Saturday, May 31, 2008

One Heck of a Tip???

Yesterday on the train I picked up my last group of people in Talkeetna and brought them into Anchorage. It was an odd group of people with some who were very impatient and demanding. Half way to Anchorage I was helping the servers with dinner when they asked me to do a "final call" for dinner. As I was doing so there was a couple who couldn't decide if they wanted to eat on the train or if they wanted to eat in Anchorage. I always push eating in Anchorage, especially at the Glacier Brewhouse. (Speaking of Glacier Brewhouse - I should get like free meals or peanut butter pie for all the advertising I do for time I'm there I will talk to them about that???) Any how, I convince them to eat in Anchorage and then we continue visiting for some time. After our visiting I think nothing much of our conversation. About thirty minutes later Ellie (the woman) comes up to the bar and begins talking to me again, she begins telling me that I am so funny, and that I should go on American Idol because of the song I sang going through the town of Wasilla...Believe me folks, I SHOULD NOT EVER IN A MILLION YEARS GO ON AMERICAN IDOL!!! I honestly think that this woman had had way to many glasses of champagne, and wasn't quite thinking right. However, I then end up back at her table talking some more with her and her husband. We have a delightful conversation and really got to know each other. When she got off the train in Anchorage she gives me her business card and insists that I come back to Boston where she lives and she will show me the city and give me a free Helicopter ride in her Helicopter. I would love to get back to Boston, so I just may take her up on the offer. Her husband then got off a few people back and gave me a big hug and a ten dollar tip, and said that he will be waiting to hear from me. Now it looks like I'm going to have to plan a trip to Boston - Boston in the Fall, sounds good to me! Thanks Ellie, I'll hopefully see you soon!

Working on the Train

Here I am trying to pole dance on the train...Any how, for my mom's worry Audra is doing good. I swear, every time I talk to my mom she always asks, "How is Audra doing? Have you seen Audra?" Audra, she doesn't really care how I am doing, but she does care how you are doing. That's Ellen for you...Love you mom!

We have now got to see each other twice on the train, it has been short, but fun while it lasted. I'm way excited for Sunday though, because I will be staying in Healy and catching the train early Monday morning. Since we get in fairly early on Sunday I will be able to go to the last hour of church with Audra at the Healy Branch. NOT only do I get to see Audra, go to church, but if the Lord be willing and the creek don't rise I will get to have some of the best hot chocolate I have ever had in this lifetime, world, and it's right at the place Audra calls home, or the "concentration camp" that she calls it...Seriously though that hot chocolate definitely makes up for the living arrangements there, that is, if you ask me!!! Audra, keep on keeping - the summer will be over before you know it!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Memorial Weekend

I happened to be lucky enough to have three beautiful days off. The first day I slept for F-O-R-E-V-E-R...I think I was catching up on the entire month of May? However, it felt really good to sleep 13 hours. After I awoke from my slumber Bev, Tara, and I went to eat at a home town Alaska favorite, Gwennies. Can I just say it has the best breakfast I have ever had!!! It doesn't look that great from the outside, but believe me it's what is on the inside that counts! Later that night we had a BBQ with Bev's family with some dang tasty cheese burgers.

Tuesday was great fun! Rekann and I decided to go hiking out in Girdwood which is about 40 miles or so from Anchorage. We had some of the best weather, it was absolutley gorgeous! The hike started behind the Alyeska Hotel which is home to Alaska's only ski resort. The hike was five miles round trip and completely beautiful. It was so lush and green, with moss everywhere, and crystal clear rivers and creeks running through. The best part was the Hand Tram that took us over the cliffs and running water. It was a superb hike and we couldn't have asked for better weather!
Today, I got all churchy and went to the Anchorage Temple. It is small, but it sure is beautiful. This time I got there on time and was able to do a session. About two weeks ago I made an appointment to go and got there late and they wouldn't let me in. I realized I wasn't in Utah where if you miss the session you can just wait 20 to 40 minutes for the next one. Oh well, I did see some of my Mormon coworkers after they came out and we sat and visited for a while.
All and all it was another great three day.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Under the link, "Libby's Pictures" I have added some more photos for all to look at - if you haven't already looked at them. They are from my drive up to Alaska, and also of Grandma Eastman's Funeral. So enjoy!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Blasted Tunnel...Who Cares There Were Hot Guys!!!

Today was my one day off, so a bunch of people from my crew planned a Glacier Cruise down in Whitter. It was for free so we took advantage of the opportunity. Whitter is about a 45minute drive south of Anchorage. To get to this town, which is a sea port, you have to go through this two and a half mile, one way tunnel. This tunnel is shared with the train, so to drive through they have only certain times that you can do this each day. None of us knew what the times were, but we knew we had to be on the cruise ship by noon. We all met and left Anchorage around 9:30am. Until some of are party called us as we were leaving town, as I tried to ignore the phone call, but Noel insisted that nobody get left behind. He did the right thing, me on the other hand am very selfish! We then had to turn around and BACKTRACK, which I hate doing, and go pick up a few other people. We pick them up and finally leave Anchorage around 10:30am. I'm starting to panic a little but feel like we will make it by 11:30am in time to get through the tunnel. We are on track and arrive just in time to MISS THE TUNNEL. We finally get through the tunnel and see our boat sailing away. We then decide since we drove all this way we'll at least eat. I had some yummy clam chowder, and a "Dirty Virgin" Bloody Mary. It was non alcoholic, and free from the bartender, which that is a really funny story?!?!

So I decided to get acquainted with the handsome young fellow (bartender), Matt. We visited, found out where each of us were from - you know the usual banter. After a while I ask for my tab and I see that he hasn't charged me for my "Dirty Virgin" he says, "Don't worry about it." I continue, "Hello, you didn't charge me for my drink???" He then says, "Seriously, DON'T worry about it - now be quiet." Noel then says, "Libby, he's giving it to you for free since it's not alcoholic quit making a scene and just tip him good!!!" Then he proceeds to tell me as he is laughing that I need to learn how to "act at a bar." Then he reminds me of how I was acting the night before when Adam (my new summer crush) tried to buy me a drink last night at the bar - SHIRLEY TEMPLE cause he knows I don't drink, but I just kept refusing it...Noel was like, "If a guy wants to buy you a drink, alcoholic or NOT let him buy you a drink!" He didn't end up buying me the drink cause I obviously made things awkward, but it sure was nice of him to try!

Any how, today ended up being a blast even though we didn't get on the Glacier Cruise. I told them all that I would take care of arranging it for next time because I would for sure be a lot more organized about things and pretty much make it happen!!! Not to sound bostful, but I would!!! Once again good times were had, and you can't beat being surrounded by a bunch of nice handsome young men (even though they aren't Mormon).

(Picture on the right) My new Summer Crush - Adam. Just so
everyone knows...HE HAS BROWN EYES!!!

Me and Eddie, I love Eddie - I have asked him several times if we could get married; just because I think we would make cute babies...He is such a nice guy to put up with my CRAZINESS!

Hank (Eddies think I'm crazy???), Noel, and My crazy self - laughing and having a good time!!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


So one of my dear coworkers (from last year as well), Rekann called me today, since it was an absolute beautiful day and asked if I wanted to go hiking. Heck YEAH!!! By the way my feet are just fine. We decided to hike Flat Top Mountain which is a Mountain named Flat Top. I've done it before, but I did it in July when there was no snow...well we had a hell of a ride - ENJOY!!!

Here's the thing...we slid down the mountain on basically nothing...and I still have no feelings in my girly parts - well they are doing just fine. Good times were had this afternoon!!! I'm so glad Rekann talked me into sliding down, otherwise the other way down someone would've gotten hurt!

Together Again!!!

The first day I saw Noel he gave me a big hug and I looked at him and said you look like Jesus, although, he had a beard to match the long hair. The hair is gone, but it was fun and hot while it lasted...
Prayers are answered because my bartender Noel and I are back together again. We had a great "first run" and it felt like we never left. I'm so excited for another fun filled summer. "I'll be his girl for all season, all the year through...the girl for all season, cause I love, ove, ove, cause I love to be everything to him...Just him!!!" (Lyrics come from the hit movie, Grease 2.) He loves it when I sing that to him...Good times are ready to begin!

Just Around the Bend...

On Saturday we hiked the Beautiful Kanarraville Narrows. Now I, like my Dad is a little disgusted that people know about these Narrows. They used to be a secret canyon that only the people of Kanarraville knew about. Now, without fail anytime I hike up to these Narrows we pass people on the trail. Well, we decided to take my cousins (from my moms side) up to see these beautiful falls. We began our hike in the hot sun to soon come upon the creek, we then hiked through water until we came to a bend and continued further up the creek. We then came to another bend that still didn't put us any closer to the Narrows. Soon again we came upon another in all my hiking knowledge just kept informing my cousins that the Narrows were just around the bend...I PROMISE!!! Once again we came to another bend where I spoke the famous words, "it's just around the bend..." This time I had struck gold...we were there and it was well worth the hike into the Kanarraville Narrows. Now keep this hike secret because my Dad and I don't like it to tell people that there is such a treasure in the hills of Kanarraville!!!
The pain was not bad at all...let me just put a warning out there for anyone who hikes - wear good shoes!!! They really honestly didn't was just the water that made them look bad. Yes, the shoes got thrown away, and my heals are currently healing beautifully. Good times, as always!

Good Bye Grandma

I flew home for Grandma Eastman's funeral (my Mom's Mother...who has been living with her for the past two years). It was very beautiful, and yes, a happy occasion, a celebration of life. I say happy because she is no longer suffering, and is in a much better place...yeah, yeah I'm a little jealous she gets to leave this crazy world, but she lived a long life, and it was her turn to return home to our Heavenly Father. I'm so grateful for the opportunity I had to speak at her funeral and I hope that as she was there in attendance (via spirit) that she enjoyed my memories and my cousins memories. I'll miss you Grandma, but I know that we will see each other again, until then tell everyone hello, and find out if by chance I am going to meet someone in this life, also, if I have children will you watch over them until they come down. Okay - LOVE YOU!!! Enjoy Heaven!

Flights, Funerals, Farewell, and NOT Even My Own Bed...

I have flown more the last week then I have in my lifetime. Tuesday night I had to fly to Fairbanks for my first "run" on the train. Wednesday I got home from my first day on the train - which was AWESOME!!! Glad to be back. I get off the train around 9:30pm to run home, pack, and head to the airport to catch a 12:55am flight to St. George. By this point I'm extremely exhausted. I get on the plane to sit next to a young man who looks about my age. I sit down with no intentions of wanting to talk - I'm tired. The plane hasn't even taken off and he starts talking to me...before I know it two hours have gone by and we are still talking. Sorry, no phone numbers were exchanged, but it made for a fast flight. I arrive in SLC to sleep for two hours why I wait for my flight to St. George. I fall fast asleep on the uncomfortable chairs and wake up just in time to catch the slobber that is slowly seeping out the corner of my mouth. Woosh - that would've been extremely embarrassing. I then get on the plane bound for St. George to have a very attractive, blue eyed, air waiter. Again, fall fast asleep. I then wake up to the captain telling us it will be bumpy into St. George. I have never had such a horrible flight. Almost everyone in the plane screamed when we dropped unexpectedly. I was ever so happy to be back on the solid earth.

Next day, spent time with family, that I feel I haven't seen forever. It was so good to see everyone, I wish we had more time. Plus, it was so fun to watch the season finale of "The Office"!!! I then wound up writing my talk about Grandma at around midnight to not quite finish at 2:00am. Then I fall fast asleep in bed number one. Wake the next morning to scramble together and try to finish my talk - hope Grandma was pleased with the job I had done. After the funeral and all the food, my family and I decided to hike up Kanarraville Falls. Beautiful, and well worth the hike that was just around the bend??? Then it was a night of visiting and to bed late, me on bed number two - a couch.

Saturday it was off for Salt Lake to stay with more cousins until I catch my flight back to Anchorage. Had a quick drive to SLC with Ethan, Libby, and Jeremy - still can't believe how fast that drive went. Good conversation always makes time fly. Thanks for the MONSTER milk shake - I now know that I am 100% lactose intolerant, but it was a damn good milk shake, and I loved every minute of it!!! Thanks again for the ride to SLC!
Arrive at my other cousins, Ryan and Anisa for a yummy BBQ, and more visiting with family. I then head to bed early in bed number three. I had some of the best nights sleep at Lucas and Shellie's, Oh MY Gosh - it was much needed, and so wonderful! We wake up Sunday for a dear family friends Mission Farewell. Once again, more visiting. The best was Cash, we arrive at the Farewell and he tells Jessie and I that we can't stay long...three hours later we are finally leaving, because Cash was ready. By all means I was ready to go after about an hour...Silly boy??? Family leaves and I am left in Salt Lake to be fed a most delicious meal at Lucas and Shellie's home - HOLY COW your potato salad was identical to Granny's and if I wasn't careful I could have ate the whole thing. It was time for bed once again, and it was my fourth different bed, bed number four. Another awesome nights sleep.

Final day in Utah, headed off to the airport (thanks again Anisa for driving me) to catch my flight to Anchorage. I had a three hour layover in Denver so I tried to make some time with more family, Aaron. Schedules didn't work out and we didn't get to meet up, but we caught up on the phone and all was good. We finally leave for Anchorage and I am on an end seat with a empty seat between me and the older gentleman - nice nobody in between us...spoke/thought to soon on that. Literally just before the plane takes off a small girl of about ten is placed between us. Soon the flight attendant asks if I would be willing to switch seats so that her ten year old friend can sit by her. I said it was fine because she said she would pay for my movie - yes you have to literally pay for everything on these flights today. I switched and head back to my seat where I am sandwiched between a sweet girl and gross old man who smelt bad and chewed tobacco and kept spitting in his orange juice can. Free movie...was it worth it??? That was the longest flight I have ever been on...I was thinking that driving to Alaska was a whole lot faster than that flight. I made it to Alaska, to find Bev waiting for over an hour, thank you again Bev! It was nice to be home, home for the summer. I'm excited to get working and making some money so I can pay for my flights from hell. All in all it was so good to come home, to see family, to have the opportunity to speak at my Grandmas funeral, to see the beauty of Utah, and to eat lots of good food. My summer will be over before I know I'm going to enjoy every minute because tomorrow I'll be coming home!!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Edward Look a Like...You Decide???

So, as the story goes...I, Libby, was shopping at Albertsons one Friday afternoon to have gone through a cashiers line to which the young man checking my groceries looked - to me, like the dreamy Edward Cullen from the book series, Twilight.

As I so wanted to take a picture right then, I decided against it. As my thoughts ran along I thought of many ways to conjure up a photo of this young man. I asked for much help, and received much help. I thank you all for your support and help in this mission I have accomplished.

Day one: I decided to stop at Albertsons to buy something. I go in and scan the checkouts - he is not working. I take my time in shopping thinking that he might be on a break, or has stepped away from his check stand. I finally arrive for checkout to see that he is still not working.

Day two: I stop again at Albertsons on my way home, it's a Monday night. He is working, I avoid his checkout, and try to take a picture with my cell phone. He is in the perfect spot for me to take it....Wait, he's moving towards me, my hand is moving up with the closer that he is coming towards me!!! It's to late - act casual, I say, "Stupid text messaging?!?!" I'm nervous, that is all I can come up with...I immediately leave the store.

Day two, still: Ethan and Libby are staying the night with us, I tell them of my attempt to get a picture of my "Edward look a like" and they decided to help me out. I had been thinking about how they can run in with my camera and take a picture. I tell them that they need to act like they are on a Family Home Evening scavenger hunt for their "Singles Ward". By the way, this could only pass if you live in Utah...stuff like this always goes down in Utah. We park the car, I hide out in the car and Ethan and Libby take off for the store, they go in do a quick walk through and as quick as they entered the store, they quickly exited the store. Nooooooo, as I pout in the back seat. This can't be, I was just in the store an hour ago. Tis true, they say. We then go out for some dessert, and decided that we'll try the "mission" after our dessert. Thinking that possibly he was on his break the first time. We try again, and he is still not there. Oh well, thanks anyways for playing and trying to help me out in my silly quest.

Day three: I was frantically packing for my trip up to Alaska on Tuesday night, and I was baking some cookies when the doorbell rang. Summer and Cash were visiting in the living room when I hear a young girls voice. About a week ago I had seen Tanya (a cashier at Albertsons) at the Kanarraville Post Office. I started visiting with her and then asked if she was still working at Albertsons. I then proceeded to tell her of my fascination with this certain young man who was a cashier at the store. She laughed, said she would ask her daughters what they thought - they had read the books. She also said she would see what she could do for me. I got excited for a brief ten minutes, then thought, this is so old am I??? However, Tanya followed through with my absurd request and had taken pictures of him for me, and had sent her daughter over to my house on Tuesday night to deliver the pictures. Her daughter thought that this was so funny of me. She also stated that he is way to young for me, and that he is not someone that I would want to "hook up" with. I told her that I didn't want to "hook up" with him, but that I was just smitten with his Edwardish looks. I then gave her a plate of warm cookies and told her to tell her mom - THANK YOU, this is a dream come true!!!

Well Everyone, I was able to go and do - mission accomplished! You asked, and I provided. Enjoy!!!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Twilight Teaser

Okay, this is absolutely awesome...It's a teaser, and it is really TEASING me!!! I can not wait for this movie to come out - oh MY GOSH is it December 12, 2008 yet??? Enjoy, my Twilight buddies!!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

We made it! Yes, we are still alive...

Oh MY GOSH!!! Can I just say it's a darn good thing I have 5 months to regroup from that LONG ASS drive from Utah to Alaska. However, it was the funnest, coolest, and most spectacularist things I have done since sliced peanut butter pie! As you all know we left Kanarraville, Utah on Tuesday an hour later than planned - don't ask! We got on the road and drove strait to Idaho Falls, ID. As soon as we hit the border of Idaho snow began to fall. What the... Luckily, I was fast asleep in the back seat as Jessie pushed through the blizzard and safely got us to the Falls of Idaho. We stayed the night in a crappy motel, that wouldn't even serve us all breakfast (we cheated and said there were only two of staying so we didn't have to pay for three). That next morning we got up and drove past the temple and took a few pics of the grand structure, along with the falls that are in front of it. Did you know that those falls are like the Niagara Falls of the West??? IF you didn't know that I just made it up, but it sounds pretty good.

After we left the Falls of Idaho we got back on the stinking road and headed north bound for Montana - Big Sky Country. Drove through some major towns, ate some fast food - ugh, got gas...for the car, and continued onward. Once we got to Great Falls we decided to find the "Falls" of the town "Great". We got directions and found them, the falls - not so "great"? After that waste of time we headed towards Canada. What another long drive, and on a two lane highway. We passed by Glacier National Park then went to the Border. How funny it was to enter into Canada. I decided I should probably be driving, just to be safe. Audra was in the front seat and Jessie was in the back. Both Audra and Jessie were a little nervous - I was staying pretty cool. However, Jessie decided to take it upon her self to echo everything I said to the man. Once we got accepted into the land of Canada I turned around and said to Jessie, "What was that all about?" "The man was just asking me the questions." Okay, so I guess you had to be there for that, but we all had a good laugh about that. After passing the border we made it to Cardston and saw the cute little Mormon town. I felt like I was back in Utah with all the Mormon churches on every corner, not to mention that they have a huge Temple right in the smack of town. Good feelings were felt there!

We reached Calgary that evening to find some of the best beds we have ever slept in, in our entire life. It was so hard to get up the next morning and leave, but we did. We then headed on to Banff National Park - PEOPLE, you need to leave the U.S. of A and check this place out! GORGEOUS!!! Oh my, how we wish we could have spent more time here. We did take a few hours and took a Gondola ride, not Gandolfo ride, as I kept calling it. The funny thing was...Jessie is terrified of heights, so being the bratty older sister that I am, I started teasing her...well payback bites, because not three minutes up the steep hill guess who starts freaking out and has like a major panic attack...yeah, it was me alright!!! I was ever so happy to get to the top of the mountain. The minute I got off the Gondola I asked if there was another way down...yes, a one hour hike. We don't have time for that, so I closed my eyes and made it down the mountain in the Gondola.

Okay, okay, okay - that is enough about that. I'll have pictures put on shortly and you can check them out. It was a neat ride, and I keep waiting for my car to spontaneously combust all over the place. I also want all to know that Heavenly Father hears our prayers, because we were kept safe, and we never once fought. Sorry Ethan and Libby, Audra and I kept trying to catch Jessie on film having a break down...but she never did. Thanks everyone for keeping us in your prayers - that means a lot and I really appreciate it.

As for work, it started yesterday and I am so excited to be back, it feels like I have never left, and it was a sweet reunion to see everyone. I'm still holding out for another prayer to be answered, Noel and I sure do want to work together again, so add that in your prayers, please.

Alaska is still awesome as ever, the drive was bumpy - ask Jessie about getting thrown around like a tossed salad in the back seat because of the roads, tour guiding is a blast, and the peanut butter pie from Glacier Brew House is still better than sex, that is, if you ask me! ;)