Friday, November 4, 2011

Chaco's and Chocolate

I have been a fan of Chaco shoes for almost four years now.  I say four years because four years ago I purchased my first pair.  I wasn't really sure what these sandals were all about, but I had a great coupon to use at a store that sold them, and they just happened to be on sale at the time.  I spent (if I can remember) around $45.00 for my first pair.  Each summer for the last three and a half years I have wore my Chaco's faithfully.  Sadly enough, this summer on a grand hike up the canyon from my Bro's back yard my Chaco sandals broke.  They were still wearable on the hike, and I safely made it back home all in once piece.  However, I was completely distraught to now have no more Chaco's.  I had heard through the grapevine that Chaco's had a life time warranty on their shoes, and if anything happened they would fix the sandals.
My foot and sandal is the middle foot.  Don't mind the other two feet...
The Sis is to the left (weird looking aren't they) and my
 Steph to the right.
That evening after returning from the hike I got on the trusty Internet and looked up the Chaco's website.  Sure enough I found that Chaco's will repair your broken sandals.  I cleaned up my sandals and boxed them so I could send them to the ReChaco team, but before sealing my box I had one last very important thing to do.  I needed to buy some chocolate to throw into my package of broken sandals.  Why chocolate?  Well, among the fine print of the ReChaco mailing instructions I read this, "Our ReChaco team works faster if you include some tasty chocolate in the box with your CLEAN + DRY sandals."  I went and picked up a few bars of the Utah Mint Truffles - threw them in the box, sealed it up, paid the shipping, and waited patiently for my Chaco's to get fixed and sent home.
Within a few days I received an email from the ReChaco group asking that I give them a call.  I happened to be at work, on the computer, and next to a phone.  I called them right up, and received a sweet lady on the other end of the phone.  She informed me that my shoes would not be able to be fixed, however, she asked if I could hop online and choose a different pair. Really? They would send me a new pair at no charge?  I was floored, yet ecstatic.  At that very moment I went online, and I picked me a new pair.  I then thanked her dearly.  Before the call was over she personally thanked me for the chocolate I had sent, and told me how much they enjoyed it.  I told her I was just doing what the instructions had told me to do.
New and improved - don't mind the feet...yes I need to paint my toes!
Days later my new Chaco's had arrived.  Life was grand once again.  I have shared this testimony with others about Chaco's, the comfortable sandals, the great company they are, and the very personable nice service I received via email and phone call.  I will forever be a true Chaco wearer, as long as I shall live.  I have converted the Sis, and now my Mommy.  I love Chaco's - and you should too!    

Why I love my Chaco's:
1.  Make some totally cool tan lines - people always complement me on mine. ;)
2.  SUPER supportive and super comfortable - wear them hiking all the time, and just around.
3.  They clean up really nice, and each time I power wash them it's like I have a new pair of sandals.
4.  Last forever - life time warranty baby!
5.  The ReChaco team is fabulous!

That's all, now go buy some Chaco's!  


Lucashell said...

Lucas bought me some chacos I think that is what they are but there just flip flops and they are heavenly.. I love them way better than reefs..

Thayne and Jenny said...

I love this story... nice people rock! I love how they really put that in their instructions and that you really DID add it! That is So great! Good things happen when you don't take life too seriously... that's my philosophy :) Thanks for sharing, Lib!


Liebe Libby Lebih said...

Great story! This past summer we had Ethan's Chacos resoled, and of course we sent chocolate, too. They were repaired just fine, good as new, and they thanked us for the chocolate. So funny! Anyway, I didn't even get a pair of Tevas until 2010, so I think I have some time before I catch up to getting Chacos (which are the new Teva). To go to Indonesia, I bought a pair of Jambu sandals. Wow, I absolutely loved them! My feet never got sore. Not even once, and I wore them every day and walked tons. Funny enough, I got to Indonesia only to find out that Jambu is the Indonesian word for guava. Cool, huh? Anyway, I'm planning on buying another pair of these for next summer. I don't think they hold up as well as Tevas and Chacos, but I think they are cuter. And everyone has ugly feet, so anything I can do to make my feet cuter helps. These are the shoes I bought:

Miss Jessie said...

Thank goodness you introduced me to Chacos. I love my Chacos, and now I have two pairs. I'm happy to know that they will repair them with such service. I'll be sure to send them some delicious chocolates if I ever need to get my shoes fixed. I love that sending chocolate is in the instructions, that is funny and awesome! Once you go Chaco you never go back!

Anisa said...

I could use some chocolate right now:)

Lisa said...

I have wanted some for a long time. Worth it when it was that easy to get a new pair! Awesome!