Tuesday, May 20, 2008


So one of my dear coworkers (from last year as well), Rekann called me today, since it was an absolute beautiful day and asked if I wanted to go hiking. Heck YEAH!!! By the way my feet are just fine. We decided to hike Flat Top Mountain which is a Mountain named Flat Top. I've done it before, but I did it in July when there was no snow...well we had a hell of a ride - ENJOY!!!

Here's the thing...we slid down the mountain on basically nothing...and I still have no feelings in my hands...my girly parts - well they are doing just fine. Good times were had this afternoon!!! I'm so glad Rekann talked me into sliding down, otherwise the other way down someone would've gotten hurt!


Anisa said...

Sounds like you're being crazy and having fun!!!

Lucashell said...

I see no body has posted a comment.. Shellie and I tried but it has left us speechless.

Anisa said...

Looks like fun. A tube or sled would have been nice.

Jessie said...

You are such a dork, looks like fun I wish that I could have hiked that but I was exhausted by the time we would have.