Sunday, September 27, 2015

We meet, he was persistent, and I was not interested.

This evening, as I talk on the phone with my Honey Bunny we realize that almost one year ago, this week, we went on our first date. Or, as I liked to call it, our first "interview." What a year it has been -- now we are engaged and starting a whole new chapter to our lives. A chapter I don't think either of us thought we would ever get to.

It was a Sunday morning on August 3, 2014. My Mother's birthday. A week before my sisters wedding. I had just flown into Salt Lake City International airport from Chicago. We had about an hour layover before we were to travel to our next destination. I got off the plane and went quickly to my next gate. The plane wasn't here yet, so to waste time I was on my phone. The other flight attendant was standing next to me, but neither of us were really conversing. Next thing I know there is some Delta gate agent, in a suit and cute glasses talking to both of us. Neither of us were real thrilled with him. I, however, gave him a tiny bit more attention then the other flight attendant, but only to be nice. We began to converse some. After a quick introduction he found out I was from Southern Utah, and Mormon. He shared that he was Mormon and from Salt Lake area. Still not impressed, and still didn't even believe that he was even Mormon. Our conversation continued some, mostly about travel, and going on different trips. Next thing I know I am getting invited on some trip, to some island off the coast of Guatemala, Honduras, or some exotic place. Oh please? Sure? Who is this yahoo? I'll just pretend I'm interested so that maybe he will leave me alone. Is our plane here yet? Why are you still here talking to me? Don't you need to work? Finally, the plane is here and I can escape this guy and go get ready to board. Not so fast, he pulls out his business card and hands it to me, with the hope that I'll call him later, and we can talk more. Yeah right! Within a few minutes, as soon as I was able to get to the nearest trash can, his card went into the trash faster then a passenger handing me their child's dirty diaper.

Two days later, I am traveling back through Salt Lake airport, finishing my trip to Chicago. I had completely forgot about this Delta gate agent, who annoyed me on Sunday. As I am quickly walking to my gate, in a different terminal, and at a completely different time, this man (the Delta gate agent with cute glasses) spots me, and comes running over to me. Why I ever thought I wouldn't see him again was very naive of me. He immediately asks why I haven't called him. Little did he know I chucked his card. Of course I made up some lie, and tried to brush it off. In the hurry that I was, he keeps the pace with me, and hands me another business card before I board my plane to go home. This time I keep the card, but toss it in my bag, to only get lost, and forgot about.

One month later. We're into the second week of September. Life is good. I'm loving this job, the people I'm working with, and the overnights I get to go on. September 13, 2014 I am finishing a trip, flying from Salt Lake City to Chicago. As I am with my crew walking towards our plane, I see that Delta gate agent. I had completely forgot about him, and his two business cards he had given me. I cannot believe this man even remotely remembers me. Let alone even wants to speak to me, even after it was clear I wasn't interested in him. My crew looks at him funny as he acts like him and I are dear friends. I want to tell my crew I have no clue who he is, or why he is so interested in me! I keep walking and just slightly acknowledge his presence as I head down the jet bridge. He is still on my heels, asking why I had never called him from his second attempt. He calls me out on throwing away his business card -- which I did. The first time! I tell him the truth, and tell him I did throw it away, but that I had the second card...just wasn't sure where it was. But, I knew I had it! He decides to take matters into his own hands and asks if he can have my number. I hum haw around looking for a way to get out of giving it to him. No such luck. I cave in and give him my number. I'm not too worried though, I really don't feel like he will actually call me.

As my routine goes, when I return from a trip: I say my goodbyes, head to the train, sit in my normal train car, take a deep breath, turn on my phone, put in my music, and unwind on the forty five minute train ride to my apartment. Once my phone flickered on, and became adjusted I noticed I had a text message from a phone number of someone who was not saved in my contacts. It was an "801" number, so I knew it was someone from Utah. I check the message, as it read, "Hey Libby. I hope this is your real number, and not a bogus number. Pauly with Delta." I sit on the train at a complete loss. Pauly with Delta? Who could this be. Seriously, several minutes went by when the light bulb finally flickered. Oh! It's that annoying gate agent who works for Delta! Okay? So...Do I text him back? I didn't have much else going on that evening, so why not at least let him know that I did NOT LIE about my number. I text him, I tell him that I gave him the correct number. Pauly with Delta doesn't skip a beat. He immediately texts back with much excitement in his message. We text for the next fifteen minutes or so, and then I quit texting him. I gave him enough attention to know that I am not a complete jerk. But, I did my part, and I don't need to text him back. Ever. As I type this I realize I was playing hard to get. Not my intentions at all. I was not interested.

About two weeks later I decided to travel to Salt Lake City. I had a few days off, and wanted to see some of my friends. It was a late Saturday night when I decided to hop on a plane and head west. I was flying in to Salt Lake on United, (not Delta -- just so we're clear) my sister and new brother in law were going to pick me up. I had completely forgot about this Pauly with Delta character. As we are coming into Salt Lake and getting ready to land we were coming in from the south and I could see the beautiful city all lit up. It was beautiful, just like any city is at night. As we are just getting ready to land I had this small feeling, maybe the spirit, or bad indigestion, but whatever the feeling, I decide to give this Pauly with Delta a text message. Just to let him know I am flying through Salt Lake, and again, that I'm not a COMPLETE JERK. I figured it was late, that he was probably out with friends, and wouldn't even remember me. My little plan backfired. He was up, he was working, he remembered me, and he was super excited that I did text him. Great? Can open - worms everywhere now. And I hate worms.

One thing led to another, we meet up for a brief fifteen minutes, we talk, I seem completely uninterested, and yet, he still just didn't seem to get it. Basically, the rest is history. I fell for this Pauly with Delta character. (But stay tuned - the first date is coming next...)

Marriage is something every girl wants. I've wanted it a long and on, but honestly, who doesn't want to get married? To say I'm happy that I'm engaged and getting married is true. But, I was okay with being single too. I have had a wonderful single life. My life has been filled with many great friends (married and single), it's been full of amazing adventures, and most importantly, I conquered a mission and an education, which were two extremely difficult accomplishments in my life. As I think back on the last fifteen years I can only see the positive things that have happened in my life. There have been many negative, but why dwell on them? I'm so thrilled to find someone who compliments me so much. It's crazy how much we are truly meant for each other. I am so EXTREMELY glad we meet on that fateful August 3rd. That Paul was as persistent as he was, even though I wasn't interested, I'm glad my interest changed.


Jessica Buchanan said...

Ah! Now I can tell people to just go read your blog when they ask me how you two met. So happy for you two, and so glad Paul is ready to stick with you!

P.S. You should've had me edit it before you posted ;)

Cardine said...

Yay! I am excited for you! Also, you should write more about your first date and such.