Monday, September 28, 2015

The first interview, or as normal people call it - the first date.

"Never give up searching for the job that you're passionate about."  -- Warren Buffet

I have had many job interviews. Some were easy, some were nerve wracking, and some were downright sad.

Poor Paul, he wanted an interview with me so badly. But, I just did not want to set up the time to actually have a face to face interview with him. Going back to that fateful evening, as I flew into Salt Lake City, and a still small whispering of the spirit probed me to text Paul, or was it just bad indigestion? Whatever it was, it put his motivation to go on a date (as he calls it, and most normal people) with me into major go mode. And so, the asking to go on a date/interview began. Can you guess what I said the first time he asked me out? I said, No! Yeah, that's correct. I politely said, "no thanks, I'm not interested." I was nice about it, and I thought, he finally got the point.

A few days go by, and the guilt from a close friend and a couple of family members make me call Paul. I call and ask him if he would like to go to dinner. I had a decently long overnight in Salt Lake that following Thursday, October 2, 2014. After calling him and deciding that I would like to just meet up for dinner, at a restaurant downtown, he then asked me, "who was asking who here?" I'm asking! Only because I said no to his first attempt. So, I plan on meeting him downtown, getting a quick bite to eat, and then paying for his dinner. If I pay then it does not, in any way, look like a "date!" To even say date is a huge step because this was an INTERVIEW only. An interview only because I wanted to travel! Travel with someone who was in the industry, because that would make things a whole heck of a lot easier. Traveling with non flight crew is so difficult, and is a blog post in and of itself. Also, he seemed very competent in travel, and had basically traveled the whole world already, (minus Antarctica, but who really cares about going there? Ahhh, those seven continent junkies - he's six...still needs that seventh...) so my options were endless with him. Basically, I wanted to use him for his travel knowledge. (This is probably sounding so bad from my end. Maybe I'm a brat, stuck up, and picky. Well, I was.)

He never agreed to just meet me downtown, he said he would like to pick me up and go together. This was starting to sound like a date, and I did not want a date. I'm not sure my plan was going to work with this guy. I hardly knew this man. I knew he worked at the airport, and he at least had to have a background check to work there, so he was safe in that aspect. But, I still didn't feel confident in sharing my hotel details with him. However, I gave in, he could come pick me up for this non date/interview thing.

When I travel for work, I pack my bag with the bare minimums, and want to travel lite. I knew this trip was just two days, but I also knew I had this "interview" with that Delta character, Paul. So, I packed the bare minimums, throwing in a somewhat decent outfit for the evenings interview. I had a nice pair of slack like jeans, a white undershirt and a pretty peach cardigan. Spiced it up with red flats, and a scarf that had some red, blue, and peach in it.

We land in Salt Lake for the evening. Get our luggage and head to our hotel, downtown. We had decided to meet up quickly after I arrived. I had about 30 minutes to get ready and look somewhat presentable. For some reason I took great care in making myself look good, as anyone would for an interview. Although, for this interview, I was actually kind of nervous. As much as I didn't want to call this a date, it was the first date I had been on in a REALLY LONG TIME.

I told him I would meet him in the lobby, and to have him call when he was at the entrance. In the lobby when he calls, I see him drive in and park. Okay, here we go. He immediately gets out of the car, and suddenly, I'm in complete horror. He looks great, very casual, with jeans, and a button up shirt, and those cute glasses of his. The blood drains from my face when I look down at my clothes, then look back at his clothes, and see that we are both wearing the identical color of peach! No chance of me running to my hotel room to change - I only brought the one outfit. Nothing I can do now, so I take a deep breath and just walk out to meet him. Leave it to me to make some awkward comment regarding our match-y clothes - something was said, but I just can't remember what. However, the horror of us matching is still there. ;)

Right from the beginning he was a complete gentleman. No! I don't want this to go anywhere! I am just looking for a travel partner! Nothing more! This is not a date! This is not a date! Interview, interview, interview! I am only doing this because I need someone to travel with!

We drive to the City Creek shopping center and he asks me if I could help him find a phone case for him before we head to dinner. I told him that was fine, and we go get him a phone cover. I am pretty confident when it comes to dating, granted I don't date often, and they were never lined up at the door to go out with me. But, I have been on plenty of first dates, and blind dates to know a thing or two. As the phone cover shopping went on, I played it pretty cool and casual. I was hoping that most people wouldn't look at us like we were on a first date, and that they would just look at us like we were two friends. Just hanging out, and buying a phone cover. Exactly what future travel partners do, and nothing more.

After finding him the right phone cover we walked to dinner. I had made the choice beforehand, of where we would "meet" up. I had chosen a hip downtown (As seen on Food Network) restaurant, Maxwell's. As we walk to dinner, we chat, like anyone would on a casual interview. Through dinner, we continue to chat, again, like any relaxed interview. The conversation was wonderful and easy, I was very pleased with where this was going with my future travel partner. I could see a future bright with travel, and having a fabulous time with this man. As dinner concluded I made the strong attempt to pay for our meals -- since this was NOT A DATE! Only a mere interview. He insisted he pay, and that I should let him bask in his manly duties, he stated. Little did he know I was hoping he would pay. One, because I'm a flight attendant and poor, and two, he should pay, it is his manly duty!

The conversation continued easily, and naturally. We walked the downtown of Salt Lake, ending back at City Creek. I was starting to get a little sad that our evening was quickly coming to an end. This Delta character suggested some dessert as we were passing by a candy store. He decided that we could share a caramel apple. Ahhh, how romantic, insert major eye roll from me! Suddenly, I was quickly brought back to my main purpose of this evening! I took my women's liberties to insist - I WILL PAY FOR DESSERT! Therefore, this is no longer a date, but the intended interview it was meant to be! Now you can take me back to my hotel!

Shortly after our shared apple he drove me to the hotel, walked me to the lobby, asked for a hug, thanked me for a lovely evening, took his trusty white horse (or car) and drove off into the sunset (or darkness - it was dark by this point).

There were several other interviews following this first initial interview. A month later I finally agreed to go on a trip overseas. With the intentions of us just being travel partners. However, he snuck a first kiss. In the city of London, of all places. How dare he ruin my plans! We were only suppose to be travel partners. I was not suppose to even remotely like him, fall in love with him, and now marry him.

This was just suppose to be an interview.

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