Saturday, January 5, 2013

All in a Year! 2013 Better be GOOD!

2012 Had a lot of downs, but it also had a lot of ups...what 2013 is going to bring...WHO THE FREAK KNOWS ANYMORE!?!?!?!

January:  Uncle passed away, one of my brothers took a very wrong turn (in life, possibly for the better...if it helps him to change...), and I got pulled from student teaching - I was ready for a do over by the end of the month.

February:  I found a mediocre job - that kept me stable, and that pretty much sums up February!

March:  Eh, the same old soup was going on, I just kept getting reheated!

April:  I passed that gosh awful praxis test and I felt like my life could finally carry on!

May:  I witnessed a very rare eclipse in the small town of Kanarraville known as the "Sweetest Spot" in all the world to view this solar eclipse.  Oh, and my sister graduated college before me!  Yeah for her - Boo for me!  I also did a major hike to the top of Angels Landing...first time and last time ever, I'm sure!
 Watching an Eclipse in K-Town!  Best party EVA!
The Sister graduating from SUU like a BOSS!
(I have to say this picture/editing taken by me is SWEET!)
Look who hiked all the way to the's top there!  Won't do that again!
June:  Was back to round 4 of the seasonal job of planting flowers, pulling weeds, and screaming at worms.  I had two very fun co-workers that kept me going though.
Flower Power!
July:  July was good to me!  I turned an age of 30 something.  Spent the day working, then gambling my hard earned money away...or my friends hard earned money away...Spent a week with my family and extended family in a beautiful part of the USA known as Yellowstone/Jackson Hole/Small town USA.
Happy to turn 32... Sheesh I'm gett'n olds!
Enjoyed spending time with the family in Yellowstone!
August:  Oh, oh, oh the student teaching finally began!  I also got to go see "Wicked" for the first time ever!  Yup, me gots some culture in me finally!
It was a close call, but we made it and boy was it AMAZING!
September:  Hated student teaching!

October:  Student teaching was bearable...BUT I started to apply for flight attendant jobs!

November:  Finished my student teaching, and I actually really enjoyed it.  Weird!!!!!!  I also got released from my primary calling...and got put into the Young Women's...there are more leaders than girls!!!  I want my primary kids back...Weird (again)!
One of my favorite Foods II Class!
My sweet little primary kids!
December:  Heard back from several airlines - started to get interviews set up.  Had my first one in Seattle!  Wasn't in the stars for me with that company.  Finally graduated COLLEGE!  HOLLA!  Celebrated the Christmas holiday with my WHOLE family!  That hasn't happened in YEARS.  I also got to celebrate the holiday with extended family - which made this Christmas....AWESOME!  And, I hopefully worked my last time at wrapping gifts.
Oh Seattle - til we meet again!
Finally done with this place!  It was an interesting road....
Christmas - Griswald style!
January 2013 is starting could be pretty awesome...only time will tell...But I am hoping for some AWESOME!