Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A "Bra-tacular" Food Filled (Again) Weekend with Friends

I have just kind of been laying low the last couple of weeks since I won't start student teaching until February 1, 2012.  So, I decided what better time to get away then now.  I didn't go to far, I ended up in Salt Lake City visiting with some of my dearest friends, Jeremy and Neanni.  I left Wednesday afternoon and was to come home Saturday morning, but the weather blew in a storm and they (and my Daddio) didn't want me to drive home in the storm.  I ended up staying until Sunday.  (Side note:  I'm so, so, so glad I stayed an extra day because it's always hard to say goodbye, and because we got a babysitter and went and saw "We Bought a Zoo" which was SO AWESOME!!!  Seriously people this movie needs to be seen - just saying.  OMGosh I loved it so!!!)

Jer and Jean are new parents and have a busy little 15 month old running around, so I got plenty of time to play "mommy." I even got a few chances to babysit so they could go out on a date - was a great source of birth control.  We of course made sure that we ate some great food too.  We hit up Zupas - which is a must for me when I go visit, Cheesecake Factory - another must (and I now have a new favorite flavor of cheesecake - red velvet cheesecake), and we also hit up 2 Fat Guys - which I had never tried before.  Other than eating, and just hanging out we did try to spend my Christmas gift cards, but didn't have much luck.
Eating - such lovely shots aren't they???
Neanni and I.
Jer, Jean, and I.
Cute little "BooBoo."

This story I am about to share can either be embarrassing, or enlightening.  The men probably won't want to read further, and the women will probably thank me for my learning experience.  Either way, if you are a man don't read on...

Let me talk about clothes and shopping for a moment.  Lately, I have felt so much pressure about my appearance (what girl doesn't), and my sense of style.  I have pretty much just given up - don't care.  But, I also don't have a lot of money to buy me a lot of nice clothes, and when I do have money I gravitate towards, "grandma" type clothes.  Sweater vests, argyle, cardigans, and collard shirts.  That actually doesn't sound bad, but my way of putting things together just doesn't flow...apparently, I've been told.  At least that is what people are saying???  SO, I am trying to change my clothes/style.  Move away from the "same old same" that I wear - argyle, sweater vests, cardigans, and collard shirts.  However, I can't do it - this attire is comfortable for me!  New Years resolution, change my appearance...I guess?

As I am hanging out with Jean she becomes excited to spend my gift cards - who wouldn't be?  We hit up the nearest mall and as we began our search for my new wardrobe I become very discouraged and uncaring only 30 minutes into our shopping.  I keep gravitating to my usual clothes, and Jean, keeps telling me to put it back, and try something different.  I finally quit arguing with her, and let her pick out my clothes. I start trying on her "masterpieces" she is throwing together.  I try on a few things, nothing looks good on me, and basically, it's just "not me."  Finally, at one point, her and I are both completely frustrated as she looks at me funny.  Then she loudly asks me, "Lib, what kind of bra do you have on?"  I suddenly become kind of embarrassed because I know the bra I am wearing is not a good one, or even a bra that should be worn on a normal basis.  I am wearing, and have been wearing a sports bra. Ahhhh!  I know, I know, you cringe at this.  (So do I - now?) I really have known better, but like I have said, I just haven't cared much lately.

Jean tells me to get dressed, and that we are leaving the store for Victoria's Secret.  I once was a regular shopper at Victoria's.  But, because of money, I have turned to the cheap, not flattering bras.  Oh how sad these bras have made me.  We walk through the mall to Victoria's and as we walk through the doorway I suddenly become very nervous, turn completely shy, and any confidence I did have is gone.  I don't have a problem with a lot of things but going into a store like Victoria's Secret I suddenly become very self conscience.  Especially when I know what kind of bra I AM WEARING!!!  Jean loudly (again) finds a worker who happens to be right in front of a huge line to the checkout counter.  She tells the worker I need to be measured for a bra.  The worker then proceeds to measure me in front of a huge line of customers.  I ask her if we can go back by the dressing room - luckily we walk back to the dressing room and she measures me there.  First question she asks, "What kind of bra do you have on?"  I'm thinking to myself - why do I have to be wearing this terrible bra today?  I tell her what type I have on and she doesn't even bat an eye.  She wraps the tape measure around me a couple of times then gives me a couple of sizes to try on.  I will keep the size I ended up with to myself, but clearly size does not matter, what matters is that my "twins" are now in the right spot!!!

I ended up breaking the bank that day, and walked away with two new fantastic bras.  I also walked away with a new confidence - who knew that a bra could do that!  I also learned some fantastic advice from the sweet worker who helped me with my chesticular problems.  Ladies, I am not sure if you knew this, but the most important thing you should know about bras are these, ALWAYS get measured every six months for a new bra!  Women's bodies are constantly changing and the chest area is a very fluctuating area that needs to be watched closely.  Second, when wearing a bra ALWAYS start with the clasp furthest away, then as the bra stretches you can work your way into the closest clasp.  Third, (and I knew this but just never did it) ALWAYS hand wash your bra, and never let it hang to dry - lay it flat to dry - again this helps with the lasting longer.  Fourth, when buying a bra ALWAYS make sure that you buy more than one so that you can rotate each day and not wear out the bra as fast.  Lastly, it is well worth the money to invest in an expensive all-over-coverage bra!  Again, what on earth have I been thinking lately???  I hope this little piece of advice about my chesticular bra problems can help someone.  If I can but help one person, then my job here is done.  If anything, I COMPLETELY HELPED ME!  My twins are now sitting high and mighty, with no more dragging below, where they don't belong!

With all that said, I had a great weekend, and can't wait to go visit again in six months...to get a new bra, or course! ;)

Monday, January 16, 2012

Kevin James, I Will Sleep Good Tonight!

{For Summer Girl, H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S!!!}

Just FEEL it.  WORK it.  And lastly, BECOME it.

Now if you don't see the agile, flexible hunk of meat that I see...then get your eyes checked Yo's!    ;-)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

My "Freebie" List


Okay, get over it - I am going to talk about that TV show, Friends.  It's the episode where they all make a list of five freebies (celebrities) they can sleep with and not get in trouble.  It's a classic episode, if I do say so myself.

Here is my list - in no particular order.

1.  Jason Bateman - kind of nerdy, very funny, and yet, he has a handsome distinguished charm!
2.  Zac Efron - OMGosh!  I do like those young ones, but mostly his dreamy blue eyes.  Blue as the beautiful ocean...(And to think, if I had been into those "High School Musical" movies I could've have met this blue eyed hunk in St. George years ago.)
3.  Jake Gyllenhall - first off, he is my age, currently single, and again with those beautiful blue eyes!!!
4.  Leo DiCaprio - my first love, kind of deep and dark, but sadly however, he's not really a funny guy???  (I need funny in my REAL man...)

The last one is a toss up...I have two!
5.  Ryan Gosling - He of course won me over in "The Notebook," but then I truly fell in love with him when he played Lars, in "Lars and the Real Girl."  More of a serious one, but we are the same age so that is a plus.
5. Kevin James - hilariously funny, not your typical "hot" guy, and older - at least older for me.

Okay, so I want to know who your "Top 5 Freebies" would be!!!

{Just an FYI on the Friends watching...I DID START TO WATCH WHERE I LEFT OFF, BUT I HAVE NOT FINISHED!!!  I kind of lost interest, or I just got sucked into current lame TV.}

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My Motto For The New Year!

As I was out serving one of those LDS missions I was given this quote by the late Prophet, Gordon B. Hinckley.  I read this quote almost every night when I read my scriptures - just cause it's my bookmark, and sometimes it's almost better to read this quote then my scriptures.  Hmm...going to Hell for that comment, I'm sure of it!  Yeah, I really need to switch that habit (of reading just before bed), and read in the morning - I have always wanted to be a "morning scripture reader," but for some reason I just can't seem to get that mattress of mine off my back!!!  One can always try, or at least have good thoughts of wanting to make that a goal. ;-)

Sheesh, let's get to my quote that is so inspiring...

Here is my "words of wisdom" to live by:

"It isn't as bad as you sometimes think it is.  It all works out.  Don't worry.  I say that to myself every morning.  It will all work out.  If you do your best, it will all work out.  Put your trust in God, and move forward with faith and confidence in the future.  The Lord will not forsake us.  He will not forsake us...if we will pray to Him, if we will live worthy of His blessings He will hear our prayers."  
~ Gordon B. Hinckley

I need to go into this New Year with a positive outlook on life.  I have some goals a brewing in my mind, but I also just want to keep them to myself so I don't jinks them.  So, I wish everyone the best of luck this New Year - it's always exciting to see what life can bring each person.

To 2012 my Peeps, to 2012!!!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Christmas to New Years, and Everything Awesome In-Between

The Holidays are over.  It just seems like yesterday we were gearing up for this festive time of year.  All of a sudden everyone has gone home, gone back to work, and life has to go back to a routine.

I have to say, I had a great Christmas, a great New Year's, and everything in-between was AWESOME!  I pretty much just chilled with family - which is shocking, but I also got to see some dear friends that I hadn't seen in a while.  I think that the best thing about the holidays is visiting with everyone, and of course eating.  Speaking of eating I think I might go on a really long fast....

Christmas Eve.
  • Finished up at Christensen's wrapping gifts.  Twas bittersweet, but ended on a really good note.
  • Had a super yummy dinner, went Christmas Caroling and almost got frostbitten on my feet.
  • Played some fun games, "Imagine If," and did some memorable visiting.
  • Attended a beautiful Church program filled with music.
  • Got me some good books, expensive chocolate, and kitchen stuff.
  • Gave my Sis the best Christmas present ever - a LOTR Pez set.  (If you don't know what LOTR stands for I will shake my head at you.  I even know what it stands for, and I hate the series!!!)
  • Ate some more good food, and visited with family.
I didn't do a tree this year (at my place), so luckily my bro and his
girlfriend put this one up and decorated it all patriotic.
I can count on this chocolate every year.  Who doesn't love chocolate
covered orange gel???  
I shake my head at this nonsense, but this year I helped supply it!!!

 The "In-Between"
  • Me and the Audra went and saw "Breaking Dawn Part 1" FINALLY!  We loved every moment of it...I can't believe it took us so long to see it.
  • Family from Indiana came to visit!  I was wondering if they were ever going to show up - I was so anxious!
  • Ate some good food, visited, watched some interesting YouTube videos, laughed, and played "Balderdash."  (I feel that the game "Balderdash" can only be played with our Cousins Ethan, and his wife Libby Sr. - haven't laughed so hard in a long time.) (Side note, my Mommy bought this game at DI - best $3.00 she has ever spent!)
  • We all hit up the movies (again for me), Jessie, Ethan and Kali saw "Sherlock Homes," Both the Libby's saw "Jack and Jill," and Mommy and her friend saw "Breaking Dawn." Libby Sr. and I snuck in and watched the last 20 mins of "Breaking Dawn," so now I can say I have seen it 1 1/4 times.
    Ethan and Libby Sr. - cutest pic ever!
Jessie and Kali - funny? 
Thinking hard in the middle of "Balderdash."  Kali, Cash, and Mommy.
Daddio and Me - such a funny pic of my Dad!
Ethan, our MC to the game "Balderdash" - his new role in life.
Seriously, haven't laughed so hard in a while!!!
  • Attended our sweet little neighbors wedding and had a grand reunion of seeing old friends.
  • Visited sporadically during the week with dear friends I hadn't seen in a while, Alicia, MinDee, and Joni.
  • Attended a second wedding of one of my dear co-worker from my two campus jobs.
  • Had another random party at my Aunties, combined with our family and the York family.  Played a lot of games, ate, and visited some more.
A "BEAUTY" enjoying another one of my pecan pies of the holiday.
Ain't that a sight - I have no words for this combo!
New Years Eve
  • Hit up the DI with Lisa Lou and bought me a new wardrobe!
  • Partied it up with more family.
  • Had the best meal - Cafe Rio style pork salads, but made from scratch.  
  • Watched a darling little 7 year old perform magic tricks. (Some even wanted him to make his little brother disappear - sad.)
  • Played more games, and I finally learned how to play "Nertz" although I can't play it by myself.
  • Counted down the time until midnight, said our "Happy New Year's," and then just moments after the strike of twelve my Daddio says, "Okay, can we go home now?" 
Singing their heart out with Rock Band...I did a nice rendition of
Duran Duran - "Hungry Like a Wolf!"  Awesome if you ask me!
Sweet Little Girl.... 
Two seconds later....S-C-A-R-Y...
Our entertainer of the evening festivities....Brenner the Magician!
Everyone minus a few.
It was a very busy time this last week, I felt like I was non-stop, but I enjoyed every moment of my week seeing family, visiting friends, and eating lots of great food!

Monday, January 2, 2012

12 Things in 12 Months

1.  Flew Standby for the first time ever, and loved every moment of it!  (Hope to do it again, and very soon!) 
2.  Took a Master Gardening Course, and had to teach people how to garden???
3.  Spent Spring Break "Vegas Style" Baby!
4.  Sister ran her first race, and I ran my only race this year!
5.  Dropped my iPod in the toilet!
7.  Graduated from Institute!
8.  Traveled on a really, really, really long road trip!
9.  Floated down a peaceful, yet ragging, river!
10.  Passed all my super hard Chemistry classes - FINALLY!
11.  Cut the cord from my younger bro and MOVED!  (Got my own little crib.)
12.  Attended my first and last SUU Football Game!

All and all I had a great 2011!  Can't wait to see what adventures, accomplishments, and changes 2012 will bring!!! 

Happy New Year!