Saturday, May 31, 2008

Working on the Train

Here I am trying to pole dance on the train...Any how, for my mom's worry Audra is doing good. I swear, every time I talk to my mom she always asks, "How is Audra doing? Have you seen Audra?" Audra, she doesn't really care how I am doing, but she does care how you are doing. That's Ellen for you...Love you mom!

We have now got to see each other twice on the train, it has been short, but fun while it lasted. I'm way excited for Sunday though, because I will be staying in Healy and catching the train early Monday morning. Since we get in fairly early on Sunday I will be able to go to the last hour of church with Audra at the Healy Branch. NOT only do I get to see Audra, go to church, but if the Lord be willing and the creek don't rise I will get to have some of the best hot chocolate I have ever had in this lifetime, world, and it's right at the place Audra calls home, or the "concentration camp" that she calls it...Seriously though that hot chocolate definitely makes up for the living arrangements there, that is, if you ask me!!! Audra, keep on keeping - the summer will be over before you know it!


Anisa said...

It sounds like Audra doesn't like her job as much as you do.

audrab said...

I love my job! And I love the people that I work with! I hate my living arrangements. You kinda made it sound like I wasn't enjoying myself...I don't want the summer to end! It is very fun to see you on the train, I wish I could see you more often.