Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Another Half Marathon

I'm just now getting around to it, I know, I know. Two weekends ago Shellie and I ran our third 1/2 Marathon. I feel like it might be my last, but my thoughts are always changing. It was so fun to go to Salt Lake and hang with the extended family, eat out, and even get set up on a blind date...wouldn't you like to know more about the blind date... Friday we arrived and picked up our packets at the SLC Convention Center. Shellie and I got dropped off and were going to make our "pick up" quick; Cash was hungry, and impatient. On our way out of the Convention Center I saw two really tall men in black shirts. One of them turned sideways and all of a sudden I went, "HEEEEEY?" The two men turned around and were wearing black "Biggest Loser" shirts. It was like, my first celebrity sighting EVER! We visited with them for a moment, and then walked out to find our ride. As we walked outside I wished that I had my camera, (that is BROKEN) Shellie then said she had one, so we ran back in and snapped a photo with them. Turns out they were running the 1/2 Marathon, and Shellie was lucky enough to run, pass, and leave the one "Biggest Loser" in the dust. Me, yeah, I saw them at the finish line.
Here's a little bit of fun tidbit - those two, super nice, "Biggest Losers" are MORMON! Here's a link to the article about them running in the 1/2 Marathon:

Well, another 1/2 Marathon to put under my belt. I'm sure I'll be doing it again next year!


Dustin & Angie Drake said...

The blue team, the Tongans, are Mormon, too. And one of the prizes for one of the competitions was a two-week stay at Fitness Ridge (where my brother works), so maybe you'll see Tara around St. George and get another Biggest Loser celebrity sighting. Congrats on your half-marathon. Finished? Not until you run the St. George Marathon, right?

Alisha Green said...

That's SO cool you saw those guys. I love Biggest Loser. Mike's mom would go nuts, she is obcessed (it'd be great if I could spell!) with the show.

And how great for you to do another 1/2 marathon. Some day I might like to do that. Some day, maybe.

Jessie said...

I just have to say that reading this out loud is very humorous. Congratulations! You know that I will always be a cheerleader for you.

Lucashell said...

Your a nerd!

MinDee said...

You are doing another 1/2 marathon in Oct. right??? I hope I'll be doing it too...I'm still trying to talk myself into it. But the midnight 5k is June 5th. You still in? Is Alisha? I'm signed up!!!