Friday, December 16, 2011

Bittersweet, Almost Accomplished, and Beyond Belief

I just took my last final (minus the stupid Praxis test I still have to take to student teach).  My last stint in the classroom as a student is, after a very long time, coming to a bittersweet end.  Next semester the tables will be turned and I will the teacher, I will be in charge, and I will be forever done with school.  

I am feeling almost accomplished with this never ending endeavor with school, and receiving my measly little bachelors degree.  It has been a VERY hard road for me, and I sometimes wonder (quite often really) why I keep going?  However, with all the obstacles I have had to go through I have met and made some wonderful friends in this long school journey.
The Block - Our close nit family for the semester.  I have had
numerous education classes with these people.
(Bottom:  Gary, Scott, Sam, Steve, Me, Kaitlin, Melissa.  Top:  Gus,
Ryan, Amanda, Dani, Megan, Aliese, Matt, Dani, Carolyn, Jennise, Peggy - The Professor, and Stillman.)
My girls!  Sam, Aliese, Me, and Dani.  I could not have
made it through this last semester without them!
The OLD institute class.  Bless the Cedar City Institute for
having an "older" institute class.  We have all gotten to know
each other through the years.  Our teacher(s) have been
awesome.  Brother Staples was my favorite - that's him in the middle.
Food Science.  My final science class ever!  Our lab was twice a week,
and we had the funnest and bestest time meeting
every Tuesday and Thursday for 3 long hours!
I learned so much in my food science
class - I may never look at food the same.
(Bottom: Erica, Adrianna, Me, Emily.  Middle: Danielle, Chelsea, Ashley
Kali, Kiley.  Top: Jackie, Liz, Brittany.  Two boys:  Riley, and Ryan)
My glorious Testing Center co-workers.  I may gripe and complain
about my job at the testing center, but the people I work with
make the job bearable, and enjoyable!
(Bottom:  Andrew, Me, Charlotte.  Top:  Marianna, Katie,
Eric, Megan, and Emily.)
I am beyond belief that this time of graduation is close at hand. There are times I still don't believe this will happen, but from here it's all down hill to that day I participate in such scholarly tradition.


Lucashell said...

Awesome... To almost be done... I am starting college this January I have years and years ahead of me :) but when I graduate I will be so excited..

MinDee said...

Yay for you!!! You're almost there! You WILL graduate & be so PROUD of that bachelors degree. Hopefully, someday I'll have one ;)

Miss Jessie said...

I love Bro. Staples, he's an awesome teacher. That couple in your institute class are in my ward and were also in my institute class. I found a quote I thought you might like: "Bachelor's degrees make pretty good placemats if you get 'em laminated." ~Jeph Jacques~
Just think, this May we'll both be done with school! Then you can look to the skies. ;)

Anisa said...

I am so excited for you!!! I love school and I'm thinking it's about time for me to go back:)

By the way, not to rain on your parade... student teaching is really hard... let me know if you need any help. Where are you student teaching?

The York's said...

Libby you will be a great teacher!!!!! Your almost there we should have a big party!!