Sunday, December 14, 2008

Where Have I Been???

I ask myself that same question???  I have been so far from home, out of the loop of family and friends, and full of questions to what's going on in America???  Well here I sit in the airport with hopes to get an earlier flight home.  Until then it's time to update you all on my travels to a far away land known as Panama!  How fun my trip has been!  How quickly time flies when you are having fun!  

I embarked once again on to a cruise ship bound for south of the United States.  Arriving on Sunday November 30th we got on my beloved Princess Ship and headed south.  We had two relaxing days at sea - or busy with the kids I roomed with.  After days at sea we made our first stop in Mexico.  Relaxed on the white sand beach and bathed in the sand.  It took all I had to pull me out of the turquoise water.  Next day it was on to Guatemala, and I went on my own into the town of Antigua and walked around.  Met a nice lady from Germany who spoke Spanish really well and hung out with her and made our way around.  

Our third day on land we went to Nicaragua and I had a break down!  We are so stinking spoiled in the United States - these people in third world countries have nothing, and that realization hit me pretty hard!  After collecting my emotions it was on to Costa Rica the country with Rain Forest's and SNAKES!  I had a few freak outs with all the vines everywhere I sometimes thought they were snakes.  We zip lined through the rain Forest, it was amazing!!!  Next it was Panama and a trip through the canal.  We made history - we broke the Canal trying to get through - a little nerve racking, but I wasn't to worried it wasn't like we were sinking.  

After that trip through the Canal it was off to Columbia, and bathe in a mud volcano.  Next it was to Aruba, and it took all I had to get on the boat!  WOW - anyone up for a trip to Aruba anytime soon???  Then it was time to rest up on the boat, sing a little karaoke, and then wait in the airport with hopes of catching an early flight.  Traveling is SUPER fun, but being back home in a comfortable place is also comforting and nice.  

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