Thursday, December 22, 2011

For 1 Bad There is 10 Good!

Jerry and I wrapping away!!!
I'm wrapping Christmas presents again this year.  It's bittersweet being my last year wrapping.  Sweet because next year I hope to be somewhere different and actually having a career - not a job!  Bitter because, although I hope to be flying the skies as a flight attendant I will truly miss my sweetie pie, Jerry.  I just love Jerry - she is 82 years old and full of spunk!  If it weren't for her I wouldn't be able to handle my job as gift wrapper.  It's also bitter because of all the nice people who come shopping, who I have gotten to know, and who I get to visit with as I wrap up there Christmas presents.  I (always) try to think of the little kiddies, or old fogies opening their presents on Christmas day, but before tearing into their presents they stop and admire the beautiful wrapped package.  Some people might even say, "Gosh, this package is so beautiful I don't want to open it.  And, as it was being wrapped the girl was so fun to talk with!"  I really do hope some people have nice things to say about my wrapping, and my talkative, hopefully likable personality.

You know, I am trying to be more positive - hard to do these days, but I'M TRYING.  As I'm experimenting with this whole "positive attitude" I have found that negativity still slips in at times.  Working in the retail life it slips in all the time!  I had some mean and nasty people at the beginning of the holiday, but frankly, you are going to get MEAN and NASTY people no matter what.  With that said, I have found myself thinking after a not so nice person has just left my wrapping table that now it's time for me to help ten nice people.  I've discovered that this motto (of mine - if it can be mine?) is true.  Totally and one hundred percent true!  Whenever I help/deal with an awful person I just know that now I get to have ten over the top, super sweet, genuine, happy people.  I then completely forget about the one person who could've ruined my day, but am turned around by the sweetness of everyone else.

Two very quick stories to illustrate that nice people are still roaming the earth, and still roaming around the madness of last minute Christmas shoppers.

Story one:  Gentleman approaches my wrapping station on Tuesday.  He was in buying a beautiful shirt for his wife.  The old man smelt of smoke, had holes in his jeans, was missing most of his teeth, and was "mister chatty charlie."  I wrapped his shirt beautifully for his wife, and as I am wrapping I visited with him.  It was rather slow that Tuesday morning, so even after the package was wrapped we continued to visit some more.  He shared advice with me on life, and I accepted it whole heartily.  When he left I thought to myself that he was a kind old soul, and was full of humility.  Well, as I working this morning I saw the man again.  He had come into the store just to give me $3.00 for wrapping his gift on Tuesday.  He said to me, "I am so sorry, I left here and realized I did not tip you for wrapping my gift."  I said, "Sir, you don't need to - this is a free service, and I was happy to wrap it for you."  He insisted, and wanted me to take his $3.00.  I did finally take his money because the situation was sort of causing a scene with other customers, and he just left the money on the counter, thanked me and left the store.  I was sincerely touched that he would come all the way back into the store just to give me $3.00 for wrapping a shirt.

Story two:  A woman (who is a teacher) came in last week purchasing a few small items to finish up her "Secret Santa" Christmas presents.  As I got visiting with her she shared with me a story about how she bought a jacket last year for one of her students.  She teaches at one of the schools here in Cedar for low income, or foster type children.  The story was that one of her female students had been coming to school without a jacket.  She had approached the young girl numerous times asking where her jacket was.  The girl would just say something to the effect that she had forgotten it.  Well, the teacher knew she hadn't forgotten it, that she just didn't have one, or her parents (if she had any) couldn't afford one for her.  This teacher then decided to buy the young girl a jacket.  She secretly gave the girl a bright pink warm jacket, and the very next day the young girl came to school sporting her new jacket.  The teacher said she never took it off the whole day and was so pleased with it.  As the teacher is telling me this story I just teared up.  It made me realize that even though there is a lot of negativity in the world today there is still so many people in the world who are generous and kind.  I seriously felt like a terrible person, because what have I done for anyone?  Granted I am poor right now, but there is so much that still can be done without money.

This Christmas season has truly been a great one for me.  Even though the month of December has just whizzed by, and I was busy finishing my finals, and working two jobs.  I have tried to take some time to enjoy this holiday season. I did get my Christmas cards out at the first of the month, and I have absolutely enjoyed all the Christmas cards I have received this year.  I look forward to December just because I receive so many nice letters, and pictures.  One particularly Christmas card I received this year left me tear filled as I read that one of the sweet ladies from my mission, Joyce, who I was able to teach all the discussions to and watch be baptized just before returning home finally was able to go through the temple.  She expressed her joy and testimony to me, and I just shed tears as I read her letter.
My clever way of hanging my Christmas cards this year - in the kitchen.
Used green, red, and gold ribbon, then paper clipped my cards.
My Christmas feels complete this year, and the special day hasn't even arrived yet.  I have been blessed with a fun holiday job, filled with neat people.  I have taken in and enjoyed the beautiful Christmas lights that people have displayed.  I got to walk around the St. Geroge Temple grounds and see the Nativity, and beautiful lights there.  I have also spent time visiting with family and enjoying their company (which is rather shocking).  And lastly, I have truly felt the spirit of Christmas through many peoples actions and thoughts. 
The Beautiful Nativity.
The Sister and I.
The Parental's {a.k.a mommy & daddio}
Temple St. George.
May the Christmas spirit continue upon you these next few days.

Merry Christmas to One and All!  


Anisa said...

I just thought that you'd be impressed.... I bought something at Christensen's in St. George today... I had it gift-wrapped and I tipped the girl... thought of you:)

Miss Jessie said...

It's hard to believe that there are actually good people in this world, but when you find them it's great. Reading your post made me cry ;)

Kim said...

Thanks for sharing your stories Libby! Loved them, especially the one about the guy who came back and tipped you. How thoughtful and kind of him. People can be surprising!

Anonymous said...

Hard to be positive when you're working retail. Definitely tough. I miss wrapping gifts because it was probably the most fun job I have ever had.

Sounds like a really nice Christmas season for you. I'm glad! I haven't even felt like Christmas is happening this year. I honestly just haven't cared. But I guess some years are like that!

Such sweet stories.

Can't wait to see you in a couple days!

MinDee said...

Thanks for the uplifting Christmas msg. What great stories from you wrapping experiences. It's good to hear about positive people in the world today. I LOVED our walks while you were visiting.