Friday, May 23, 2008

Blasted Tunnel...Who Cares There Were Hot Guys!!!

Today was my one day off, so a bunch of people from my crew planned a Glacier Cruise down in Whitter. It was for free so we took advantage of the opportunity. Whitter is about a 45minute drive south of Anchorage. To get to this town, which is a sea port, you have to go through this two and a half mile, one way tunnel. This tunnel is shared with the train, so to drive through they have only certain times that you can do this each day. None of us knew what the times were, but we knew we had to be on the cruise ship by noon. We all met and left Anchorage around 9:30am. Until some of are party called us as we were leaving town, as I tried to ignore the phone call, but Noel insisted that nobody get left behind. He did the right thing, me on the other hand am very selfish! We then had to turn around and BACKTRACK, which I hate doing, and go pick up a few other people. We pick them up and finally leave Anchorage around 10:30am. I'm starting to panic a little but feel like we will make it by 11:30am in time to get through the tunnel. We are on track and arrive just in time to MISS THE TUNNEL. We finally get through the tunnel and see our boat sailing away. We then decide since we drove all this way we'll at least eat. I had some yummy clam chowder, and a "Dirty Virgin" Bloody Mary. It was non alcoholic, and free from the bartender, which that is a really funny story?!?!

So I decided to get acquainted with the handsome young fellow (bartender), Matt. We visited, found out where each of us were from - you know the usual banter. After a while I ask for my tab and I see that he hasn't charged me for my "Dirty Virgin" he says, "Don't worry about it." I continue, "Hello, you didn't charge me for my drink???" He then says, "Seriously, DON'T worry about it - now be quiet." Noel then says, "Libby, he's giving it to you for free since it's not alcoholic quit making a scene and just tip him good!!!" Then he proceeds to tell me as he is laughing that I need to learn how to "act at a bar." Then he reminds me of how I was acting the night before when Adam (my new summer crush) tried to buy me a drink last night at the bar - SHIRLEY TEMPLE cause he knows I don't drink, but I just kept refusing it...Noel was like, "If a guy wants to buy you a drink, alcoholic or NOT let him buy you a drink!" He didn't end up buying me the drink cause I obviously made things awkward, but it sure was nice of him to try!

Any how, today ended up being a blast even though we didn't get on the Glacier Cruise. I told them all that I would take care of arranging it for next time because I would for sure be a lot more organized about things and pretty much make it happen!!! Not to sound bostful, but I would!!! Once again good times were had, and you can't beat being surrounded by a bunch of nice handsome young men (even though they aren't Mormon).

(Picture on the right) My new Summer Crush - Adam. Just so
everyone knows...HE HAS BROWN EYES!!!

Me and Eddie, I love Eddie - I have asked him several times if we could get married; just because I think we would make cute babies...He is such a nice guy to put up with my CRAZINESS!

Hank (Eddies think I'm crazy???), Noel, and My crazy self - laughing and having a good time!!!


Jessie said...

Does Eddie have blue eyes? I can see you not knowing how to act in a bar, I would have thought that you would have learned from watching movies.

Anonymous said...

Wow, too many tongues!

Ethan thinks it's funny that you hate to backtrack because I always say that I don't like to backtrack, and I plan our errands so we never have to backtrack. So, there must be something about the name Libby and backtracking...

Yeah, how to act in a bar isn't something they usually teach in Young Women's. At BYU we went to an Etiquette Dinner that told us how to act at cocktail parties, but that's a bit different. Anyway, have fun hanging out with all the cute guys! Just pick one and convert him, and all will be well.

audrab said...

There are a lot of tongues in all of these pictures! Hasn't anyone taught you about NORO? Maybe figure out a new pose....Just kiddin looks like you are having fun! Hopefully I will see you on Sunday and Monday

hillmans said...

Wow! I am kind of scared. I'm not sure how I feel about you being up there. Bars, tongues, what's next? Tee Hee. It looks like you are having super fun though. Be good!

Lucashell said...

That so funny!!! Just remember you can't help who you fall in love with!! Sometimes "IT IS WHAT IT IS"!!! As Long as he moves back to Utah with you, right!

Anisa said...

Keep your tongue in your mouth... and no one elses, please!