Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Best Weekend Ever!

I just had the BEST WEEKEND EVER, in a long time.  If I could describe my weekend in three words I would say, "Laughed sa hard!"
This picture describes my weekend!
Three friends (Kyle or Karl - whatever he chooses to be called, Auntie Cami, and Lisa Lou) and I just road tripped it to Flagstaff to view the last SUU Football game of the season.  We all hopped in the car Friday afternoon and "drove all night" to get to the folksy town of Flagstaff.  We stayed in a cozy little hotel right off the historic route 66, ate an immaculate continental breakfast, went shopping in the historic downtown, watched as the SUU football team won their final game under a covered dome, ate at some fun/different restaurants (one being Brandy's from Dinners, Drive Inns, and Dives) the other an Italian restaurant called Stromboli's, got lost numerous times even when using three different GPS systems, ventured out to more shopping at a Goodwill store - hit the jackpot in the book section, Auntie Cami saw the Grand Canyon for the first time, I joined a prestigious club known as the "sock club" (which if you would like to learn more you can email me and I will give you the FULL details), and lastly we learned a great deal about one another.

Lessons Learned on this wild weekend 
1.  Always make sure that there is lots of good music present!  Wilson Phillips, Spice Girls, Marie Osmond, and of course the song, "Let's Hear it for the Boy!"
2.  Bathroom breaks are only mandatory when it's time to gas up.  However, it may be okay to stop at a gas station so I can talk to random people, possibly use the bathroom, buy a sandwich that will wait until the next day to be eaten, and basically stop just so I can lengthen the time on the road. ;)
3.  Always remember your camera, but be grateful for an iPod (yes I finally replaced mine) that has a camera - doesn't produce the best pictures, but I'm still grateful I had something to document this road trip.
4.  Only eat at restaurants that are unfamiliar, or that only exist in the town you are visiting.  (We ate at some drive inn at Kanab, Brandy's, Stromboli's, and a deserted steakhouse/bar in Vermilion cliffs)
Made Sweet Love to the best buttermilk
 pancake EVER!!! (At Brandy's, Flagstaff, AZ.)
5.  When stopping for the bathroom, be it on the side of the road, on top of a mountain, in the freezing cold, and darkest woods EVER make sure you have some sort of paper product available...if not, two white socks will work wonders!!!
6.  Sharing an adjoining room with four people in toe lends to some funny antics, and childish acts.  Playing games known as "Girl Talk," which makes you talk about your dream wedding - gag, and developing a bad case of acne!
7.  Don't complain about the group of people at the restaurant who are completely loud, obnoxious, and drunk.  It will only backfire when you then become the loud, obnoxious, not drunk - but people start to wonder, table at the restaurant.  
8.  When attending a football game make sure you have a roster of all the football players, and a smart phone so that people, like myself, can continually look for a future boyfriend and let the others enjoy the game.
9.  Shopping should consist of hitting up a Goodwill store, finding books outside of Utah becomes more fun then finding the typical used LDS romance novels.  I still wish I would've bought that book about people who suffer with IBS - could possibly have done a world of good on top of that darkened mountain.
10.  Lastly, laughing so hard your head, stomach, and butt (pops out a fart - wasn't me, just saying) hurts is definitely a prerequisite for any type of road trip.  Thinking you are funny by sharing thoughts on marriage and how my future husband actually already died in the Civil War makes for some head hurting laughing.  Oh, and be sure to share stories about past boyfriends and how cheap they are...always a sure fire way to make people laugh!
The Kibby (Kyle+Libby)
Let's Hear it for OUR Boy - The Man!
The Posse, minus Auntie Cami, who graciously took all of our pictures!
Lisa Lou and I.  Need to point out our old lady ways of
mending and crocheting in the back seat!
All the way there, and all the way back!
The magnificent Grand Canyon!


Anonymous said...

Wow, that sounds like so much fun! White socks...I guess I would do the same thing if I didn't have toilet paper. I would bury the socks afterwards, though.

Watch out which random people you talk to at gas stations in Flagstaff. And do NOT give out your address (or your mom's) to any of them! Although I met a nice person in Orderville once...

I have not listened to Wilson Phillips for...a couple decades. Wow, that is OLD! Okay, I guess Spice Girls are just about as old...

Anisa said...

Looks like fun!!!

Lisa said...

I love that the person on the first comment said she met a nice person in Orderville once. I bet I am related to whoever that was. :)
It was a fun weekend wasn't it!!

MinDee said...

looks like lots of fun! makes me miss the good laughing times we used to have in high school...those were the days! enjoy your fun :)