Sunday, January 2, 2011

Favorite Things/Stuff of 2010

Libby's list of Favorite Things. So long 2010, and here is to the exciting year of 2011 to come. I can't wait!!!

Favorite Things of 2010:

iMovie for Mac's - love this program! So easy to use, and makes fun movies. (I just learned about & how to use it this year.) Move over scrapbooking I'm going to be doing video scrapping. Is that even a word or thing, video scrapping?

Escada Taja Sunset - perfume. Oh my gosh this stuff smells so good.

Activia - works wonders!!!

Mormon Messages. Weekly ritual to get on YouTube and see the latest video the church has put out.

Canning - canned my first jelly this year, and can't wait to do more this year!

The wedding dance - it inspired the wedding dance for Jim and Pam on The Office. (I want to do this at my wedding!)

Movies: (In no particular order...)

(500) Days of Summer
Everybody's Fine
Taking Chance
Up In The Air
Leap Year
Remember Me
Paper Heart
Date Night
Just Wright
These are all new releases of 2010 that I rated 4-5 stars on Netflix and I would totally recommend to anyone.

Bruno Mars
Kings of Convenience (not new, but was introduced to them this year, and love this band.)
Some Katy Perry songs
Lady Antebellum
Justin Bieber - just one song...and yes I'm admitting that I like one of his songs!
Almost all the songs of Glee (particularly their rendition of Teenage Dream by Katy Perry.)

GLEE - heck yeah! I am such a Gleek, and proud of it!!!
How I Met Your Mother
Sarah Palin's Alaska
Keeping Up With The Kardashians
Big Bang Theory
(Yes I realize some of these shows have been around for sometime, but this year I was introduced to all of them, and LOVE them!)

The Help
The Life and Death of Charlie St. Cloud
Eat Pray Love
(Did not like the movies of Charlie St. Cloud/Eat Pray Love, but I loved the books! Also, I did read more books than just three, but those are the only three that really made an impression on me.)

Sweet Basil restaurant in little o'l Cedar City Utah. If you like Thai food then this is the place. Their pork pad Thai is AMAZING!
Trisha Yearwoods stuffed peppers. Did you know she cooks, well her recipes are amazing, and her stuffed peppers are now a new favorite.
Rachel Rays lettuce wraps...making my mouth water just typing about it. HEAVENLY!
New Years Eve party - the dip was so tasty and I could've ate the whole crock pot!

Cream Cheese Rotel Dip Recipe
1 pack cream cheese (8 oz)
1 can Rotel tomatoes
½ pound meat – sausage or hamburger (optional)
Directions: Fry the meat, drain. Combine meat, cream cheese, and Rotel tomatoes. Let cook in crock pot until warm and melted. This makes a very rich and yummy dip. It’s not as pretty as the Velveeta dip which is orange colored. With cream cheese, the dip has kind of a gray color. Just close your eyes and dip away. Rotel Cream Cheese Dip is fabulous.

So those are just a few of my favorite things of the past year. I can't wait to see what becomes my favorite things of 2011. It's so exciting!!!!
Happy New Year!


MinDee said...

well, lib your blog is always so entertaining! maybe you could have an entrance to your reception & then you could use the jim/pam wedding intro.

Miss Jessie said...

Is "Taking Chances" from this year? "500 Days of Summer" is a great movie, and I love Glee's version of "Teenage Dream!" I can totally see you doing that at your wedding.

Sproatmeal said...

I'd never seen the Wedding Dance before. I think that'll be great when do that in the St. George temple...

I LOVE Mormon Messages, too! They don't make me cry the way Church commercials do, but I get so excited for a new one.

Loved 500 Days of Summer, Flipped, and Up in the Air. I haven't seen most of the others you listed, so I'll need to add them to my queue. Good movies this year!

I've still never seen an episode of Glee. I guess I'll need to do that sometime soon, too!

Cream cheese makes everything taste better.

Lisa said...

I'm a little surprise by the movie Just Right. I thought you didn't like those kind of movies. :)

Miss Jessie said...

You can never be sure with Libby. You think she'll like one movie and she hates it, but then she likes a different movie that you would never have expected her to even consider watching. She is a mystery in and of herself.