Saturday, May 31, 2008

One Heck of a Tip???

Yesterday on the train I picked up my last group of people in Talkeetna and brought them into Anchorage. It was an odd group of people with some who were very impatient and demanding. Half way to Anchorage I was helping the servers with dinner when they asked me to do a "final call" for dinner. As I was doing so there was a couple who couldn't decide if they wanted to eat on the train or if they wanted to eat in Anchorage. I always push eating in Anchorage, especially at the Glacier Brewhouse. (Speaking of Glacier Brewhouse - I should get like free meals or peanut butter pie for all the advertising I do for time I'm there I will talk to them about that???) Any how, I convince them to eat in Anchorage and then we continue visiting for some time. After our visiting I think nothing much of our conversation. About thirty minutes later Ellie (the woman) comes up to the bar and begins talking to me again, she begins telling me that I am so funny, and that I should go on American Idol because of the song I sang going through the town of Wasilla...Believe me folks, I SHOULD NOT EVER IN A MILLION YEARS GO ON AMERICAN IDOL!!! I honestly think that this woman had had way to many glasses of champagne, and wasn't quite thinking right. However, I then end up back at her table talking some more with her and her husband. We have a delightful conversation and really got to know each other. When she got off the train in Anchorage she gives me her business card and insists that I come back to Boston where she lives and she will show me the city and give me a free Helicopter ride in her Helicopter. I would love to get back to Boston, so I just may take her up on the offer. Her husband then got off a few people back and gave me a big hug and a ten dollar tip, and said that he will be waiting to hear from me. Now it looks like I'm going to have to plan a trip to Boston - Boston in the Fall, sounds good to me! Thanks Ellie, I'll hopefully see you soon!


Ron & Debbie said...

Libby, you are such a card! No wonder, strangers and friends alike, know that you are lots of fun to be around!
Aunt Deb

ninfa said...

Hi Libby! I found you from doing posts on the SCHS reunion(snowcanyonhigh98.blogspot)and then some clicking here and there. Check the blog out. You're in Alaska?! Looks like you're have having a great time. I have a blog, but it's on private, I'll send you an invite if you ever want to check it out. Glad you are good!