Saturday, October 11, 2008


Okay, so I SO want to make these cookies that I found on one of my favorite BLOGS EVER! You have to go to this Blog: I love this blog; of course along with The Pioneer Woman Cooks (See my blog list for some great cooking blogs.) Anyhow, I will make these cookies before the pumpkin season is over...or before I go to Hawaii. Did you know I'm going to Hawaii...Oh, ha ha...I AM!!! Any how, back to baking...check out this yummy, cute, flavorful (or so I can imagine...) cookie recipe for the Fall Holiday Season. Happy Haunting!!! Happy Harvest! Happy HALLOWEEN...BOoOoooOhahaha!!!

Recipe: Pumpkin Spice Blossoms - Enjoy!


Anisa said...

We tried them. Sort of... we couldn't find the kisses at the store, so we used the caramel kind. And the dough was too goopy to roll in sugar, so we just plopped it on a cookie sheet. It's basically a pumpkin cookie with a kiss instead of chocolate chipes.

By the way, Rumbi is an island fast food place. It has rice and noodle dishes as well as yummy salads and sandwiches. It's my favorite place to eat. Some time when you come up here, we'll have to go.

Also, are you going to get a job in St. George or Salt Lake area? You're more than welcome to stay with us while looking for a job. I also have some single friends that live in a fun appt. complex. I could see if they know anyone who is looking for a roomie.

Liberty Williams said...

I CAN'T FIND THESE KISSES ANY WHERE!!! Good heck a mighty! Anisa, I am going to live in starts in January, but I would love to move to Salt Lake, but I need to finish school...then after that who knows where I go. But if you want me to come help you with your boys let me know...I really want too! You can pay me with food???