Monday, April 28, 2008

North to Alaska

Just wanted to give everyone an idea of how this drive to Alaska is going to go. Now this is subject to change, due to driving conditions, etc.

Wednesday – April 30, 2008
Estimated Time: 6.0 Hours 32 Minutes – Estimated Distance: 462.49 Miles.
· Leave Kanarraville (3:00pm).
· Take Interstate 15.
· Drive all the way to Idaho Falls.
· Drive past Idaho Falls Temple.
1000 Memorial Drive – Take I15 to Hwy 91
· Arrive roughly around 10:00pm.
· Stay the night in Idaho Falls.
Thursday – May 1, 2008
Estimated Time: 7.0 Hours 48 Minutes – Estimated Distance: 489.47 Miles. (Idaho to Glacier)
· Leave Idaho Falls at 8:00am.
· Drive to Butte; arrive around 11:00am (Interstate 90).
· Arrive in Missoula 1:00pm (Hwy 93).
· Drive to Glacier National Park 4:30pm (Hwy 89).
· Enjoy a beautiful drive through National Park – stopping occasionally for a picture!
Leave Glacier National park and drive towards Canada border – have passports ready!
Estimated Time: 1 Hour 54 Minutes – Estimated Distance: 68.23 Miles. (Glacier to Cardston, Canada)
· Leave Glacier National Park (Hwy 89).
· Enter Canada!!!
· Drive through Cardston.
· Stop by Cardston Alberta Temple.
348 3rd Street West
· Drive on to Calgary and stay the night. (Roughly 10:00pm arrival)
Estimated Time: 2.0 Hours 36 Minutes – Estimated Distance: 145.75 Miles.
Friday – May 2, 2008
· Leave Calgary, AB around 8:00am.
· Drive to Banff National Park, 10:00am.
Estimated Time: 1 Hour 28 Minutes – Estimated Distance: 80.80 Miles.
· Drive through Banff National Park on to Jasper National Park.
· Take Hwy 93 from Banff to Jasper National Parks.
Estimated Time: 3.0 Hours 48 Minutes – Estimated Distance: 179.82 Miles.
· Arrive in Jasper around 2:00pm.
· Drive from Jasper to Dawson Creek (start of mile marker “0”, The beginning of the Famous Alaskan/Canada Hwy, “Alcan” – enter into British Columbia)
Estimated Time: 6.0 Hours 27 Minutes – Estimated Distance: 330.17 Miles.
· Arrive in Dawson Creek around 7:00pm.
· Drive on to Fort St. John and stay the night.
Estimated Time: 59 minutes – Estimated Distance: 46.26 Miles.
Saturday – May 3, 2008, Jessica’s 20th Birthday!!!!
· Leave Fort St. John (7:00am) – stock up, last stop for a while…Long day of Driving!!!
· Drive to Whitehorse – ALMOST THERE!!!
Estimated Time: 15.0 Hours 10 Minutes – Estimated Distance: 828.48 Miles.
· Arrive around in Whitehorse around 10:00pm, or earlier.
· Now in the Yukon Territory.
Estimated Time: 2.0 Hours 1 Minute – Estimated Distance: 96.31 Miles.
· Stay the night in Haines Junction.
Sunday – May 4, 2008
· Leave Haines Junction around 7:00am
· Enter back into the U.S. of A!!! Take a picture at the Alaska Welcome Sign!
· Continue the drive to Tok, Alaska.
Estimated Time: 5.0 Hours 36 Minutes – Estimated Distance: 290.93
We’re in a Alaska – FINALLY!!! Sit tight, we are seriously almost there!
· Leave Tok around 12:00pm
If ahead of schedule we will drive directly to Anchorage and arrive around 2:00pm in the afternoon Alaska time, if we are behind we will drive to Fairbanks and down to Denali National Park, Drop Audra off and then Jessie and Libby will head on to Anchorage and arrive early evening.
· Pretending we’re ahead of schedule…
· Drive from Tok to Anchorage.
Estimated Time: 5.0 Hours 27 Minutes – Estimated Distance: 318.38 Miles.

Final mileage: 2385.13


Lucashell said...

Wow Not a drive I would want to take. I think will fly if we ever want to go...

Ron & Debbie said...

Libby, some times we (parents, aunts, uncles) forget that you kids are all grown up and are responsible adults that can do things and know how to do things, so after reading your schedule, I see that you can do this trip and with 3 drivers, one can rest and then spell the other. Nevertheless, I will still worry and pray for you girls. I love you too much to not!! Aunt Debbie

Alisha Green said...

Yes Lib please be careful. I'll be thinking about you for the next few days, and also praying for your safety. Oh and have fun!

Jessie said...

I am so ready for this, only a few more hours and we will be on our way!! Yeah!!

Anisa said...

Okay, I'm not reading all of that, but that is way too detailed and planned out for me!