Thursday, September 22, 2011

Before...AND AFTER!

I moved!  Upon moving I decided that I would take the furniture that I had and jazz it up some.  What on earth was I thinking....

Lord be will'n I got my stuff - yes stuff, all jazzed up.  I have been living in my new crib for almost a month, and it feels like I went out and bought me a whole new wardrobe. Not clothes, but wardrobe in furniture...whatever you would call it.  Enough rambling from me!  Enjoy all my before, and afters's!

Legal size filing cabinet I bought for $10.00.
Best deal EVER!!!
Old bookshelf that belonged to my Grandma.
Actually pretty cheap.....
Entry table my parents bought me a few years ago for
my birthday.  Really nice, just not into the southwest look.
Basic nightstand - hated the hardware.
The dresser that goes with my "basic" nightstand.
Some decor - not sure I like the after....
My bright and fun new filing cabinet that makes
filing fun!!!!  Love my color choice too!
Cheap bookshelf...doesn't look so cheap now.  I painted
this a greenish blue color called, "garden pond" and
then glazed over it.  Kind of in love with glaze.
Painted a rusty orange, and then glazed again.  Seriously
falling in love with glaze.
Nightstand.  First experience with glaze.  Don't
really like the outcome, but I'm to lazy to do it again.
Don't look to close - messed up and to lazy to change/fix it.
I painted this dresser and nightstand a toffee color then glazed.
Glazed way too much!!!!!  Yes, some of my hardware is screwy too...
Here I am again, to lazy to change my mess up.  These two stars
look like poop color, and poop.  I wanted to do newspaper
then color.  Should've chose a different color.  Again, if I weren't lazy
I would fix....but I'm lazy.

 There is my before and afters.  It's fun that they are done, cause now I can truly enjoy my hard work.


The York's said...

You put a lot of work into redoing your furniture !!!! And they turned out really nice!!!! Except you know how I feel about the one star;) just sayin;)

Lucashell said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the orange table.. If you ever going to get rid of it.. I have dibbs...

Anisa said...

So impressed!!!!! Yeah!!! Glad you're falling in love with glaze. I need to come up and see your new crib:) Huh, anything going on in Cedar in Oct. that could be a good excuse to come up?

Feltch Family said...

Libby I am super impressed with your painting skills. Especially your filing cabinet! Great job!

MinDee said...

Love it Libby! It looks great. All of your brown items that you said were messed up, were some of my favorites! I love it all. Glazing is so fun, I love it when I can help Nate in the shop with glazing, just something about it that's fun. Looks great! Way to go!

Miss Jessie said...

I'm upset that you didn't mention that I was the one who color coded your bookcase. Isn't it so pretty?! It's nice to finally see that your apartment is clean and organized. Just think that you'll probably be moving again in about a year, aren't you so excited?

Anonymous said...

I'm so behind on commenting on blogs! Thank you for waiting for my comments before posting something new! ; )

Your new furniture/decor looks awesome. You would seriously be the best roommate ever. I will pray that we can become roommates! Just don't tell Ethan that.... ; ) It would be so fun! Seriously, redoing furniture seems so intimidating that I have yet to try it. But I want to. And I'm such a scaredy cat with colors. How do you do it so well?!

Color coding the books definitely looks better than alphabetizing them. Or organizing by category. I wish my bookshelves looked that cute!