Sunday, January 15, 2012

My "Freebie" List


Okay, get over it - I am going to talk about that TV show, Friends.  It's the episode where they all make a list of five freebies (celebrities) they can sleep with and not get in trouble.  It's a classic episode, if I do say so myself.

Here is my list - in no particular order.

1.  Jason Bateman - kind of nerdy, very funny, and yet, he has a handsome distinguished charm!
2.  Zac Efron - OMGosh!  I do like those young ones, but mostly his dreamy blue eyes.  Blue as the beautiful ocean...(And to think, if I had been into those "High School Musical" movies I could've have met this blue eyed hunk in St. George years ago.)
3.  Jake Gyllenhall - first off, he is my age, currently single, and again with those beautiful blue eyes!!!
4.  Leo DiCaprio - my first love, kind of deep and dark, but sadly however, he's not really a funny guy???  (I need funny in my REAL man...)

The last one is a toss up...I have two!
5.  Ryan Gosling - He of course won me over in "The Notebook," but then I truly fell in love with him when he played Lars, in "Lars and the Real Girl."  More of a serious one, but we are the same age so that is a plus.
5. Kevin James - hilariously funny, not your typical "hot" guy, and older - at least older for me.

Okay, so I want to know who your "Top 5 Freebies" would be!!!

{Just an FYI on the Friends watching...I DID START TO WATCH WHERE I LEFT OFF, BUT I HAVE NOT FINISHED!!!  I kind of lost interest, or I just got sucked into current lame TV.}


Anonymous said...

You'll have to explain to me how it's possible to sleep with someone and NOT get into trouble. I don't get that. Wouldn't you need to confess this to your bishop no matter who you sleep with?!

Anyway, you should also get over the blue eyes thing. Really. Although I can understand the desire to keep blue eyes in your family. I told Ethan he better let me have at least one blue eyed kid. Well, hmmm, I guess I would taken any eye color now!

Okay, I would NEVER sleep with anyone other than Ethan (or someone I'm legally married to), but celebrities I think are really attractive include Matt Damon, Johnny Depp, ok yeah Brandon Flowers, too, and Cary Grant. Matt Damon is definitely my favorite. I can't get into more than that. It's tough enough for me to settle on a few guys I think are attractive! I can understand and support your choices, too, though.

Lucashell said...

Umm ya those are all wierd choices? All But Jason Bateman hes only hot but by personality.. and huh kevin james that just gross.... LIBBY LIBBY LIBBY... a couple choices hello MRS. ROBINSON... LOL well the top 5 interesting topic...

Anisa said...

I have every episode...if you want to borrow them.

I agree on Zach Effron.... Don't know if I spelled his name right.

Logan and Sydney said...

Please check out my post on my blog.

Miss Jessie said...

I've done this before on my blog, but my most recent list would include: Zac Efron, Alex Pettyfer (he's the guy on Beastly), Orlando Bloom, Hugh Jackman, and Cory Monteith from Glee. This is off the top of my head, if I was really considering it my list would be somewhat different I'm sure.
I think Libby Sr is right, if you do get a freebie with any of your celebrities you better be making an appointment to see the bishop ;)

Kali Vuki said...

I guess I'll comment about mine and Cash's "5 freebies". We've decided that if things ever happened and one of our "freebies" gave us a chance, we'd take it.

So.. Here are my "5 freebies"
1. Bradely Cooper
2. Ryan Reynolds
3. Matthew McConaughey
4. Cam Gigandet
5. Gerard Butler


Cash's "5 freebies"
1. Michelle Rodriguez
2. Elizabeth Shue
3. Nia Peeples (Walker Texas Ranger)/ Dr. Quinn (Jane Seymore)
4. Elizabeth Banks
5. Jessica Alba/ Biel


The York's said...

Lets see........oh the choices!!!!
1. Klint York ( He is such a hottie, he makes me melt!!!!)
2.Channing Tatum ( yummy )
3. Ryan Reynolds
4.Tim Tebow ( lol )
5. Toss up between Ryan Gosling and Dane Cook!
But none of them top my number one choice!!!!
There ya go Libby I did it!

The York's said...

1. Arianny Celeste
2. Amanda Bynes
3. Julianne Hough
4. Brooklyn Decker
5. Nicole Scherzinger
6. Megan Fox

Submitted by KY on 1/15/2011

The York's said...

Amanda Bynes?!?!? Seriously number two.

The York's said...

Oh and can I add one more!!! Tyler Hoechlin

Kali Vuki said...

Klint, Megan Fox?? Really!?!

The Dawg, Lib-Dawg said...

Summer, I don't even know who Tyler Hoechlin is or that Tebow guy. As for your hubby...those are some interesting choices. And, I only know two of his women.

Cash - Dr. Quinn??? Well you do own the whole season of that show...And Kali who is your number 4?

Jessie, I'm shocked that Vigo Mortenson isn't on your list. I think we might all be shocked by that!

Anisa, maybe some day I'll take you up on borrowing "Friends" lately I just haven't been feeling the show. Glad you agree on Zac Efron. :

Libby Sr., Matt Damon - yum! Like I said his role in "We Bought a Zoo" was very much a turning point to his rugged looks and handsome ways. As for seeing the Bishop...well I'm good for two years since I just got my temple recommend renewed yesterday. ;) Going to hell for that comment...............

Thanks everyone for telling me your top five...some of you out there still need to tell me WHO your top five are. Logan, Shellie, AND EVERYONE ELSE WHO READS MY BLOG??? People want to know!
:) :) :) :) :)

Anonymous said...

I need to add one to my list. I agree with Jessie on Hugh Jackman.

Lucashell said...

1.lucas Blake there a hottie with a naughty body:)
2.Robert Downey jr
3.mark walburgh
4.Matthew davis
5.Ian somerhalder

btw- there all older than me I like older men.. Surprised Justin beiber not on anyone list:) lol

Lucashell said...

Summer Dane cook:)

The York's said...

I know I know.....Dane was a last minute thought!!!

Lucashell said...

Omg I totally forgot my ##1is Jeffery donovan... Talk about yummy:)

The York's said...

Libby- Do you ever dream you were rose on the titanic when you go on your cruise and try to find your Jack? I like the Kevin james pick, that guy is a stud.
Jessie- i thought you would of had either jacob or edward.
Kali- No hating on megan Fox. None what so ever. It is not tolerated.
Cash-You like chicks that can kick your ass! i do like the Jane seymour pick. Kitty Cat!
Summer- You cant put your spouse #1babe. Dont act like you dont wish i was that tatum guy, you get gitty if you even see a glimpse of him on a commercial. I look a lot like him, minus, well everything so dream away sweetie.
Me-subtract nicole and add tiffany Lakosky.
Shellie- Marky Mark- Thats funny right there.

Lucashell said...

Klint he gives me "Good Vibrations"... hes so hot especially if you remember is Calvin Klein AD... OH MY MY...

Ya I put Lucas on there too he thought I was Retarded... I was just trying to be nice..

The Dawg, Lib-Dawg said...

SHELLIE! Thank you for adding your 5, or is it 6. I'm not sure who some of them are, but I will imdb them! P.S. Not really in to Beiber Fever, just his music. :)

Libby Sr., is it Hugh Jackman from that soft porn movie "Australia" cause he did it for me in that movie too.

Klint, I often did think of Leo on my cruises, but most the men on my cruises were on their death bed. And I have to agree with you about Jessie - I even asked her why one of her's wasn't Edward or Jacob....but I'm sure people are wondering why I didn't put Edward on my list.

Miss Jessie said...

Oh my gosh Shellie, I totally got to agree with you on Marky Mark and Robert Downey Jr. So HOT!!!
Edward is gross looking, Jacob is attractive but have you seen his movie Abduction? STUPID! Jacob would be on my list long before Edward. Be nice Klint, gosh! ;)

Kali Vuki said...

Libby, I hate to say this but my #4 (Cam Gigandet) is James from Twilight. I didn't make the connection till I IMDB'd him after I saw him in Priest.

Klint, I can hate on Megan Fox all I want. And it'll have to be tolerated.

Anisa said...

Ok... I have been trying to think of my five.... All I can think of is Brad Pitt. Ryan didn't feel the need to help me add more to my list. I don't watch much tv or movies so I don't know who is hot.