Monday, June 6, 2011

I Graduated From LDS Institute, and Other Nonsense....

I can't seem to graduate from that thing called college, BUT I was able to graduate from the LDS Institute program.  Yeah for me!  It was actually kind of exciting.  I had decided about a year ago that maybe I should try to graduate from Institute.  I talked to one of my teachers and he pulled up all my information and classes I had taken.  He then tells me I am really close to graduating I just need to take a year of the "Book of Mormon."  In all my institute years - there has been many years - I had never once taken a "Book of Mormon" class.  I have taken the "Dating and Courtship" more times then I can remember (and obviously it hasn't helped), but I had never taken "Book of Mormon."  I asked my teacher if going on a mission would count for that year of "Book of Mormon" and he could just pass me through.  No such luck!  I had to sign up for a year of "Book of Mormon."  I signed up, and took a full year, along with my "older singles" institute classes.  I was taking two institute classes a semester along with my regular semester of classes, including chemistry.  You would think that doubling up on the spiritual institute classes would also  help me to pass all my chemistry.  Hmm...Let's not go there....By the way did I mention I took the "Book of Mormon" class...not sure if it was said or not.  ;)

Since I would be out of town on my Institute Graduation I was told to go pick up my diploma sometime after I got back.  I obviously never did get around to it, and now I wish I would have.  Last Sunday, I was surprisingly on time to church, let this be a lesson - stick to coming late!  I had gotten to Sacrament meeting even before my aunt, who I sit by each week.  Totally SHOCKING!  As they we were making announcements I was talking to this senior couple next to me in my ward (who I have buddied up with) when all of the sudden the Bishop calls my name,  "Can I have Liberty Williams come up to the stand?"  What the heck, as I am in full conversation with my senior buds.  The Bishop continues, "Libby has been called to serve in the Mongolia Mission...."  Okay, aren't you just funny Bishop.  I start the long walk to the front - never sit in the very back - not good!  I get to the stand and the Bishop continues..."Libby has actually graduated from the LDS Institute of Religion, and has completed her four years.  The program has presented her with this diploma and we would like to present it to her today."  As I was standing up there completely embarrassed I went on to act like a "sunbeam" (a 5 year old child labeled in the LDS church), and I made some face, rolled my eyes, then shook the Bishops hand and quickly walked back to my seat.  REALLY - HOW OLD AM I - now the face making and eye rolling was embarrassing?  Why did they have to present that in Sacrament meeting?  Well, it's now official - I graduated Institute, and now it's off to get my advanced certificate in Institute.  I mean really, if I can't graduate college I might as well try to graduate in my religion.  Does this mean I have a degree to bash with people of other faiths???

That was exciting?  However, another exciting bit that happened in the month of May was that we celebrated a holiday known as Memorial Day.  I decided on the Friday before the holiday that I would actually celebrate this holiday correctly - meaning, go visit those who have passed on - pay my respects to the dead.  I know, that sounds kind of tacky - "pay my respects yo, to the dead!"  On Sunday, I went to the cemetery and said hello with my parents in toe.  Then, once again on Monday amongst the normal holiday activities of hiking and BBQing my family again went down to the cemetery and walked among the spirits of those who have passed away.  It was a sweet feeling being at the cemetery.  We all took a moment to remember our dear Grandparents, who were so kind and loving, and NOT forgotten.  I'm so glad we took a few moments out of our day to do that.
Of course, as the holiday of Memorial Day has turned into a much needed day off from the busy work week we planned a hike, and an annual BBQ.  It's how we roll in the Williams family.  Around noon we all met up and decided to hike Spring Creek again, since that is exactly what we did last year.  We wanted to hike Kannarra Narrows, but because of all the rain and snow we have been receiving we decided it would be really wet and cold.  Not that Spring Creek was any dryer.  We did a lot of crossing of the creek, and luckily nobody got extremely wet.  It was fun to take all the kiddos, and to be up in a beautiful canyon hiking.  The best part about it was that the hike was free, and right in our own backyard.  SCORE!  After the hike we got back to my Bro's house and fired up the grill for our typical hamburger, and lot's of eat'n BBQ.  I think we all had a great time - it really seemed like everyone had a great time!  The weather was perfect, a little bit on the chilly side, but nothing a jacket couldn't cure.  I have come to love the holiday of Memorial Day, but now as I am older, I have decided that even though it has been made to be just a day off work for people to BBQ I'm still going to make it a point to go visit those who have passed away.
The little Sister trying to make fun of me - so sweet, isn't it!
Some other nonsense....I'm doing my summer of chemistry.  Holy Freaking COW - so much for having an enjoyable summer.  I've met with my tutor already, and had my first quiz.  Passed it - got 10 points out of 10 points.  I'm going to say this is my summer of chemistry.  I may not get to have the summer of fun like I always want/get, but by golly I am going to pass this class.  I'm putting it out there into the universe - I AM GOING TO PASS CHEMISTRY!  I AM GOING TO PASS CHEMISTRY!  I AM GOING TO PASS CHEMISTRY!!!!!!  It's actually not so bad, kind of interesting too.  What?  Did I just say that?  Sure did - you heard me right yo's!

Got Flowers?
I mentioned my summer...well that brings me to working the grounds of SUU, yet again.  All summer long I get to be a "flower girl!"  I started about two weeks after everyone else because I was out on a very long road trip.  I'm now back to the manual labor, digg'n in the dirt, breaking my back, and still screaming at those things called worms.  It still doesn't get easier with time - worms are still gross, but I am grateful for the little guys because it shows that the soil is in really good condition!  
(Our cool shirts we made for our crew full of flower PoWeR!  I came up with the slogan - "Got Flowers?")
However, I'm totally bummed because I don't have an iPod anymore.  Here's the sad story.  Around the first of April my car stereo when kapoot!  I have a dear sweet friend in the car stereo business, he hooked me up and got me thugging once again in the Honda.  Well, about a week before that "very long road trip" I dropped my iPod in the toilet.  I KNOW, I KNOW!  It was completely (and still is) devestaing.  The funny part is I came out of the bathroom just screaming...of course the Bro was like, "What is all this screaming about?"  I say, "I just dropped my iPod in the toilet and I'm hoping a bowl of rice will fix it!!!" (side note:  the iPod got dropped before anything else got dropped if you get my drift...)  He say's, "Who the HELL takes an iPod into the bathroom with them - you take a book!!!  I don't feel sorry for you!"  I say, "Oh just be quiet.  And, yes, I take an iPod in the bathroom, so I can play games!"  It has been that blessed iPod that gets me through my summer job of planting flowers.  What am I going to do?  As mentioned to some of you, I am taking donations.  I've got a plan...if everyone who reads my blog sends me $5.00 each than I should, for sure, have enough money to buy me a new iPod and then with the leftover money (I'm assuming here) I can buy songs off of iTunes.  Totally have a plan...
Please send money via check or money order to:
Miss Liberty Williams
P.O. Box 420010
Kanarraville, UT 84742.

My birthday is also coming up in July (the 18th to be exact), so if you would like to send more than the $5.00 donation please feel free.

Thanks for all of your support!  (I am really not expecting any money - but in all seriously, do think it over.)

That's all my nonsense.  Now get mailing me some money yo's! ;)