Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Jars

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Such a fast read - a little over 100 pages. The story is a tearjerker, keep a box of tissues close by. Not even 15 pages into the book and I was crying, thinking to myself, what kind of story is this? However, as the story quickly unfolds it is a story about the true meaning of Christmas - giving to those who are less fortunate, or giving to those who need a lesson in humility and giving.

The story begins about a single woman who is left a baby girl. She takes on the responsibility and love to raise this girl. As the girl grows up she becomes a writer for the local newspaper. Her adopted mom then gets cancer and dies, leaving her all alone. When you think the story can't get any worse the young girl who is all alone gets robbed one night of all she has. During that same traumatic evening she soon finds a large jar of money on her doorstep. Because she is a writer/reporter for the newspaper she decides to investigate where this jar of money labeled, "Christmas Jar," came from. What she finds is an amazing family who created this sweet tradition....

This book really made me want to start this tradition, Christmas Jar. I may not be able to do this tradition now because of my living situation and finances. But, hopefully someday I can keep a large jar in my kitchen all year long, place all my spare change into it, and give it to someone who truly needs it! I know that I can't afford to do that now, but this Christmas season is not only about giving to others in need, but it's about how you treat others. It can be some of the simplest things, like holding a door open for a Mother with her arms full, and children by her side. It's wishing people a Merry Christmas, just saying thank you for doing a small thing, or just being kind to others.

Christmas Jars is great read, and a quick read, that should be added to your holiday list of books/stories. It now has become a favorite of mine.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds cute, and that's a great idea about the jar.

I think it's interesting how many books are called (The/A) Christmas _____________. The Christmas Box, the Christmas Sweater, Christmas Jars, Christmas Apron. The Christmas Card. Seriously. You can add "The Christmas" to the beginning of anything! I'm going to try it sometime.