Friday, October 10, 2008

Lucky 8...I LOVE TAGS!!!!

8 TV Shows That I Love to Watch
1.  One Tree Hill (Thanks to Summer...WHY???)
2.  The Office
3.  The Hills
4.  Grey's Anatomy
5.  Seinfeld
6.  Little People Big World
7.  John and Kate plus 8
8.  L.A. Ink

8 Favorite Restaurants
1.  Honolulu Grill
2.  Jimmy John's
3.  Pasta Factory
4.  Cheesecake Factory
5.  Glacier Brewhouse
6.  Applebees
7.  Red Lobster
8.  Jamba Juice

8 Things That Happened Yesterday
1.  Finished unpacking from Alaska.
2.  Got in a fight with my Mom.
3.  Slept until noon.
4.  Got in a fight with Cash.
5.  Clogged up the bathtub.
6.  Talked to a plumber.
7.  Sat in my car for an hour to charge my phone???
8.  Watched several episodes of season one of "One Tree Hill".

8 Things I'm Looking Forward To
1.  Going to Hawaii!!!
2.  Being out of debt.
3.  Finishing School...when...SOME DAY!
4.  Finding a job - actually just having a flow of money!
5.  Getting my hair cut and colored to look all pretty!
6.  Going to Moab - camping and running!
7.  Twilight the movie!
8.  Finishing "Breaking FREAKING Dawn"!!!

8 Things on My Wish List
1.  Having a steady flow of MONEY!!!
2.  Have health insurance.
3.  Finish School.
4.  Lose some Alaska weight...and probably still mission weight...
5.  Have a home cooked meal!
6.  Find me a real Edward!
7.  Finish "BREAKING DAWN" already!
8.  A new car!  Why not???

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Lucashell said...

I cannot believe you have not finished that Gosh Awful Book Yet!!!