Monday, January 2, 2012

12 Things in 12 Months

1.  Flew Standby for the first time ever, and loved every moment of it!  (Hope to do it again, and very soon!) 
2.  Took a Master Gardening Course, and had to teach people how to garden???
3.  Spent Spring Break "Vegas Style" Baby!
4.  Sister ran her first race, and I ran my only race this year!
5.  Dropped my iPod in the toilet!
7.  Graduated from Institute!
8.  Traveled on a really, really, really long road trip!
9.  Floated down a peaceful, yet ragging, river!
10.  Passed all my super hard Chemistry classes - FINALLY!
11.  Cut the cord from my younger bro and MOVED!  (Got my own little crib.)
12.  Attended my first and last SUU Football Game!

All and all I had a great 2011!  Can't wait to see what adventures, accomplishments, and changes 2012 will bring!!! 

Happy New Year!


Miss Jessie said...

You had a really busy year. I can't wait to see what this new year has to bring for both of us ;)

MinDee said...

We've got to do Vegas again! Sounds like a fun year and many's to another!

Anonymous said...

Glad I could be part of your 12 things in 12 months. ;) Flagstaff was a blast!

Lucas Blake said...

I don't think number 6 counts.