Thursday, December 22, 2011

For 1 Bad There is 10 Good!

Jerry and I wrapping away!!!
I'm wrapping Christmas presents again this year.  It's bittersweet being my last year wrapping.  Sweet because next year I hope to be somewhere different and actually having a career - not a job!  Bitter because, although I hope to be flying the skies as a flight attendant I will truly miss my sweetie pie, Jerry.  I just love Jerry - she is 82 years old and full of spunk!  If it weren't for her I wouldn't be able to handle my job as gift wrapper.  It's also bitter because of all the nice people who come shopping, who I have gotten to know, and who I get to visit with as I wrap up there Christmas presents.  I (always) try to think of the little kiddies, or old fogies opening their presents on Christmas day, but before tearing into their presents they stop and admire the beautiful wrapped package.  Some people might even say, "Gosh, this package is so beautiful I don't want to open it.  And, as it was being wrapped the girl was so fun to talk with!"  I really do hope some people have nice things to say about my wrapping, and my talkative, hopefully likable personality.

You know, I am trying to be more positive - hard to do these days, but I'M TRYING.  As I'm experimenting with this whole "positive attitude" I have found that negativity still slips in at times.  Working in the retail life it slips in all the time!  I had some mean and nasty people at the beginning of the holiday, but frankly, you are going to get MEAN and NASTY people no matter what.  With that said, I have found myself thinking after a not so nice person has just left my wrapping table that now it's time for me to help ten nice people.  I've discovered that this motto (of mine - if it can be mine?) is true.  Totally and one hundred percent true!  Whenever I help/deal with an awful person I just know that now I get to have ten over the top, super sweet, genuine, happy people.  I then completely forget about the one person who could've ruined my day, but am turned around by the sweetness of everyone else.

Two very quick stories to illustrate that nice people are still roaming the earth, and still roaming around the madness of last minute Christmas shoppers.

Story one:  Gentleman approaches my wrapping station on Tuesday.  He was in buying a beautiful shirt for his wife.  The old man smelt of smoke, had holes in his jeans, was missing most of his teeth, and was "mister chatty charlie."  I wrapped his shirt beautifully for his wife, and as I am wrapping I visited with him.  It was rather slow that Tuesday morning, so even after the package was wrapped we continued to visit some more.  He shared advice with me on life, and I accepted it whole heartily.  When he left I thought to myself that he was a kind old soul, and was full of humility.  Well, as I working this morning I saw the man again.  He had come into the store just to give me $3.00 for wrapping his gift on Tuesday.  He said to me, "I am so sorry, I left here and realized I did not tip you for wrapping my gift."  I said, "Sir, you don't need to - this is a free service, and I was happy to wrap it for you."  He insisted, and wanted me to take his $3.00.  I did finally take his money because the situation was sort of causing a scene with other customers, and he just left the money on the counter, thanked me and left the store.  I was sincerely touched that he would come all the way back into the store just to give me $3.00 for wrapping a shirt.

Story two:  A woman (who is a teacher) came in last week purchasing a few small items to finish up her "Secret Santa" Christmas presents.  As I got visiting with her she shared with me a story about how she bought a jacket last year for one of her students.  She teaches at one of the schools here in Cedar for low income, or foster type children.  The story was that one of her female students had been coming to school without a jacket.  She had approached the young girl numerous times asking where her jacket was.  The girl would just say something to the effect that she had forgotten it.  Well, the teacher knew she hadn't forgotten it, that she just didn't have one, or her parents (if she had any) couldn't afford one for her.  This teacher then decided to buy the young girl a jacket.  She secretly gave the girl a bright pink warm jacket, and the very next day the young girl came to school sporting her new jacket.  The teacher said she never took it off the whole day and was so pleased with it.  As the teacher is telling me this story I just teared up.  It made me realize that even though there is a lot of negativity in the world today there is still so many people in the world who are generous and kind.  I seriously felt like a terrible person, because what have I done for anyone?  Granted I am poor right now, but there is so much that still can be done without money.

This Christmas season has truly been a great one for me.  Even though the month of December has just whizzed by, and I was busy finishing my finals, and working two jobs.  I have tried to take some time to enjoy this holiday season. I did get my Christmas cards out at the first of the month, and I have absolutely enjoyed all the Christmas cards I have received this year.  I look forward to December just because I receive so many nice letters, and pictures.  One particularly Christmas card I received this year left me tear filled as I read that one of the sweet ladies from my mission, Joyce, who I was able to teach all the discussions to and watch be baptized just before returning home finally was able to go through the temple.  She expressed her joy and testimony to me, and I just shed tears as I read her letter.
My clever way of hanging my Christmas cards this year - in the kitchen.
Used green, red, and gold ribbon, then paper clipped my cards.
My Christmas feels complete this year, and the special day hasn't even arrived yet.  I have been blessed with a fun holiday job, filled with neat people.  I have taken in and enjoyed the beautiful Christmas lights that people have displayed.  I got to walk around the St. Geroge Temple grounds and see the Nativity, and beautiful lights there.  I have also spent time visiting with family and enjoying their company (which is rather shocking).  And lastly, I have truly felt the spirit of Christmas through many peoples actions and thoughts. 
The Beautiful Nativity.
The Sister and I.
The Parental's {a.k.a mommy & daddio}
Temple St. George.
May the Christmas spirit continue upon you these next few days.

Merry Christmas to One and All!  

Friday, December 16, 2011

Bittersweet, Almost Accomplished, and Beyond Belief

I just took my last final (minus the stupid Praxis test I still have to take to student teach).  My last stint in the classroom as a student is, after a very long time, coming to a bittersweet end.  Next semester the tables will be turned and I will the teacher, I will be in charge, and I will be forever done with school.  

I am feeling almost accomplished with this never ending endeavor with school, and receiving my measly little bachelors degree.  It has been a VERY hard road for me, and I sometimes wonder (quite often really) why I keep going?  However, with all the obstacles I have had to go through I have met and made some wonderful friends in this long school journey.
The Block - Our close nit family for the semester.  I have had
numerous education classes with these people.
(Bottom:  Gary, Scott, Sam, Steve, Me, Kaitlin, Melissa.  Top:  Gus,
Ryan, Amanda, Dani, Megan, Aliese, Matt, Dani, Carolyn, Jennise, Peggy - The Professor, and Stillman.)
My girls!  Sam, Aliese, Me, and Dani.  I could not have
made it through this last semester without them!
The OLD institute class.  Bless the Cedar City Institute for
having an "older" institute class.  We have all gotten to know
each other through the years.  Our teacher(s) have been
awesome.  Brother Staples was my favorite - that's him in the middle.
Food Science.  My final science class ever!  Our lab was twice a week,
and we had the funnest and bestest time meeting
every Tuesday and Thursday for 3 long hours!
I learned so much in my food science
class - I may never look at food the same.
(Bottom: Erica, Adrianna, Me, Emily.  Middle: Danielle, Chelsea, Ashley
Kali, Kiley.  Top: Jackie, Liz, Brittany.  Two boys:  Riley, and Ryan)
My glorious Testing Center co-workers.  I may gripe and complain
about my job at the testing center, but the people I work with
make the job bearable, and enjoyable!
(Bottom:  Andrew, Me, Charlotte.  Top:  Marianna, Katie,
Eric, Megan, and Emily.)
I am beyond belief that this time of graduation is close at hand. There are times I still don't believe this will happen, but from here it's all down hill to that day I participate in such scholarly tradition.

Monday, December 12, 2011

"Last Christmas," and other Favorite Christmas Songs

First I want to say, go check out my lil Sis's blog because she did a fun, yet kind of hard Christmas quiz.

Second of all, last year I did a blog on all my favorite Christmas movies and music.  My Christmas movie list is still about the same.  However, I have been watching some really lame, cheese-y, and totally free Christmas movies on ABC Family...maybe I shouldn't have canceled my Netflix instant, and maybe I should stop renting really lame movies on Netflix like "My Idiot Brother."  Why do I feel the need to finish a movie even when it is freaking terrible???

I'm digressing here - I wanted to discuss my love for Christmas music since I only listen to it once a year, for one month only.  I start my listening on December first, and no sooner, no sooner, no sooner.  I never did understand these people who start listening months before.  Christmas music is terrific, and if you are like me and don't really get into the holiday season, music can really help ring it all in.

I have to rant first, and ask the question as to WHY some songs have been written, and have a huge following.  Some people should be locked up for a few months for writing terrible songs such as, "Grandma Got Ran Over by a Reindeer" - a song about ones possibly drunk or dementia Grandmother getting hit by Santa and his reindeer, then being killed, is just terrible.  Great Christmas song people?  What song is next, let's talk about "Santa Baby" - every version known to man is sung annoyingly and nasally about some spoiled woman/girl who wants the most expensive gifts for Christmas.  Many versions specifically the one sang by Miss Piggy (I know right, I have actually heard this version) and another by Madonna are the worst!  I can only imagine that all the other versions especially by Brit (Britney Spears), and Kellie Picker, an American Idol contestant are just as bad!  Lastly, "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus" - what is this song really about?  Is this Mommy having an affair with a jolly, white haired man, or is the Daddy dressing up as Santa and the Mommy is getting all kinky down by the Christmas tree?  Seriously, why do they have to play these songs - they momentarily put me in a bad mood.  One last song that is equally terrible, but kind of bearable, only because it's my Christmas ring tone for my cell phone is "The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don't be Late)."  No question - dumb song.

Let's talk about what Christmas songs I adore!  One song in particular that is not your typical "hymn book," traditional song is "Last Christmas" by Wham!  I still am trying to figure out what this song is all about?  I'm assuming it's about a couple who dated one Christmas then the next year they are broken up, yet they see each other again the following Christmas and want to rekindle that once holiday romance?  Whatever it a may be, this song tops my charts!  I seriously put this song on repeat and just listen to it over and over for the whole month of December.  I never tire of it - weird, I know.  Thus far I have listened to the song 94 times according to my iTunes.  I even love every version of this song except for Taylor Swifts version - who does she think she is?  I know she is all pretty, writes her own music, and is just sweet as pie, but one thing she CAN'T do is sing "Last Christmas!"

Besides "Last Christmas" here is a list of some of my favorite songs this year.
Sinead O'Connor:: Silent Night
The Killers::  Boots (Yes this is a Christmas song)
Sufjan Stevens::  Joy to the World (and a bunch of their other songs - so folk!)
Justin Bieber::  The Christmas Song
Glee (this years album)::  Do You Hear What I Hear
Pink Martini:: White Christmas
Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds:: Christmas Song
The Bird and the Bee::  Carol of the Bells

And of course "Last Christmas." Sung by Wham!, Jimmy Eat World, and that Disney teen freak Ashley Tisdale - all who produce a great rendition of my most favorite Christmas song ever!!!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Throw Another Wrench in My Plans - I DARE YOU!

Why has my college career been nothing but disappointment?  I am supposed to student teach January 9th.  Nope, didn't pass my Praxis exam by two points.  TWO POINTS!  What on earth is this whole school journey supposed to be teaching me?????  I have about had it with all this.  Just once I want my plans to work out for me.  Just one itty, bitty, time.  I'm not asking for much here....All I want out of this life (right now) is a piece of paper saying I graduated college.  I don't even plan on teaching, but then, what IF I decided to later on down the road....

So, I trudge along.  I have to wait until January 14th to take the next Praxis exam - hope and pray I can pass it this second time around.  IF I do pass then I start student teaching February 1st.

I DARE YOU to throw another wrench in my plans.  Seriously, it's not like I haven't been through Hell already the last four years of school!!!!

Whatever!  I'll just keep going.  That's what I seem to do?  I mean really, what else do I have to work towards?

Monday, December 5, 2011

Thanksgiving & Black Friday BLISS.....

How was your Thanksgiving?  I told everyone, "it was just another day with a big meal."  I do have to say the high of my thanksgiving festivities was eating, OF COURSE, and having a white elephant gift exchange that has become a family tradition - with me receiving the BESTEST GIFT EVER!  A picture of my cousins husband in a swimsuit - totally scandalise!
Stud Muffin!
Basically what the day of giving thanks boils down to is that I am really grateful for food!  Between my Mommy and I, we made some dang good desserts.  She made her favorite southern cook - Paula Deen's gooey butter pumpkin cake (for me basically - caused I asked), and another favorite of Deen's an apple carmel cake.  I brought two made from scratch, from my Grandma Eastman's recipe, PeeeeeeCAN pie, and a new favorite - peaches and cream pie, also made from scratch.  The pie crusts were also made from scratch, and the whip topping was REAL.  Just saying - no fake stuff here!
Is this not the most beautiful pecan pie you have ever seen?
I feel I have finally perfected this divine dessert, and had people wanting more...those two pecan pies didn't last very long, and apparently two pies aren't enough for my glutenous family........The cousin, Summer, thinks that I have perfected my pie long ago, but I feel that this Thanksgiving I produced the best pecan pie ever.  From here on out my pecan pies are just going to get better!!!!  My Mother dearest has already put in an order for Christmas dinner.  It's a good thing we only eat these pies twice a year.
Doesn't she look scrumptious?  
Black Friday, Black Friday, Black Friday......
Let this be a lesson!  Black Friday is NOT bliss, Black Friday is HELL!  HELL, I tell you!  HELL!  Not only has this Satanist, greed filled, money hungry day taken over the world, but now it's seeping into one of our most wonderful holidays this country has to offer - Thanksgiving.  After hours of eating and visiting 9:00pm came along, and people started to leave.  I didn't want the party to end, so the Bro, the Sis and I decided to follow the rest of the family to see what all the hype was for this Black Friday madness.  We arrived at the local Wal-Mart about a quarter after 9:00pm.  The parking lot was packed to the rim, people were parking at the nearby Home Depot and walking to Wal-Mart (not that the Home Depot is very far away, but Wal-Mart's parking lot was stuffed as plump as a turkey - and on Thanksgiving day!) We walked into the store and found it was already chaos.  What on earth could be so appealing that people were literally sitting in lawn chairs down the isles?  I was in complete shock.  Luckily I had my iPod and started snapping pictures of this madness.  The Sis had actually came with some items in mind - DVDs.  We found our way to the "meat" department, yes meat department, where dozens of cardboard DVD cases were set up and being guarded by depressed Wal-Mart workers.  I walked up and down the isles of cases scanning the DVDs.  I figured that if the Sis was going to try to buy some DVDs then why not have her grab me some as she was going into the trenches???  DVDs really are a waste of money....ESPECIALLY when you have a Netflix account, but who can pass up $2.00 DVDs.  Yup, people sure are desperate for $2.00 DVDs - myself included, apparently?  So, for 45 minutes we stood guard of the precious cardboard cases, waiting patiently for the announcement over the intercom that we could start buying DVDs.  At exactly 10:00pm, Thanksgiving night, the first flood gates were opened, and people went ballistic.  I just sat back and watched, and of course video tapped the madness.  I got 3 out of the 4 DVDs that I JUST HAD TO HAVE...and as we were checking out the lady behind me with her arms full of junk, went through her stuff, and decided at the checkout what she wanted and didn't want. She had a DVD that I apparently HAD TO HAVE - "Crazy Stupid Love," remind me never to purchase a video without watching first.  Another first and last moment.  She said I could have it, and I ended up with four DVDs.  I will never, ever, ever support the Black Friday Madness ever again.  I felt so bad for the workers, and when I came upon one I would apologize saying, "I'm sorry I'm here, I'm sorry you have to work, I will never do this again."  They would only look at me weird.  I guess when you sign up to work for Wal-Mart it's a given that you will most likely be working on Black Friday.

Worn out and traumatized I still had to work on Black Friday.  I went to work at the local department store Christensen's.  (Same holiday job I had last year wrapping gifts.)  I'm grateful to have a second job this holiday season, and I truly love my 82 year old co-worker Jerry.  She makes this job very bearable.  However, she was out of the state over Thanksgiving and it ended up being just me wrapping gifts for eight hours.  Not miserable, but it's funny how people turn into amazingly RUDE people on this particular day.  I guess it's just a joy of working retail/customer service.

As my eight hour day was coming to an end my last customer of the day came to my wrapping station wanting her gifts wrapped.  I was helping some other folk.  She seemed impatient and just said she would leave her goods and she would be back later.  Before she took off I wanted to make sure I knew how and what to wrap her stuff in.  She had two piles and placed her hand on the one pile and said this pile in the red paper, the other pile in the blue.  That was it.  I finished with the current customers, then started and finished her packages before she got back.  She arrived back a few minutes before I was to leave, and asks where her packages were.  They were clearly in front of her, but she was confused.  She say's to me, "I didn't have two packages?"  I said, "Yes you did."  Then she has some sort of light bulb go off when she realizes I packaged the one pile in ONE BOX and the other pile in another box.  She then proceeds to swear at me and yell at me.  I immediately apologize, because apparently the customer is always right, and my job can be replaced in the drop of a hat.  As I am sincerely apologizing I ask her if I can re wrap and package the stuff for her.  "NO!"  She say's.  "Just give me some boxes and paper and I'll go home and do this myself!"  At this point I so badly wanted to remind her that the service I am doing is a FREE SERVICE from the store, and seriously you look like an idiot right now, but again I am truly sorry for this inconvenience.  As I continue the apologies I turn around to my wall of wrapping paper, take the boxes she will be using, and act like I am measuring out paper.  Little does she know I am shorting her on wrapping paper, and she will get home to wrap her precious gifts and not have enough paper!  Hee, hee, hee.

Then next day was a little bit better.  Although, I did start off the day with a woman who apparently didn't think I knew how to wrap.  So, she took it upon herself to come around the counter and wrap the present herself.  I just threw my hands up and saying "whatever" - stood back and let her do her thing.  She has never worked at Christensen's, she just was older and wiser apparently????  Great example she was to her granddaughter in toe!  Seriously people, really you act like this?  I'm amazed at the kind of people this world is producing.  I'm not trying to say that I am perfect by any means.  But, I feel like I have some sort of decency that I would not act as stupid/rude as most of the people I encountered during this Black Friday Bliss....

Lesson learned - NEVER AGAIN WILL I SHOP ON THANKSGIVING NIGHT, or Black Friday.  As one lady said, "Are we really this poor that we need to be out amongst all of this madness?"  No, I am not that poor that I need to spend my time fighting for DVDs or anything else for that matter.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Best Weekend Ever!

I just had the BEST WEEKEND EVER, in a long time.  If I could describe my weekend in three words I would say, "Laughed sa hard!"
This picture describes my weekend!
Three friends (Kyle or Karl - whatever he chooses to be called, Auntie Cami, and Lisa Lou) and I just road tripped it to Flagstaff to view the last SUU Football game of the season.  We all hopped in the car Friday afternoon and "drove all night" to get to the folksy town of Flagstaff.  We stayed in a cozy little hotel right off the historic route 66, ate an immaculate continental breakfast, went shopping in the historic downtown, watched as the SUU football team won their final game under a covered dome, ate at some fun/different restaurants (one being Brandy's from Dinners, Drive Inns, and Dives) the other an Italian restaurant called Stromboli's, got lost numerous times even when using three different GPS systems, ventured out to more shopping at a Goodwill store - hit the jackpot in the book section, Auntie Cami saw the Grand Canyon for the first time, I joined a prestigious club known as the "sock club" (which if you would like to learn more you can email me and I will give you the FULL details), and lastly we learned a great deal about one another.

Lessons Learned on this wild weekend 
1.  Always make sure that there is lots of good music present!  Wilson Phillips, Spice Girls, Marie Osmond, and of course the song, "Let's Hear it for the Boy!"
2.  Bathroom breaks are only mandatory when it's time to gas up.  However, it may be okay to stop at a gas station so I can talk to random people, possibly use the bathroom, buy a sandwich that will wait until the next day to be eaten, and basically stop just so I can lengthen the time on the road. ;)
3.  Always remember your camera, but be grateful for an iPod (yes I finally replaced mine) that has a camera - doesn't produce the best pictures, but I'm still grateful I had something to document this road trip.
4.  Only eat at restaurants that are unfamiliar, or that only exist in the town you are visiting.  (We ate at some drive inn at Kanab, Brandy's, Stromboli's, and a deserted steakhouse/bar in Vermilion cliffs)
Made Sweet Love to the best buttermilk
 pancake EVER!!! (At Brandy's, Flagstaff, AZ.)
5.  When stopping for the bathroom, be it on the side of the road, on top of a mountain, in the freezing cold, and darkest woods EVER make sure you have some sort of paper product available...if not, two white socks will work wonders!!!
6.  Sharing an adjoining room with four people in toe lends to some funny antics, and childish acts.  Playing games known as "Girl Talk," which makes you talk about your dream wedding - gag, and developing a bad case of acne!
7.  Don't complain about the group of people at the restaurant who are completely loud, obnoxious, and drunk.  It will only backfire when you then become the loud, obnoxious, not drunk - but people start to wonder, table at the restaurant.  
8.  When attending a football game make sure you have a roster of all the football players, and a smart phone so that people, like myself, can continually look for a future boyfriend and let the others enjoy the game.
9.  Shopping should consist of hitting up a Goodwill store, finding books outside of Utah becomes more fun then finding the typical used LDS romance novels.  I still wish I would've bought that book about people who suffer with IBS - could possibly have done a world of good on top of that darkened mountain.
10.  Lastly, laughing so hard your head, stomach, and butt (pops out a fart - wasn't me, just saying) hurts is definitely a prerequisite for any type of road trip.  Thinking you are funny by sharing thoughts on marriage and how my future husband actually already died in the Civil War makes for some head hurting laughing.  Oh, and be sure to share stories about past boyfriends and how cheap they are...always a sure fire way to make people laugh!
The Kibby (Kyle+Libby)
Let's Hear it for OUR Boy - The Man!
The Posse, minus Auntie Cami, who graciously took all of our pictures!
Lisa Lou and I.  Need to point out our old lady ways of
mending and crocheting in the back seat!
All the way there, and all the way back!
The magnificent Grand Canyon!

Monday, November 21, 2011

No More Facebook, and No More Netflix

I've spent some time, recently, in the decision of whether or not I should cancel Netflix....AND Facebook!  Well, the decision has been made and I am no longer a member of Facebook, and I canceled my instant queue on Netflix.  Wow - amazing huh?  That's what I think.  Why did I do this - well, there are several reasons.  Let's start with Netflix first shall we.
During the summer, most of you Netflix users like myself, received an email explaining a price increase.  Boy oh boy, did this shoot me over the edge.  Yes, most of you saw/heard my outrage on this matter.  A few months later they sent another email stating that they would be changing the way they are doing things on Netflix.  This was the final straw that broke the camels back.  BUT, I still decided to stay with them.  Although, I should be super busy with school this last semester, I have found that having both the DVD, and instant viewing were ending up being too much money, and a waste of my time.  I was using the instant queue a lot more then the DVDs.  All of my time was going to stupid shows, like the TV shows Felicity (which I sadly sat through all four seasons - good thing they canceled because I was about to cancel) and My So Called Life which I still can't seem to get through and it's ONLY one season.  It took some time and thought in the matter, but after my Sis took the plunge and canceled her instant queue I decided I should follow her footsteps and do the same.  She canceled due to wasting too much time also.  It feels good to cut that out of my life, for the time being.  The great thing about Netflix is that any time I want to go back to my old ways I can, and they are willing to always take me back with open arms.  Seven more months till graduation, and my gift to myself is adding back my instant queue on Netflix.
Facebook and I have had a love hate relationship for some time.  It took me some time to join, and it was late one night around 1:00am when I took the plunge.  I knew what I was getting myself into at the very beginning.  I joined and loved it.  I thought, this is great, I am able to keep in touch with those people I have met in Alaska, and with those from my years of serving a mission in Kentucky and Ohio.  Recently, I have found myself on this website all the time.  I am not doing anything productive when I am on the website, I spend hours looking, and looking, and looking.  I rarely comment, and when I do my email is flooded with notifications.  However, the notifications stopped suddenly when Facebook made some new changes to their website.  It was a breath of fresh air for me, but not receiving those emails was making it hard for me to know what was going on in Facebook land.  As I was not knowing via email notifications, it made me hop on to Facebook more frequently, and thus I would spend more hours just looking.  I guess what it comes down to is I have no self control?

As I was perusing Facebook a few weeks back (when I should've been doing homework), I found that my cousins wife Shellie wasn't on Facebook anymore.  I was shocked and concerned.  It was late, so I decided that the next day I would contact her and ask her what was going on.  She informed me that it had become too much for her.  Her constant Facebook perusing was getting out of hand, so she canceled her Facebook.  Way to go Shellie, for setting the stage for me.  After much thought and serious consideration I have done the same.  It wasn't like I made the decision over night.  I thought about all the pro's and con's Facebook causes me, and then decided to cancel.  No more offending other people by comments I leave (which I had done recently), no more tagging pictures of people who don't want pictures tagged, and no more wasting my time spending countless hours looking into the lives of people I care and don't care about.  Now that sounds rude, but most the people I'm friends with on Facebook already are people I have contact with by other means. The other people are just those who haven't seen me in years and wanted a quick look into my life right now, and by so doing they had to "add me as their friend."  All along I should've listened to my Bro, "Facebook is stupid, haven't you heard of a phone?"  Yes little Bro, you are right, I have the ones I love dearly right at my phone, or email.  What else do I need?

There it is - I canceled Netflix (just instant queue) and Facebook.  Now I'm loving life even more...or finding more to do that doesn't involve me wasting my time!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

I Did What?


This past semester I have been observing students at one of the local High School's trying to gear up to student teach, (UGH) and today I got a chance at teaching.  I didn't mind teaching, it was not terrible.  I was lucky enough to be in an advanced nutrition class with mostly seniors.  The "super seniors" were very well behaved and there was only once that I stopped and looked at two girls chatting.  I stopped talking, gave them a look that said, "Ladies, I'm in charge now zip it!" Nicely, YES NICELY glared them down until they stopped talking.  Fair enough, right?

Okay, let's get to the "WHAT THE..."  My teacher, whom I have been observing, asked that I teach for about 20 minutes on the introduction into Lipids - FATS, and other chemistry related junk.  I got completely honest with her a few weeks back, and told her straight up that I don't care to be a teacher anymore...(wondering now if I ever wanted to teach in the first place....I'm digressing here....)  She assured me that I would do a great job teaching, and from what she has already observed from my being in the classroom she said I would be good at it???  What does she know, but whatever?  I told her I am happy to be here and do whatever is asked of me, and when I student teach (at this same school - totally happy about that) I will keep a positive attitude and do my best.  But, come graduation I am heading to the skies to be a flight attendant, if the Lord be will'n of course.  If that's not the case, then what the heck, I'll put my teaching degree and license to work.  Somewhere, hopefully???  Still, I am hoping for the skies baby, the deep blue skies baby!  Again, I'm digressing!!!!!

So, my practicum teacher asked me to teach on lipids.  I studied up to find that lipids - what I am studying now in food science actually goes really well with this nutrition teaching lesson.  I decided to be all cutesy and make a fun little toddler game - "Memory" out of all the lipid terms.  I made color copies of lipid based pictures, put them on red and yellow paper (to match their school colors), and then when the student would make a match with one of the lipid terms we would then discuss that picture/term.  I had pictures of Cheerios to represent cholesterol, a girl throwing up to represent bile which is made from cholesterol, a jar of Mayonnaise to represent phospholipids that create emulsions, and so forth.  Of course I made several other pictures/terms, but this is boring stuff, that involves chemistry and we all know how much I love chemistry....  Speaking of the pictures in the game got turned over, and the matches were made we came to a term known as Triglyceride.  Oh no, this is where I suddenly got all chemical on my students and started talking about saturated fats and unsaturated fats, WHAT THE!!!  Saturated and unsaturated fats always gave me such a headache I could never understand what they are and how they work.  Now all of a sudden I'm spouting out these terms like it's my favorite subject in the world.  I thought for sure that once my chemistry hootenannies were over and done with I would be completely rid of that terrible subject.  Just ain't so ya'll.  I was pouring out chemistry terms like soda pop from a fountain.  Again, WHAT THE?!?!?  Here's to saying I guess this battle of chemistry is actually doing some good in my life, for whatever reason.

Yeppers, I had to teach today, and I did the unthinkable by talking about chemistry, which I never in a million years thought it would be of any use.  I was proven wrong with that hypotenuse???  Seriously, more chemistry crap coming out of my mouth!  Stop the madness!  To end my little teaching stint we ended with a clip from the good o'l John Candy era, and watched a short clip from The Great Outdoors to finish my lesson off with another lipid term known as satiety.  Which is how fats make you have that feeling of being full - you might feel that here in a few weeks after Thanksgiving...just saying.

When all was said and done I actually enjoyed teaching today, and maybe this teaching thing won't be so bad after all?  However, I still need to get through next semester with student teaching and all it has to offer.  In fact, I just found out who I'm student teaching with, and where I'm student teaching at.  I will have two foods classes (cooking classes), an adult roles class, and my most exciting class interior design. I will be observing/helping out in a pro start cooking class, and an advanced sewing class.  Sadly though, when I got the high school calendar I immediately sat down and counted/marked all 60 days I have to be in the classroom.  I start January 9, 2012 and will end April 3, 2012 - happy day!!!  Won't it be interesting to see how many more "WHAT THE's" I end up having....

Friday, November 4, 2011

Chaco's and Chocolate

I have been a fan of Chaco shoes for almost four years now.  I say four years because four years ago I purchased my first pair.  I wasn't really sure what these sandals were all about, but I had a great coupon to use at a store that sold them, and they just happened to be on sale at the time.  I spent (if I can remember) around $45.00 for my first pair.  Each summer for the last three and a half years I have wore my Chaco's faithfully.  Sadly enough, this summer on a grand hike up the canyon from my Bro's back yard my Chaco sandals broke.  They were still wearable on the hike, and I safely made it back home all in once piece.  However, I was completely distraught to now have no more Chaco's.  I had heard through the grapevine that Chaco's had a life time warranty on their shoes, and if anything happened they would fix the sandals.
My foot and sandal is the middle foot.  Don't mind the other two feet...
The Sis is to the left (weird looking aren't they) and my
 Steph to the right.
That evening after returning from the hike I got on the trusty Internet and looked up the Chaco's website.  Sure enough I found that Chaco's will repair your broken sandals.  I cleaned up my sandals and boxed them so I could send them to the ReChaco team, but before sealing my box I had one last very important thing to do.  I needed to buy some chocolate to throw into my package of broken sandals.  Why chocolate?  Well, among the fine print of the ReChaco mailing instructions I read this, "Our ReChaco team works faster if you include some tasty chocolate in the box with your CLEAN + DRY sandals."  I went and picked up a few bars of the Utah Mint Truffles - threw them in the box, sealed it up, paid the shipping, and waited patiently for my Chaco's to get fixed and sent home.
Within a few days I received an email from the ReChaco group asking that I give them a call.  I happened to be at work, on the computer, and next to a phone.  I called them right up, and received a sweet lady on the other end of the phone.  She informed me that my shoes would not be able to be fixed, however, she asked if I could hop online and choose a different pair. Really? They would send me a new pair at no charge?  I was floored, yet ecstatic.  At that very moment I went online, and I picked me a new pair.  I then thanked her dearly.  Before the call was over she personally thanked me for the chocolate I had sent, and told me how much they enjoyed it.  I told her I was just doing what the instructions had told me to do.
New and improved - don't mind the feet...yes I need to paint my toes!
Days later my new Chaco's had arrived.  Life was grand once again.  I have shared this testimony with others about Chaco's, the comfortable sandals, the great company they are, and the very personable nice service I received via email and phone call.  I will forever be a true Chaco wearer, as long as I shall live.  I have converted the Sis, and now my Mommy.  I love Chaco's - and you should too!    

Why I love my Chaco's:
1.  Make some totally cool tan lines - people always complement me on mine. ;)
2.  SUPER supportive and super comfortable - wear them hiking all the time, and just around.
3.  They clean up really nice, and each time I power wash them it's like I have a new pair of sandals.
4.  Last forever - life time warranty baby!
5.  The ReChaco team is fabulous!

That's all, now go buy some Chaco's!  

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fall Is In The Air...With The Year Shortly Coming to a Close

Fall is in the air, here in little o'l Cedar City.  I have very much enjoyed this past month of October as I have watched the leaves change their colors, and participated in many fall activities.  What does fall remind me of?  Well, it reminds me of school starting, football games, leaves changing colors, my mission (because at a pivotal point I was transferred to a rural area where the leaves changing color was magnificent, so I always think of Kentucky this time of year - plus I got to spend two fall seasons in Kentucky), apples/pumpkins/squash, soups/comfort food, and lastly, that this year is coming to a close.


School started up once again.  Imagine that!  I am currently enrolled in my last set of classes.  I am in Food Science - which is kicking my butt some, but don't worry, I contacted my miracle working tutor and things are seeming okay.  Also, I am in what is called "the block" and I am gearing up to student teach (next semester - AHHHH).  I have been spending time at Cedar High with the block, and have actually enjoyed my time observing and teaching some.  However, I am at the point (burned out) where I don't even care to teach once I graduate.  Teaching is at the bottom of my list when I start applying for jobs this summer.  I am still holding out for, and want to apply for, flight attendant positions.  My friend Stephanie has been keeping me posted on all upcoming flight attendant positions.  As of this moment, my first priority is to graduate with my bachelors, then worry about flight attendant applications.  Stephanie did mention that Alaska Airlines would be hiring 200 people this spring.  That is what I'm looking forward to do, until then I'm just focusing on school and getting that diploma, or what we're calling it these days - getting that piece of paper! 

Along with school comes Football...


I finally, after too many years, attended my first SUU football game.  I showed up after halftime, so I didn't really attend the whole thing.  SUU won their homecoming game, so it was kind of monumental for me to be there.  Especially since this is my last round of football as a bona fide college student.  I am also attending one of SUU's football games next month, which is out of state - looking forward to that little road trip with friends.
School and football lead to leaves changing colors...

Leaves Changing Colors

I have now officially worked three summers for SUU Grounds as a flower girl.  As soon as school starts I am finished working for the grounds department and head back to the Testing Center.  Although, I am always in need of extra cash I sign up to work the weekends through the end of October.  It is actually quite nice, and I get to really truly enjoy the color changes on campus.  I have to say, even though SUU has sent me through the ringer on my schooling journey, I have thoroughly been blessed by a beautiful campus.  I have said this before, and I will say it again, SUU has the most beautiful college campus here in Utah.  Yes, I know, because I have actually visited all the campuses here in Utah.  So there -- SUU is truly a beautiful campus to be studying at, and I have TRULY enjoyed watching the leaves change color each year.
Doesn't this time of year make you want to eat fallish foods?  Apples, Pumpkins, and Squash....

Apples, Pumpkins, and Squash, oh my!

Growing up here in Southern Utah my Granny had a sister who lived not to far from her in the small town of New Harmony.  New Harmony is nestled at the bottom of Pine Valley mountain, and is a quaint, beautiful town.  I haven't spent much time out there since my Granny passed away, but just recently my cousin Anisa rounded a bunch of us up to go out to a Apple Festival.  Before we went to the apple festival we started in Cedar City at a pumpkin festival.
The Pumpkin Festival was more for the kiddos, but I actually enjoyed myself as I stood in lines so the parents and kids could go do stuff then come back.  I was so helpful. ;)

After the Pumpkin Festival we headed south to New Harmony and attended the Apple Festival.  My Granny had a sister that lived there long ago, some of her kids are still living there (my second cousins).  We were able to see several of our family members and have some great visits.  Granny's sister (my great Aunt Marva and Uncle Vivian) had beautiful apple orchards nestled in New Harmony.  I remember as a child going out there and helping pick apples on a few occasions.  It was fun to visit with my cousins and even pick some apples right off of the tree, and eat them up, right on the spot!  We even boxed up some apples to take home, Summer and I even made an apple crisp.

Apples and pumpkins make great desserts, but does squash....

Soups, and Other Comfort Foods

This time of year allows for me to make a lot of soups.  I LOVE SOUPS!  Soups are so easy and delicious to make.  Since I'm a single gal who only cooks for myself, soups are a great way for me to make a lot, and then eat up my delicious soups during the week.  I have made several batches of homemade tomato soup (tomatoes fresh from my Auntie's garden), corn chowder with fresh corn from my garden, and cream of broccoli soup - fresh from Bountiful Basket's.  I loved my corn chowder recipe that I found online - I of course spruced it up some since I didn't have potatoes I used sweet potatoes, and I threw in some imitation crab as well - it was so colorful and pretty to look at!  However, my greatest cooking adventure this fall lead me to some Spiced Zucchini cupcakes.  My garden produced a "butt load" of squash, and until the first snow fall a FEW WEEKS AGO I was at the point of throwing away my squash.  When the first snow arrived I decided to make the best of what I had left - no more throwing away my beloved squash!  I perused the Internet looking for zucchini recipes.  Finally, one night I came across this recipe, and my life has been changed.  I will forever be planting zucchini each summer just so I can make these Spiced Zucchini Cupcakes - oh MY! 
This year is shortly coming to a close, and fall always symbolizes to me that the year is over and it's time to start over.  Just as the leaves fall and the winter months storm ahead, so does my life.  I have a few life changing things coming upon me in the next several months, and I have slowly began to prepare for what's in my future (teaching, flight attendant, or maybe more school...). The ending of seasons, especially fall, gives me a new perspective and a new motivation for life, and the path's it leads me on.  I came home from my mission at this time of year - another reason why fall is so special and sentimental.  After arriving home, I had to start from scratch with everything.  Since that time 8 years ago I have always felt that Fall is when I get my stuff together and move forward.  Fall is a time to make changes, start over, start something new, and work towards those different life changing events.  May the fall leaves, festivals, and yummy foods ring in a new perspective on what comes next in this coming year.  

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Three Cheers for, "The Help"

Last year at this time my book club was reading the book, The Help.  I hadn't really heard very much about it.  I started reading this book and immediatley fell in love with it.  After one chapter into the book I grabbed a pad of paper and a pen and kept it with me through out the rest of the book just so I could write down quotes from the story.

Here are some of my favorite:

  • "You is kind.  You is smart.  You is important."
  • "Every morning, until you dead in the ground, you gone have to make this decision.  You gone have to ask yourself, "Am I gone believe what them fools say about me today?"
  • "All I'm saying is, kindness don't have no boundaries."
  • "Ugly live up on this inside.  Ugly be a hurtful, mean person."
  • "No one tells us, girls who don't go on dates, that remembering can be almost as good as what actually happens."
  • "The day your child says she hates you, and every child will go through the phase, it kicks like a foot in the stomach."
  • "It seems like at some point you'd run out of awful."
  • "Frying chicken always makes me feel a little better about life."
  • "I'm sorry, but were you dropped on your head as an infant."
  • "Got to be the worst place in the world, inside a oven.  You in here, you either cleaning or you getting cooked."
  • "I give in and light another cigarette even though last night the surgeon general came on the televeision set and shook his finger at everybody, trying to convince us that smoking will kill us.  But Mother once told me tongue kissing would turn me blind and I'm starting to think it's all just a big plot between the surgeon general and Mother to make sure no one ever has any fun."
The story is set in the 1960's, in Jackson, Mississippi.  It's about white women and their hired "help."  One of the white ladies, Skeeter is in her early 20's, and a college graduate.  As the rest of her friends are in their early 20's, and popping out babies, using their hired help to take care of them and their babies.  The story mainly focuses on Skeeter, a white girl, and two black maides, Abileen, and Minny.  The three of these women come together and write a book called "The Help" sharing stories about how the white ladies treat the black ladies in the town of Jackson, Mississippi.

I won't say much more to this story except that if you have not read this book THEN YOU NEED TO READ IT!  As soon as we finished reading and meeting at our book club I called up my Mom, and said, "We just read the best book ever!  It's called The Help and you need to check it out immediately!"  My Mommy did what I said, and she immediatley fell in love with it and then told all her friends to go read it.  After telling my Mom I then told my Boss at work.  Within a few days she had checked out the book and was loving each page.  Then between my Mom and I, we got my Sis to read The Help, and she soon fell in love with the story as well.

Well, as some of you may already know this book has recently been made into a movie.  I was not there opening night as I hoped I could be, but I recently found some time in my busy schedule to go see the movie.  Some of you may think that books should not be made into movies, but this book made the perfect movie.  It was brought to life on the big screen in such a way that it did not ruin the book, or make an awful movie adaptation.  I was so pleased with the outcome, and how closely Hollywood followed the book.  I found myself yelling at the characters, crying along with them, and laughing at their antics, that came to life even more in the movie.  There is one incident in the book that was very big, yet the detail was saved for the very end, and was only just a small part (trying not to ruin the book/movie).  However, the movie took this very big incident and glamorized it, if I can use that word, bringing it full force throughout the movie.  I was clapping at times because the movie had "glamorized" this major incident, yet small part of the book.  So, I want to say, well done Hollywood, well done.
Can I just give three cheers to this book, and three more grand cheers to a movie that follows this book so well.  Also, three cheers to first time author, Kathryn Stockett, who didn't give up on writing this book.  This was her first book, and she was actually turned down 60 times before anyone would pick up her book and read it.  What a great example of preserving.  Three cheers for sure!

Next book or movie on your list - The Help, I promise you will not be disappointed!  Now quit reading my blog, and go read the book or go see the movie!!!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Before...AND AFTER!

I moved!  Upon moving I decided that I would take the furniture that I had and jazz it up some.  What on earth was I thinking....

Lord be will'n I got my stuff - yes stuff, all jazzed up.  I have been living in my new crib for almost a month, and it feels like I went out and bought me a whole new wardrobe. Not clothes, but wardrobe in furniture...whatever you would call it.  Enough rambling from me!  Enjoy all my before, and afters's!

Legal size filing cabinet I bought for $10.00.
Best deal EVER!!!
Old bookshelf that belonged to my Grandma.
Actually pretty cheap.....
Entry table my parents bought me a few years ago for
my birthday.  Really nice, just not into the southwest look.
Basic nightstand - hated the hardware.
The dresser that goes with my "basic" nightstand.
Some decor - not sure I like the after....
My bright and fun new filing cabinet that makes
filing fun!!!!  Love my color choice too!
Cheap bookshelf...doesn't look so cheap now.  I painted
this a greenish blue color called, "garden pond" and
then glazed over it.  Kind of in love with glaze.
Painted a rusty orange, and then glazed again.  Seriously
falling in love with glaze.
Nightstand.  First experience with glaze.  Don't
really like the outcome, but I'm to lazy to do it again.
Don't look to close - messed up and to lazy to change/fix it.
I painted this dresser and nightstand a toffee color then glazed.
Glazed way too much!!!!!  Yes, some of my hardware is screwy too...
Here I am again, to lazy to change my mess up.  These two stars
look like poop color, and poop.  I wanted to do newspaper
then color.  Should've chose a different color.  Again, if I weren't lazy
I would fix....but I'm lazy.

 There is my before and afters.  It's fun that they are done, cause now I can truly enjoy my hard work.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

108 Days of MY Summer Vacation

Woweeeeee!  Where, oh where, did this summer vacation of mine go.....

My summer vacation started out with a bang.  The Sis and I did a VERY LONG ROAD TRIP - remember that???
14-15 days...give or take a few, (I can't remember) of traveling in a circle amongst the states of Utah, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and Wyoming.
4 days of Cake Decorating Classes - to which I might add, I'm not a fan of decorating cakes.  I was stressed the whole time because of my chemistry class that was going on the at SAME TIME.  And, I think the icing we had to make was absolutely disgusting.  Therefore, my cakes that I ended up producing got thrown in the trash.  My final cake for the class didn't even make it to class because of stress and poor planning - that cake was a complete mess, and so was I!!!  I will say that the one thing I gained from this experience was some nifty baking tricks, and an admiration for anyone who decorates cakes.  Let me just fork out the big bucks to those cake decorators in the world, because you won't ever see me decorating another cake!
Me and my two girls - Staci and Reagan at our favorite flower bed - Presidents house.
 Some of the other fun flower and ground girls.  (Back:  Julianne, Kim, Kali, Reagan, Staci.  Bottom:  Vonae, and Me.)
63ish days of working the grounds of SUU.  I got "stuck" with two younger girls in a threesome this summer, and let's just say I wasn't looking forward to it.  BUT, I ended up having a blast with my two young co-workers, and we had a fun time working together each day.  Reagan (20) and Staci (18) taught me a lot.  I go back to what my Boss said when he paired us up, "You can learn a lot from these two girls."  I said, "How can I learn something from a 20 year old and fresh new High School graduate???"  I looked passed the age difference (finally) and had a great time working the grounds with two young'ns.
Kyle, Me, (Kyle + Me (Libby) = "Kibby") Erin, and Auntie Cami!!!  Best 31st Birthday EVER!
3 days of birthday celebration!  The night before my birthday my Sis and one of my Bro's baked me some cookies, lite a candle on fire, sang "happy birthday," and let me open my presents.  The day of my birthday I was surprised with flowers, singing, and Dairy Queen ice cream cake!  What a wonderful surprise from dear friends!!!!  A few days later I was then treated to dinner by another friend to a very yummy BBQ restaurant in Cedar City.  Tasted so good, but left smelling like a fire pit - worth it, I think so!

5 days of Tiki Shack snow cone eating!  I know, totally disappointed in my lack of support to one of the best Snow Cone shacks this side of Hawaii!  Next year I will not disappoint!  (If you haven't stopped on main street in Cedar City at the decorated camping trailer known as the Tiki Shack then you, my readers, are missing out!  When you go, (next summer since they closed for winter) please get a snow cone with your choice of flavor, vanilla ice cream on the bottom, sweet and condensed milk on top, and then lastly topped off with whip cream - HEAVENLY!)

73 days, and still going....UGH!  I planted a garden.  I have decided that gardens as big as mine are for people who have kids that can help, or for people who have a spouse, and you are both retired.  I bit off more then I could chew, and this garden has been a lot of work.  However, I have reaped the benefits, okay a lot of benefits. I have more squash then I know what to do with - anyone want some?  Contact me!!!!  Sheesh! They say that when planting a zucchini plant or squash plant you plant two.  Two, just in case one plant doesn't make it you'll at least have one.  Oh no, I planted three different types of squash and six plants each of the different squash.  That makes a total of 18 FREAKING plants.  And, on top of that, I accidentally dropped some pumpkin seeds that surprisingly popped up, so now I have a huge pumpkin plant taking over a section of my garden.  Anyone need pumpkins this fall????  Well, at least I can say that I learned a lot from this garden experience.  I know what to do next time, and what not to do.  Next year, I do not see a garden in my future, at least not a very big one.

5 days of culture, as I spent time going to plays at Tuachan and Shakespeare.  I got to see "The Glass Menagerie," which was very interesting, depressing, and hit a little to close to home.  "Romeo and Juliet" where I leaned back and slept through most of the was free so I wasn't out any money, and I was taking my Sister - who loved it!  "Noises Off!" which was was hilarious, clever, and I very much recommend.  "Grease" which was SO AWESOME - such a classic in my book!  And lastly, I got to see "The Little Mermaid," which was actually kind of silly - cool affects, but super silly.  (I also get to go see "Dial M For Murder" in October, which is a fall play during the Shakespeare festival.)
This is me FINALLY passing chemistry - thumbs up yo!  (Don't worry I just signed my tutor up for another semester with my Food Science class - Lord help me!!!)
38 days of studying my pea brain out over chemistry!  And not to mention I spent $700.00 on a tutor who FINALLY got me to pass organic bio chemistry.  How does it go....
A big bag of sunflower seeds $3.59
Over due fees at the library for using a study room $2.30
70 hours for a personal tutor $700.00
Passing chemistry after the fourth time (or 9th time - all together)...PRICELESS.  Heck yes, FREAKING PRICELESS!!!
 The whole hiking gang at Kanarraville Falls.
A couple of days (here and there) hanging out with family, having barbeque's, going hiking, camping, and river rafting - yeah buddy.  Our latest hike took us to the canyon right up the road from my bro's house.  Kanarra Narrows, as we always called it growing up.  We finally set a date and went and hiked the narrows.  Had a most beautiful Saturday afternoon, and couldn't have picked a better date.  The narrows were packed with people and we had some interesting experiences, but we didn't see any snakes and we all survived each other.

Lastly, out of my whole summer vacation I only watched about 20 days of Netflix.  Shocking, I know!  I should've just put my account on hold as I was so busy with chemistry, chemistry, and well whatever else I did this summer.  I didn't put it on hold, so my very few dvd's I recived over the summer sat in their envelope for days, sometimes weeks without me watching the dvd.  I also watch instant, so the rest of my watching days were set to my latest crave, (or the flashback to mid 90's watching "My So Called Life" with the beautiful Jared Leto) "Take Home Chef" - which I used to watch when it aired years ago on TLC.  This show only lasted two seasons, but has over 100 episodes.  AND, the only time I would get to watch that show was when I had dishes THAT HAD TO BE DONE.  I clean dishes and watch a beautiful (straight) Austrialian man cook dinner.  Oh the life I live!  I also want to put in my two cents about this whole Netflix - raising the price thing.  IT STINKS!  But, as my Mommy tried to calm me down...she said, "Libby, it was bound to happen - get over it!"  I'm sticking with Netflix, but they can forget me converting any more people over to their company.  SHOOT - I used to have such a strong testimony of them and their company, but then that thing called money and greed got in the way and this is how they treat their consumers.  Nu Uh - I don't think so.  I tired to wait it out by making a threat (either "you don't make us pay or I'm canceling my account") via Facebook, along with umpteen thousand others....but those Netflix folk are sticking to their guns and I am just going to have to buck up and pay the extra money a month.  So, I'm sticking with them! I am even paying the $16.00 (actually $17.07 - just got my first bill) a month so I can have one unlimited and instant viewing.
My new home - what a mess.  Wish I could find time to unpack instead of just doing a little here and little there!!!!!!
And lastly, I spent all my other time trying to pack up my CRAP and move.  Yes, I cut the cord from my younger brother and moved out to the big city of Cedar City.  I wish I would've done it sooner.  I will miss my Bro - he has been a fantastic landlord/storage unit, but the time has come.  Now I really can make fun of people who are my age and still live at home!  I moved to Cedar City, and it has taken me forever to get my CRAP to my little basement apartment that is just blocks away from campus, and in the heart of downtown.  I live below an old family friend who is my age and has a little boy.  I love my new crib, and I am almost done decorating it - you want a tour...I will be making a video of my new digs just cause it's been a while since I have made a lame video.  Stay tuned - it's going to be a good one!

I know my summer wasn't as exciting as most of my family and friends, but I sure did stay busy.  I guess that's all that matters at this point in my life.  Won't this next year of mine be interesting to watch....can't wait to see where I end up!