Friday, April 11, 2008

I've been meaning to Brag...

About two months ago, Anisa, (LOVE YOU) asked me if I would like her candy machine - HELLO, you didn't need to ask!!! I was overjoyed to receive in my possession the beautiful candy machines. Several years ago Anisa and her love for garage sailing found this three headed candy machine. Ever since she found them, and paid a very low price for them I have been envious of them and told her that if she ever was to get rid of them to call me first. I never thought the day would come where Anisa would get rid of them. Miracles do happen, and prayers are answered because I am now the proud owner of them. SO, I ecstatically brag about them - life is grand! There is however, one small glitch...They are kind of on loan??? See, Anisa was smart and said, "there may come a day that I want them back" - long sigh from me..."Okay, if you must." Until that day I will enjoy them and make the most out of them. Thanks Anisa for making my dreams come true!!!
(Joren, takes the cake on absolutely ADORABLE, standing next to the beloved candy machines...these were once his until his mom - bless her heart gave them to me!!!)

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Anisa said...

You can have them. I keep seeing different kinds of candy machines at garage sales so if I ever decide that I want some again, I'm sure I could get some. My kids and I don't need the temptation any more!