out there in cyber land, who like to read, this is the website for you. I have already spent an hour on the website looking up books I have read, and books that I want to read. I don't have that many, as of now, but I see the numbers going up. Check it out if you like to read, and add me as a friend so I can see what you are reading. Let the fun begin: