Sunday, August 24, 2014

Well Hello There

Well hello there my fellow blogging peeps!  There has been so much to tell as of lately.  I'm a busy gal, and when I actually have some down time all I want to do is sleep, just a little.  (No, I am not depressed!  I am actually tired!  I like to go, go, go!  Sometimes I have to stop.  Sometimes I need to take some time and sleep.)

I keep having this conversation about blogging.  I keep saying I want to get back into blogging, and by golly I am going to make it a priority.  If anything this is my way to express (however I WANT) my feelings, share my travels (and sharing them to share - NOT TO RUB IT IN ANYONES FACES), keep my Mother Dear happy, and just because I really do love blogging and truly have missed it.

As of recent I have been sick.  Imagine that?  It's what happens when you go, and go, and go.  Your body finally says, "Hey!  You need to stop and rest, so I am giving you this virus to take some time and recuperate."  During my recuperating I decided to create a blog, and an Instagram page to my little addiction...gummy bears.  Haribo brand gummy bears to be precise.  I travel a lot, or try to - ha!  My awesome career has me traveling, and I like to travel on my own time.  I haven't seen much, but I sure have seen a lot.  (Does that even make sense?) Basically I have a lot to see still.  It's hard to find people to travel with, so I figured since I always have a bag of Haribo gummy bears (or other Haribo candies) with me why don't I turn them into my imaginary travel partners.  Granted this all sounds a little absurd.  I'm a grown adult (who is currently on three different medicines to get me back in ship shape order), and should travel with real human beings.  Like I said, two sentences back, it's hard to find people to travel with.  SO, without further adieu, I welcome you to the blog I created for my little imaginary friend Harriet.  Harriet the Haribo.


Yes, I do realize I am in my 30's.


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Erin said...

I have a hard time finding people to travel with too. In a small way, our jobs are similar in that there is a chunk of time where our schedules aren't flexible at all, but when they are, it's not a flexible time for others. I would rather travel with others, but I have experienced the joy of traveling on my own too. Every now and then, the stars align and everyone is able to participate, and it feels extra special.

I'm sorry you've been sick. I had no idea. But 3 medications means that it must have been quite a doozy. I hope your recovery is quick and I am glad you are back to the blog. And I am excited for your Haribo stuff - I think it is charming. Can't wait to see you soon!