Saturday, December 25, 2010

25 Day's (or things) of Christmas

Fa la la la la, la la la laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Tis the season to to be merry....

1. Put up my tree - this year I went for the the silver and gold theme - pretty, but to elegant for my surrounding???
2. Started working as a holiday gift wrapper. I am officially a pro at wrapping gifts. I have the paper cuts of a seasoned holiday gift wrapper.
3. Watched my fair share of overly cheesy, romantic Christmas movies.
4. Used my "cocomotion" one to many times to have the creamiest hot chocolate EVER!
5. Read the book, Christmas Jar's for book club, and as I read it I was put into the real reason for the season...then I attended book club and became a Grinch???? Figure that one out???
6. Drove around one day (cause I was lost) and ended up taking in the beautiful Christmas lights. Wow, people really get into that. Good for them!
7. Had a family C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S should've read about that. (Scroll down if you missed that post.)
8. Sat on Santa Claus's that was rather interesting...
9. When Santa asked me what I wanted for Christmas I jokingly, YES JOKINGLY said, "Can you get me a man?" He then asked, "Where do you live?" I then said, "I'm from St. George area, but now live in Cedar City area." He then tells me, "Well, that's your problem, you live in Cedar City." Guess I won't be seeing a man under my tree this year. Wink, Wink.
10. After a painstaking long time, or so it felt, I FINALLY got my Christmas cards sent out! Only to find that I had spelt Santa Claus wrong, then to fix that mistake I spelt "oops" wrong. Good NIGHT, what a mess. For those getting my Christmas cards I hope you had a good laugh!
11. Continued to put off my Christmas shopping because I feel that I work better under pressure?
12. Christmas kept getting closer, and closer. Yet, I continued to put off the shopping.
13. Thought about doing my Christmas shopping online, but missed that deadline.
14. Finally, with three days to spare I got up early and in the worst possible weather traveled to St. George to start and finish my shopping in approximately 3hrs because I had to be to work by noon. Mission accomplished! I never in my life have shopped that fast.
15. Attended a packed Christmas concert in Cedar City to get me more into that Christmas spirit.
16. Continued to work like a crazy person wrapping peoples gifts and trying not to get ticked off when they don't say thank you for doing a FREE SERVICE and wrapping their Christmas presents! (I'm not bitter - in fact, I have been offered the opportunity to go back for every holiday and next Christmas!)
17. Wanted to make some holiday goodies to take around to my neighbors, ran out of time and ended up taking them chocolates from my Mommy's chocolate factory. It's sad that it's only at Christmas I actually get to sit and visit with my next door neighbors.
18. Family arrived to ring in the holiday filled with lot's of food.
19. Watched the Seinfeld episode that featured the holiday celebrated on December 23, Festivus.
20. Christmas eve was spent eating dinner together with the family, and watching a sweet movie/documentary about forgiveness. The Heart of Texas. Rent it, watch it, and strive to be like them.
21. Finally got to sleep in some on Christmas day. Had a wonderful breakfast and enjoyable time opening and giving gifts to each other.
22. Santa heard my plea for not only a "man for Christmas," but I got me a new salad spinner. Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! (Do I have a story about getting a man...wouldn't you like to hear it...guess that will be kept a secret for now.)
23. Ate more food and visited with family.
24. Played games for hours on Christmas day, and enjoyed every minute of it.
25. Received a white Christmas...the day after, but it came.

With all those 25 things, my Christmas was really swell!

Merry Christmas!!!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great Christmas season! Wrapping gifts puts me in a Christmas mood more than almost anything else. I also love the cheesy Christmas movies that they show on the Hallmark channel. Maybe we watched some of the same ones!

I can't wait to get your Christmas card! Hey, at least you've sent yours out already! I'm still working on mine.

And who needs a man when you have a salad spinner?!

Anisa said...

Yes we loved the spelling errors on your card!

Cardine said...

My sister got a salad spinner, too, and I totally wondered if you had gotten one. I'm so glad you did!