Thursday, March 26, 2009

I Just Can't Seem to Let it Go

Possibly by posting this blog I hope to find a little bit of relief, however, I think that I just need to get over this situation and move on. I can't seem to let this silly situation go.

Over the summer as I worked as a Tour Guide for Princess Rail a tiny situation happened that I was involved in. About a month before the train season was over I happened to get into this situation. This is what happened, we had just ended a tour of ten hours and had dropped off all the passengers. We still had to ride the train about 45 minutes to our "drop off" station where we, workers, would get off the train and stay the night in Denali National Park. Until we got off the train we would do our closing duties and then just chill until it was time for us to get off the train. On this particular day I wanted to go out on the caboose as we traveled through this very scenic and beautiful canyon. The colors were changing and I thought I could get some awesome photo's. As I was out taking some pictures a group of my co-workers came out to the same platform that I was on. Being on the caboose a lot of stuff could go on back there and nobody would know. In my case this group of co-workers came out to pass a bong of marijuana around. At first when they saw me out there they were skeptical, yet they just brushed it off. I, of course, voiced my opinion to these IDIOTS that they were not supposed to be doing this. I said, "Can't you wait fifteen more minutes until we are at our hotel?" Not that it's legal at the hotel, but it should definitely not be allowed at, or on work hours. They just brushed me off saying, "Libby, we can't smoke this at the hotel?" I then of course said, "Oh, and it's OKAY to smoke it on here?" I then turned and walked out. I tried not to let it get to me - it's their choice.

The next day is where I get caught up into the event even more. That morning we picked up our passengers to take them on their ten hour tour to the cruise ship. I had traded another tour guide for her bartender. This particular bartender and I had a great time working together, and we had a blast with the passengers. On arriving to the cruise ship we would go through a two mile tunnel. I would tell passengers that a favorite past time of mine was to yell as we would go through. My bartender and I decided to go down and show the passengers how it was done, we were down yelling for maybe 30 seconds. As we were getting ready to go back upstairs my "On Board Manager" caught us and ripped into me. He was not happy about what I had just done. My first priority was to go up and give closing instructions to the passengers, immediately when I finished I went back down to talk to my manager. He was TICKED, he just lent into me. Granted he had asked me before not to yell. I had told him that the passengers enjoy it, and I don't see anything wrong with it. Yes, I can see how he is the manager and he asked me not to do something, yet I still went and did it. I am at fault, I will admit that. But, he was unprofessional at yelling at me in front of a few of my fellow co-workers, so I decided to fight back, in doing so I apparently hit below the belt. I said, "You can sit here and yell at me for yelling off the platform so that I can get laughs from the passengers, but you let pot smoking and drinking on the job go on, on a daily basis!" He became furious! I was like - eat that!!! For the remainder of our shift he was short with all the other co-workers and very unyielding. When we finally got on our bus to drive back to Anchorage my manager got on the microphone on the bus to talk to all of us. He said, and not very professionally in my opinion, "It has been brought to my attention that a few of you have been smoking pot (he smokes pot himself, but is a tiny bit better, not doing it on the job - I know this because I have been at a BBQ with him and others, and watched as they passed the pipe around) if I hear, or catch any of you doing this then I will have to let the office know and they will have to let you go." Of course, after that was said, all eyes shot to me. I became MAD - that is not how the situation should have gone down. Immediately after returning to Anchorage I left the rail yard and had three days off. During those three days I continued to fume about the situation. My manager had tried to call me to let me know that he informed the office of the situation. I wasn't about to talk to him. I knew we only had a few more weeks left and I would just try to be a duck and let the situation roll off my back like water. Can I just say it was really hard for me, and obviously continues to be hard for me!

I finished the season, my Manager and I made amends, basically just to get us through the rest of our time together. Before the end of the season, and before this situation even happened I had made the decision that I didn't want to come back. I also knew from the previous summer that this tour guide gig would only be a two year thing. I wanted to do it a second year because I had the goal of driving to Alaska, and I wanted to put all the information/learning to use that I had learned the previous summer as a tour guide. HOWEVER, the thing that I am most upset about is that I found out a few months back that I am no longer hireable to work on the trains in any position. I don't know what got put into my managers report the day the pot smoking went on, but whatever was said was enough not to hire me back. It hurts my feelings because I was a good worker, I loved my job, and never drank or smoked pot on the job, nor have I ever! I am finding out more and more all these people who are going back to work for the summer and am appalled because it's my pot smoking co-workers. This just does not seem fair, and it leaves me with feelings that I just can't seem to let it go.

Part of me wants to write a letter to the corporate offices explaining what happened, what is going on during work hours, and basically my side of the story. The other part of me tells me that I should just let it go since I had made the decision that this gig was only a two year thing. I don't know what to do. Some day's I don't even think about it, and other days it is on my mind all day and it makes me upset and frustrated. I don't know what to do. Please vote, or give me some sort of inspirational comment.

Monday, March 23, 2009

From Shorts to Snow - all in five days???

As most of you can read (from the previous post) we lost our luggage on the beginning of our adventurous spring break to Florida! I like to call it Flo Rida - like the singer. Anyhow, our spring break started out very stressful, but in the end it was all good, and I think in about a week I can laugh about it all!
We arrived in Jacksonville and got us a rental car and drove south to the famous Daytona Beach. We checked into our hotel on the beach and moped about our luggage for sometime. After moping got us nowhere we then went out to the beach in our jeans and laid on the beach wishing we had our luggage, which contained our swimsuits, to which we thought about buying new swimsuits but they are expensive; and Jessie was bound and determined through her positive energy that we were going to get our luggage. Of course with her positive attitude/energy, and my slight positive attitude and faithful prayers from the three of us our luggage showed up the next evening. I will definitely recommend to anyone and MYSELF the next time I travel, IF I EVER DO AGAIN, I will pack an extra change of clothes in my carry on bag.

Tuesday we went to Ponce De Leon which is the largest lighthouse on the coast of Flo Rida. It was pretty scary at the top, which I went to all by myself since Holly and Jessie couldn't handle the heights.
I have to admit when I was at the top it was a little scary, but I was bound and determined to get to the top so I could get pictures!
After the jaunt to the top we went to a fun little restaurant overlooking the water and had a meal full of seafood. The best part of our meal was the key lime butter they gave us to put on the rolls. OH MY GOSH THAT WAS SOME GOOD EAT'N!
(Also we went to a chocolate factory for Jessie, and got to sample some free chocolates - they had chocolate covered potato chips - SO GOOD!!!) After our lunch we went back to our hotel on the beach and bathed in the sun and sand.

The next day it was off to Orlando - Orrrlannnndoooo! We went straight to our next hotel, checked in then were off to spend a day in Universal Studios Orrrlannnndoooo! It was okay, our tickets were free so it wasn't like we were out any money.
Friday we spent the day at the place "Where Dreams Come True" hmmm....not quite sure about that slogan - I had these thoughts that I might meet a man waiting in line, didn't happen, so my DREAMS DID NOT COME TRUE???
Besides not meeting a man I didn't even get to see Mickey! That's okay I got pretty frisky with "Woody" at Universal Studios... So, our day was spent at Disney World's Magic Kingdom! What a bad time of year for us to go - spring break = lines and lots of people. We only did the one park, but enjoyed it to the fullest and are glad we picked that park. However, I was kind of bummed I didn't get to see that giant silver ball - Epcot. Oh well, that means I must go back to Flo Rida and do this all again.
Saturday was our last day, we got up and tried to go see the Orlando Temple on our way out of town, but didn't have much luck, there was construction on the freeway and we missed the exit. Again, must mean I will have to go back and visit. I was sad that we didn't get to see any gators, but one night in Daytona when we were driving back to our hotel I heard the sounds of what might have been a gator. That was enough for me.

In the end, we made it back to Jacksonville, checked our bags correctly and warned them at the "check in" that they better get our bags to Vegas or they will have hell to pay with us. Sure enough they did - although at baggage claim Holly and I almost got our luggage stolen right in front of us. After a quick checkout we got on the highway and headed for home.

We got in really late so I crashed at Holly's. Got up at 7:00am to get home and get ready for church at 11:00am to have to speak to three combined wards. After church I walked outside to see it snowing - you're kidding me? I guess I thought since it was sunny and warm in Flo Rida I expect it to be the same here. Well later that night to make up for not being able to go to the Flo Rida temple I went to the Draper Temple Dedication, and almost didn't get in. You have to be there at 4:00 when it starts at 4:30...if I could read/understand the instructions then I would have been on time. Luckily the man "manning" the doors saw me and let me in. Woosh that would not have been cool for me to miss the Draper dedication.

You still with me - that's my trip/spring break, and now I need a vacation!

P.S. One of the best moments on this trip was our flight home from Atlanta to Vegas, the "in flight movie" was TWILIGHT!!!! Talk about the fastest flight I have ever been on!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I'm Either Going to Laugh, or CRRRRRRYYYYYYYYY!

I have tried to be positive ALL DAY but I just can't do it anymore. I just spent my Disney World money on little bitty bath/hygiene supplies, and some pj's. Why, oh why didn't I pack a set of extra clothes in my carry on bag? I call my mom for some sympathy, and she says, "How many times have I told you that when you travel to pack a pair of extra clothes in your carry on?" Thanks mom - I want you to tell me that we just need to be patient, have faith, and hope that they show up. I don't need a I TOLD YOU SO...Now here we sit in our hotel busting up over who knows what just because if we don't laugh we will probably just break down in tears. Well it looks like Florida is becoming quite the adventure for us. I do have to say our hotel is right on the beach, so that is pretty exciting and cool?

Oh pretty please let us get our luggage back!!!! I promise next time when I travel - AND IF I EVER TRAVEL AGAIN I will pack a extra outfit in my carry on. Seriously though, hear it here - I DON'T CARE TO TRAVEL FOR A LONG, LONG TIME!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Running For Fun!!!

Our wonderful Supporters!!!
Today I ran the Spectrum 10K with one of my dear friends, MinDee. This was her first race that she has ever ran. SHE DID AWESOME!!! She never once stopped through the whole race, and I never left her side. Her friend Stephanie ran with us. Stephanie has ran some races, (St. George Marathon) so this was purely just fun for her. The race started in the middle of Snow Canyon State Park and ended at the church in Ivins, just down the street from my parents house. We ended a little over an hour, with tears of joy, and pure accomplishment. I am so proud of MinDee!

Look out runners, MinDee just caught the running bug, and it looks like we are going to run the Snow Canyon Half Marathon that happens the first week of November. I want to thank my cheerleaders - Jessie, Mom, and Dad. Thanks for showing up an hour before we crossed the finish line...a little over anxious??? (Also, I didn't even use my iPod - Shellie, you are rubbing off on me - it was awesome!)

Monday, March 9, 2009

How's Dancing You Ask?

Oh Dancing is going FABULOUS!  It's so wonderful that I am going to take social dance again next semester.  However, the flirting with my teacher...NOT SO FABULOUS!  Today was the first day we were within inches of each other.  He's got the prettiest blue eyes, and then I saw it!  I saw my reflection off the top of his head, and yes, it was a beautiful reflection - it was me!  Basically what I'm saying is that him having a reflection isn't half bad, I MEAN THE MAN CAN DANCE! Baldness or decided!  After being up close and personal I clicked the trigger and I did it.  I TRIED to get my flirtatious groove on, I am not saying it was successful, but I got out there.  He is starting to see that I am alive, so that can be a start?  

Okay - wish me luck, I have my first test on Wednesday.  If it doesn't work out with my teacher, I do like my dance partner, he's pretty cute, and he is very patient with me and my two left feet.