Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I hit a deer!!! And, scared the SHIT out of it...Literally!


So, I just want to state I have not been blogging in a while...long story. But, I have a much better story - I'll try to make it quick. I'm back working on the SUU Grounds Crew - TOTALLY EXCITED about that, but, I'm not excited that I have to be to work at 6:00am. However, my second day back as I was zooming off to work in the dark early hours of the morning, the road to work was dotted with DEER! OH DEER!!! I saw them in a great herd ahead. I slowed down, but not enough... Then out of the blue this deer ran forward and I hit the breaks. Wasn't quite quick on the breaks and next thing I know the deer is eye to eye with me, then suddenly I see the deer fly past the driver side (in slow motion). As this is going on I am swerving on to the side of the road and hoping that I don't hit another one. Eh, eh, Eh, eh, I had NO idea what I was doing or what I should do. After the deer went flying I continued on to work. I felt like I was sitting pretty since nothing much happened. WELL, as I got to work, and later in the day when the sun came out I decided I should see if there was any damage on my car. (I only did this because one of my co-workers hit a deer this morning also, and had a lot more damage done to her car...I'm super lucky!) About 9:00am this morning I examine the damage to see a nice dent, and "SHIT" smeared up the side of my car. Nice??? Now what do I do? I do have to say that it's been three years since I have been in this deer infested area and this is my first "hit and run." Speaking of "hit and run" - I was so nervous on the way home to see the evidence I left behind. I inspected the area of where this incident happened...NOTHING, there was no deer, nothing! So, I'm in huge hopes that I didn't kill the deer, and that all that happened was that his pride was hurt by his shitting on the side of my car. Because, believe me, if I almost got hit I would probably shit on the side of the car too.