Tuesday, January 27, 2015

I'm here, I'm alive, and I have two new blogs.

Hey all my fellow blog followers.  I seriously want to get back into blogging.  Are you sick of hearing me say that?  I am sick of hearing me say that!

I will try to make this brief, ha.  I have a few blogs that I have started, and feel I have put more of my attention (if any attention) to these blogs rather than my first and favorite, Libby Loves Kentucky Blog.  I feel like you all should start following these new blogs (and keep following my "old" blog - because I will get back into my blog...especially with the news I have to share.  A guy is involved, and a great guy he is). Okay, what are my other blogs?  I mentioned one a couple of months ago, about my little gummy bear, Harriet the Haribo.  That blog is known as, Adventures of the Haribo.  It's pretty fun and sweet, plus she is quite the traveling bear.  She also has a boyfriend, Harold.  (Maybe some of you can "read between the lines" when she talks about Harold...)  I also have another blog about food that I started when I first moved to Chicago (almost two years ago - whaaaaa?  So crazy it's been almost two years!).  However, I changed the blog to something a little different, Food Lover Follows Guy Fieri.  For most of you who know me you know I like me some food, and good food!  I also like the Food Network, and the famous show Diners, Drive - Ins, and Dives.  Turns out I have eaten at a lot of the restaurants Guy has eaten at.  Also turns out that if you eat at 100 restaurants and document them all you get a small little cameo on his show.  Hello!  I have got to document, and I have to get on his show!  So, as you can see, when you check out my new (food) blog, I will be starting over and documenting all my favorite eats.  Hope you will follow along.

Here is your assignment:  Follow Harriet, and follow the Food Lover.  (You will probably see more action on those blogs then you will on this one.  I mean really, let's be honest!)

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