Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

The best part about this Thanksgiving was having an ice cold beer!  Hahaha - an ice cold Ale-8.  I love drinking from a bottle!  It was great to have what family is here together for the holiday.  Flint was missed, but we know that where he is at is a good place right now.  We got to talk to him on the phone and it sounds like he is doing really well, and improving.  We'll just keep praying and hope for the best with him.  I made my famous pecan pie and it didn't even last more than two days!  I tried a new pie this year - a chocolate pie, and oh my goodness was it divine!!!  Very rich, but it came in second with desserts.
Going, going, going, and gone!!!  It's just that good!!!

Well, I loved having Thanksgiving at my place because that means I get all the leftovers!  Yeah Buddy!!!


Lucashell said...

..........mmmm Leftovers!

Logan and Sydney said...

I don't love pecan pie, but I do love that pie dish!

Jessie said...

I think that I ate most of that Pecan Pie myself. What can I say I'm addicted.